How to Apologize to Your Girlfriend? 10 Best Ways To Apologize

Arguments are really hard. Fighting in a relationship is a normal thing that every couple does. But sometime you may use very harsh and bad words to your girlfriend due to which she feels really hurt and upset. Here you just need to apologize to your girlfriend. To learn this in a way that acknowledges mistakes or faults, try to put the situation right but it doesn’t mean that you become her slave. Some people think that a man should not apologize to his woman but it is not true. The man should apologize to his girlfriend but only when he feels that he is wrong and done some mistake as well. It is one of the most important things that will help to keep your relationship better. Here we are going to give you some important tips that will help you a lot to know how to apologize to your girlfriend?

1. Ensure that you are saying sorry for the right reasonDon’t say her sorry for any reason. So when you are going to say sorry to your girlfriend then you must need to make sure that you were wrong and you are going to say sorry for the right reason.
2. Think about the problemThink that what and where the problem is and how can you find the right solution as well.
3. Say some wordsSay some words to her like, “I’m sorry, I know I was wrong”, “I know I hurt you a lot, I’m really sorry for my behavior” etc.
4. Accept your wrongful actAccept if you have done any wrongful act with your girlfriend.
5. Make it short and to the pointDon’t do arguments with your girlfriend especially when you are wrong. Make your conversation short and talk .to the point with her. Don’t discuss past fights or mistakes as well.
6. Give a specific explanationSometimes it is really important to give an explanation to your partner so does it when it is important.
7. Make sure that you really mean itLet her realize that when you are apologizing to your girlfriend, you really mean it.
8. Accept that you hurt her feelingsIf you have done any wrongful act with your girlfriend then accept it that you hurt her and you really need to apologize her.
9. Let her talkLet give her some time to talk and tell that what she is thinking about you.
10. Check her moodThe mood is one of the most important things that helps you to talk to your girlfriend. Must check her mood when you are going to apologize. No need to talk to her if you feel that both of you are angry and can shout on each other
11. Avoid making excusesDo not make the lame excuses while saying sorry to your girl.
12. Don’t repeat your attentionThis might be difficult for some people but try don’t repeat your attention as an offender. It can create a bad impact on your relationship.
13. Take some timeDon’t be fast before going to say sorry to your girlfriend you must take some time and think about what you have done and what you need to do next and how should you talk to your girl.
14. Keep CalmDon’t show harsh behaviors keep calm when you are saying sorry to her? Try to bear if she will do bit harsh behavior or show her anger to you
15. Write a note to apologize If you feel that you can’t say sorry face to face then you should write a small note or letter to her just to say sorry.
16. Bring a gift and flowersBring some flowers and gifts for her to make her feel happy and forget about the fight
17. Send her a text messageSend her a text message to say sorry to your girlfriend
18. Offer to make changesAsk her that what you should need to change and offer her some changes that you can make in yourself for her.
19. Be genuineDon’t be fake always try to be genuine with your girlfriend
20. Ask her some questionsAsk her some important questions that are important to overcome all the issue and problems in your relationship.
21.Simply give her a hugSometimes simply a hug can do a lot for you where the words can’t work. So try to simply give a warm hug to your girlfriend and say I’m really sorry sweetheart for hurting you.
22. Cook her favorite foodCook her favorite food to say sorry and arrange a romantic dinner for her.

How to Apologize to Your Girlfriend?

  1. Ensure That You Are Saying Sorry For Right Reason:

The first step you need to know that when and where you have to and how to apologize to your girlfriend. The obvious time is when you have done something wrong that needs an acknowledgment of mistakes or faults clearly.

Sometimes your girlfriend is expected sorry form your side but you don’t think that it is important to apologize. Here you need to analyze and try to know that is it your mistake or not? Should you go to her and say sorry to her? If you think that you have done a mistake for which you should apologize then go and say sorry to her.

If your girlfriend is mad at you for something that you have done, even when you feel that you are not wrong and it was not your fault then you don’t need to say sorry to her. Don’t fulfill her demands and let yourself down as well.

However, ensure that you are saying sorry for your bad behavior but don’t for your beliefs or character as well. The only reason for the apologizing is the wrongful behavior that you may do with your girlfriend.

How to Apologize to Your Girlfriend?

