Does My Crush Like Me? Signs, Steps and Tips to Win Them!

Does My Crush Like Me?

Having a crush is a bit like being infected with the most annoying, troubling and yet delicious disease you could get. It is almost more of an affliction. That is because, when you have a deep crush on someone, it is almost like you had been wounded in battle. Your thoughts are occupied by thoughts of them. You think about them often, and you can’t get their face, voice – or even scent – out of your mind and ask yourself, does my crush like me or not?

Does My Crush Like Me

You can never be too old or too young to be attracted to someone. I still remember my first crush back in grade school. She had pretty eyes and long, black hair. Back then, I sort of had an idea of how she felt about me as well. Thankfully, the signs that tell does my crush like me haven’t really changed over the years. Yesterday’s rules are still relevant today.

Of course, there are now additional signals of attraction that you’d be foolish to ignore. For example:

5 Basic Signs That Indicate Your Crush Likes You

Here are the 5 basic signs that should point you in the answer of your question i.e. does your crush like me or not.

  1. Responds Positively.

Remember back in grade school when your friends would tease you about this girl or this guy? Unless you announced your crush to all your friends, chances are, the person being linked to you also likes you back.
Try observing your crush during the teasing. Is he/she blushing or is he/she brushing the whole thing off lightly? Their response will enlighten you more.

  1. Entertains You.

Sure, your jokes can get a little corny every now and then, but one of the reliable signs the apple of your eye likes you is when he or she laughs at them. You get plus points if that person initiates conversations with you.

  1. Does Something Nice For You.

A lot of people tend to get spooked when they hear you have a crush on them. Unless you have already resolved matters with him or her, or vowed not to let such feelings stand in the way of your friendship, he or she doing something for you counts as encouragement.

  1. Stays Close To You.

This is in relation to the sign above. Typically, a person who doesn’t want to deal with any feelings of affection from you will spend less time hanging out with you. There will be moments of awkwardness and you will definitely feel the uncomfortable tension between the two of you.
But if your crush is attracted to you, then he or she will stay close to you despite the teasing.

  1. Checks You Out.

Take a good look at how you two interact. You might not be the only one prone to googly eyes. When he or she glances your way more than what is regular, then he or she fancies you.
You can easily catch that person in the act. If you are in the same class, for example, you can pretend to listen to your teacher before looking his or her way unexpectedly. Those caught in the act will most likely shift their gaze elsewhere. That’s when you know something is up.

How To Be Sure If Your Crush Likes You?

You will never know for sure if they like you until they give you that first kiss. Still, there are ways to tell whether he probably finds you attractive and thinks of you as much more than just a friend. Hopefully you’ll be able to answer does my crush like me at the end of this article.

  1. Touches Or Brushes Up Against You Often.

In most cases, when people of the opposite sex are out in public situations together and are not already dating, it is uncommon for them to do much physical touching. Sure, there may be a hug given here or there, but in general people who are not dating do not touch much in public. So, if the person you like tends to touch you on the arm, brush up against you, or give you hugs frequently, they probably have a thing for you.

  1. Talks To You About What Really Matters.

If you are someone who likes to observe small talk, you will see that it is actually pretty impersonal. For example, while the question, “How are you?” may sound personal, we all know at some level that this is really just another way of saying hello. Strangers do it all the time. So, if the person you like sometimes opens up to you about his dreams and plans for the future, or talks about what they really like and dislike, you will have a good indicator of their feelings for you.

  1. Asks About You And Really Wants To Hear The Answer.

A person who really has a thing for you will show it in subtle ways, such as asking about what you are interested in and what makes you tick. Even if the person that you like happens to be the shy type and is not much of a conversationalist, you will be able to tell if they are curious about what you are really like. For example, they may ask you a question and then listen intently to the response. A person who is interested in you is a person who likes you.

  1. Compliments You On Your Clothes Or Hair.

Truth is, most people do not care a lick about fashion. If they are commenting about these things to you, then it is because they think they look great on you, personally. In other words, YOU are the object of their affection – not your clothes, etc.!

Ultimately, the only way to cure your disease is to get them to ask you out, or to do the asking yourself. If the person you like has given you any of the signs of a crush that I mention here, you should make a move while the flame of attraction is still there. With the right moves, the flame could turn into a full-blown fire.

15 Hints That Answer Does My Crush Like Me

Looking for ways to make your crush like you? Looking for tell-tale signs to see if your crush digs you or not? The signs and clues you’re looking for aren’t big gestures or set in neon signs. In fact, most are subtle hints, so if you want to know if your crush likes you or not, then pay close attention to this.

  1. Listens and pays attention to what you say.

  2. Doesn’t keep you waiting and calls for no reason. .

  3. Makes an effort to spend time with you.

  4. Introduces you to people in his life.

  5. Maintains eye contact whenever the two of you talk.

  6. Interested to know about your life.

  7. Respects you and gives you compliments around people.

  8. Doesn’t always talk about themselves

  9. Remembers your favorite food, color, movie, music, and other details?

  10. Shares their interests with you.

  11. Doesn’t mind spending money on expensive dinners or gifts as long as you enjoy your time together.

  12. Scheduling future dates such as concerts or even a long weekend vacation.

  13. Tends to spoil you at certain times.

  14. Pampers and showers you with attention and gifts.

  15. Is touchy.

  16. Call if they’re going away for a while.

What should be your next step if you’ve figured your question i.e. does my crush like me?

7 Tips On Answering Does My Crush Like Me

It can be heartbreaking after all that you do and the way you do for this person but not have those feelings reciprocated. If you want to give your crush a new direction then you have to get this person to like you back. Here is what you can do if you want to make your crush like you back.

