Common Mistakes In Relationships That You Should Avoid

Relationships can be one tricky thing to handle; we all come with a lot of challenges and common mistakes in relationships when it comes to relationship things. We face verbal, emotional, physical, dramatic, and kinds of problems and phases in our lives. But we do have to conquer them before they get too ugly.

Well, we all know that relationship does get nasty at a time when you don’t give the importance that you suppose to deliver earlier.

The intensity, the passion, the effort we offer in the starting if we start giving throughout we will see the change. You are the lucky person if you can see the red flags before it gets worse like yelling, crying, breaking, ugly arguments, fights, and whatnot.

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But few common mistakes in relationships can ruin your relationship and make you think why did you even come to this point? And what this person is also doing in your life?


Don’t make yourself believe this, and don’t ever make your relationship come to this point where you even question the existence of the other person in your life. All relationship grow, while learning they grow itself while learning to make mistakes and to make arguments it is okay to feel bad, it’s okay to make your self feel yell at the other person, but don’t ever disrespect that’s the key.

We will hire to write a few points about what you shouldn’t do ever to ruin your relationship. Or you can say the things that can make the other suffer.

Find out how some common mistakes in relationships can ruin it:

Saying ‘nothing is wrong’ is snake eating the happiness:

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Well, we all get upset every now or then or on some serious points and arguments. But do we have to say “nothing is wrong” we feel helpless and angry and feel that the other person isnt even taking care of us and being painless and like you say this?

Its an extremely sulking thing to let go the arguments because you seem like the other person doesn’t care what you feel and what you feel like and you are upset on the things the other person has been doing.

It’s always great to sit and talk what’s uncomfortable to you and still talk on things its a little discomfy but trust me it’s going to be extremely beneficial for both of you.

Not just you will feel relax, but the other person will realize your the importance and self love you give your self. And you don’t need to let go things it will also not encourage him/her to do the things that have made you upset.
So love your self and discuss and sort and talk and don’t say “nothing is wrong” say it’s wrong, and you shouldn’t do it.


Breakup threatening :

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Do you guys do it? If so, you surely need a breakup. Because if someone is treating you this bad, you should not be in that kind of a relationship. I would have walked out from a relationship where the other person is threatening on the thing they shouldn’t even think of it.

But yes I get you, we all understand you. We are the person who suffers from all this. We have to face all these issues if the other person is going through a lot. But if you are facing this from the other person react to it and walk away, so they do get understand the worth of you and value you and your existence in their life.

Or if you are the person saying it, don’t repeat it sorry to the other person resolve that issue and feel what if your partner says the same thing to you will you be able even to take it? No, because you cant!

So stop saying these shitty things and give respect to the other person before anything else, and resolve the issue if you are going through any depression, anxiety or whatever the problem that made you feel and say these things.

Comparing with an ex is very common mistakes in relationships:

Well, we all do compare. But do we know it can be a good thing if we are doing for our selves, but not showing this to the other person because it feels so wrong and disgusting if the other person feels bad about. You can’t be perfect in every way.

You are here to learn and if someone is comparing you with her or his ex. Its the most disgusting thing one could ever do, please do not examine every person is different and you should respect the other person whatsoever. However, if that person isnt as right as you think don’t make a relationship with them but doing all these things is a bit messy with your head. First, realize are you perfect? NO, NO ONE IS! So relax and do not compare your partner with your ex’s.


So these are some basic things you should avoid doing, hope you find it best. Tell us in the comment section how this is useful for you!

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