  1. Accept Your Wrongful Act:

Accepting your mistake is really quality that you can find in a brave and strong man. So try to be strong and accept if you have done any mistake or wrongful act with your woman, you really need to figure how to apologize to your girlfriend? You just need to start by saying “I’m really sorry, I was wrong”.

If you will say something useless or dumb to your girl like “I’m sorry for my behavior because you think I was wrong”. Tell her that you are feeling really guilty for your bad behavior and you accept it heartily that’s why you are here to say sorry to her.

How to Apologize to Your Girlfriend

  1. Give  A Specific Explanation:

Sometimes saying “I’m sorry” to your girl is not enough you have to give a specific explanation to her. Take out some time to explain when you are apologizing, you must give her some genuine and real reasons for the fight or arguments as well. If there is something in your mind due to which you have done a harsh behavior then this is the right time where you can give her explanation and tell her the right reason as well.

If you feel that the scenario repeats itself again then includes it into your apology, so there you will not any further need to apologize all over if it’ll happen again and again, there you just need to establish an understanding between both of you. Avoid lying with your girlfriend at any cost, when you will say something that is not true can make your relationship really harder. So use the facts to explain your perspective in front of your girlfriend.  

How to Apologize to Your Girlfriend

  1. Accept That You Hurt Her Feelings:

Understanding and accepting that your wrongful act has hurt the feelings of your girlfriends, made her really upset as well as disconnected from you is really a good thing that you can ever go into your relationship. Accepting your mistake is a sign of real man so try to become a real man. Here you should need to apologize your partner and say her that “I’m really sorry for my behavior, I was wrong and have hurt your feelings” but don’t try to say that “I’m sorry because your feelings are hurt”. You should try to connect your wrongful act to your girlfriend’s hurt feelings.

How to Apologize to Your Girlfriend?

  1. Check Her Mood:

It is normal for your girl’s temper to raise when there is a fight or argument or whenever she feels wrong as well. Some people get cool or just want to live alone even after an apology is given to them. While some other people show their anger with their body language or expressions as well.

So you must try to understand the mood of your girlfriend when you are going to say her sorry. Don’t say sorry immediately when your partner is already angry and using harsh words as well. Best thing is to study her mood first and then say sorry in a better way.


  1. Take Some Time:

Don’t everyone is able to say sorry immodestly. If your girlfriend really needs time to think about the situation then give her some time and leave her alone for some time. If she wants to take some time to accept your apology then respects her by listening to her. Time is the main important thing for acceptance. So don’t do harsh behavior with her again, try to understand her feelings.

How to Apologize to Your Girlfriend?

  1. Bring A Gift And Flowers:

Bring some gifts or flowers with you to say sorry. So be careful while choosing a gift for her. The gift can be any stuffed toy, her favorite color dress or any other thing that he loves to receive. You should also bring her favorite flowers with you give her these flowers and give her a kiss and say “I’m a sorry sweetheart for hurting you, please forgive me for my behavior”

How to Apologize to Your Girlfriend?

  1. Offer To Make Changes:

If you think that offering some changes into yourself can help you to understand that how to apologize to your girlfriend and make the things better then ask her that “What can I do to make the things better?”

Of course, once you will commit to doing something that you should need to do for your relationship. You can put all of your efforts to make the things normal.

How to Apologize to Your Girlfriend?

  1. Ask Her Some Questions:

It is sometimes a bit difficult for you to know the reason and its solution to make everything better. If you think that it is happening to you then you just need to ask some questions to your partner before apologizing to her. You can ask the following questions:

What I’ve done?
Can you please tell me what wrong I’ve done last night? Sorry, but I was not in my senses.
What should I need to do to make everything better?

How to Apologize to Your Girlfriend?

  1. Cook Her Favorite Food For Her:

Food is one of the best ways that help you to apology your partner in a different and romantic way as well. Try to cook her favorite food for her if you are not good at cooking. You can also offer order form her favorite restaurant. Decorate the dining table and eat together.

How to Apologize to Your Girlfriend?

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Moreover, first of all, you must try that don’t do or say harsh words to your girlfriend after which you may start to feel really guilty. If you’ve done so then you must have the ability to say sorry to your girlfriend for your wrongful act. You should analyze and try to make yourself better as well. Whenever you will say sorry to your girl for any mistake you should really mean it. Only saying dory to your partner is not important. So, keep that thing in your mind.

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