  1. Be Fun To Hang Out With.

If you want your crush to like you back you have to be a fun person to hang out with. Be a spontaneous and energetic person in tune with his/her mature side. This will make hanging out with you a lot of fun and an experience that he/she will want to enjoy.

  1. Be Thoughtful.

Another way to show your crush that you are a nice person is by being thoughtful. When you listen to what your crush is saying you are able to comprehend what he/she wants and desires. You can show that you were listening all the time and are a thoughtful person by fulfilling the smallest of his/her desires.

  1. Have A Great Sense Of Humor.

Having a great sense of humor almost immediately makes anyone a hit among people. If you want your crush to like you back, you’ll have to develop this sense of humor to suit his/her style and crack him/her up.

  1. Have Common Interests.

Having common interests also makes a person like you back. So it’s time to pay attention to all that your crush likes to do and develop an interest for that. When your crush sees you taking such initiative he/she will begin to like you back. You might even get your answer to does my crush like me.

  1. Look Out For Them.

Always have your crushes best interest at heart. Without being intruding or interfering you have to make your crush feel that you are always looking out for him/her. Now that could be a career opportunity that he/she has been eluding or the latest music CD of his/her favorite band…make him/her feel that you are always thinking about him/her and he/she will like you back.

  1. Be A Bankable Support.

Make your crush feel that no matter what happens you are always going to be there for him/her. Demonstrate this and show your crush how much you care about him/her and you will see that our crush will begin to like you back.

  1. Be A Good Friend.

You have to be a very good friend to your crush. Once the bond of friendship gets cemented, he/she will begin to like you not just as a friend but a little bit more.

8 Ways To Win Your Crush’s Heart

It was considered, before, difficult, to be a girl when it comes to the likes of having crushes and falling in love. It was taboo for a person to show their crush that they like them and even more unthinkable for her to court them. At this modern day and age, these are things of the past. People are more independent and have found ways to, effectively, make their crushes like them back.

If you have a crush and often find yourself asking secretly does my crush like me or not. Then, here are 8 simple ways to make them look your way:

  1. Give A Good And Lasting First Impression.

Be conscious about the way you look by fixing yourself and dressing well. Who wouldn’t take notice of a person who carries their clothes well? You don’t have to be too trendy to catch their attention. Just wear clothes that fit well and look good on you.

  1. Know Their Friends.

In order to get near to them, you have to know their friends or anyone connected to them. In one way or another, you may get to be introduced or get acquainted.

  1. Know Their Interests.

Know their fields of interests, whether it be academics, arts or sports. For example, if they are a member of the science or math club, you may want to join. If they’re into fitness, you can be active, too. By being present in an activity that they are interested in, there is no way you couldn’t bump into each other.

  1. Try To Be Yourself.

Just be natural and don’t try to put up a front by being someone you’re not. Always remember that people don’t like the pretentious ones.

  1. Be Confident.

People are attracted to the ones who are confident especially when they converse. Be wary, though, not to be over confident because this will, surely, turn them off.

  1. Be Independent.

Show the person you like that you are determined in whatever you do. This will win their respect. May even help you answer does my crush like me.

  1. Be Witty And Fun To Be With.

Nothing would make your crush feel comfortable and at ease with you than to make them smile and of course, laugh.

  1. Don’t Give Yourself Away.

Actions speak louder than words. Don’t be desperate about winning them by showing that you are in love with them. This would either turn them off or make them take advantage of you. Making your crush like you may take some time and even, effort. But if they are worth the wait, then by all means follow these tips. Who knows, what would happen next?

What to do to make sure your crush likes you?

  1. Learn To Like Yourself.

First and foremost of all, you have to learn how to like yourself. When this happens, you learn to be happy and show a positive outlook in life. Others will receive this aura about you. Your crush may also learn to like you.

  1. Always Smile.

A lovely smile never fails to get noticed, even by the person that you like.

  1. Act Naturally.

You don’t have to pretend to be someone else just to be liked by your crush. Just be natural and everything else will fall into place. If you don’t, you’ll be left to wonder does my crush like me or not eventually.

  1. Learn More About Them.

The way that you can get close to them is to know who the people, they hang out with, are. Also, learn about what interests them most. If they are fond of sports, try to join the sports club they are a member of. If they are a bookworm, they may often spend time in a library. You can find time to do research work, or likewise, read books. Share the same table. If they are active in extra-curricular activities, try to know what they are so you can have the chance to be with them. When you get the chance to have a chat with them, make it pleasant and not make yourself boring to be with.

  1. Exude Confidence.

People who are confident about themselves don’t have a hard time catching the attention of the ones they like. They can very well, carry themselves, in any kind of conversation. These kinds of people are, also, independent, which makes them earn the respect of most people. Over confidence, however, is a big no-no since people get turned off and overwhelmed by this kind of trait.

  1. Be Subtle.

Don’t be obvious when you are in the presence of your crush. Your body language may put you in a bad light, making them think that you are desperate. This is usually your key element when asking yourself does my crush like me or not.

  1. Be Mysterious.

Try to make them curious about you by not revealing a lot, leaving something to their imagination. People are not that complex. They may have different styles but once you get to know their type, it just takes the right strategy to win the one you like.


Having crushes is normal for any person and knowing that there are signs your crush likes you back brings more excitement to the experience. I say soak it all in and enjoy the attention. You never know. That simple crush could one day develop into something more. Hope that now you have got your answer on does my crush like me.

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