How to Catch your Girlfriend Cheating? 5 Signs You Missed, Steps + Tips!

How To Catch Your Girlfriend CheatingYou have been going out with your girlfriend for quite some time now. Tying the knot with her is a big possibility. However, you have a nagging feeling that something is just not right. Is your girl cheating on you? And if she is, how do you find out? Or if you are sure she’s cheating, then, how to catch your girlfriend cheating?

Finding out whether or not your girlfriend is unfaithful to you starts from the time you accept the possibility of it happening. There are signs that can lead you to the truth. Most often these are things or changes you will likely notice if you are very observant or simply willing to seek the real story.

How To Tell If Something’s Wrong?

You don’t mess with a woman unless you want to get screwed up as well. Now, you want to learn how to catch your girlfriend cheating. Is it easy? Yes, it is easy. All you need is patience and keen observation and you are good to go. Remember how powerful women can be. Do you know Helen of Troy? She launched a thousand of ships and caused a lot of innocent people die, all because of what – love? This is how powerful women can be and unless you want a piece of them. You have to device some ways in order for you to have a hold on her heart firmly as you possibly can.

These are not absolute means in order for you to learn how to catch your girlfriend cheating. However, these are signals that she might have sent to you but you unknowingly ignore.

  1. Personality Changes

Women naturally want to demand something from you. It is always in progression rather than regression. Her demands at the early stages of the relationship may be minimal compared when you already reached the later stages. However, if it becomes a regression, she is clearly telling you that her needs are already met somewhere else by someone new. You just don’t have a clue where she might have found something that is more important and significant than you have been. It is not easy, isn’t it?

  1. Detachment

The very moment that you edge closer, she moves away from your grasp. This is called detachment. She is slowly detaching herself away from you probably because she doesn’t know how to end the things between you yet. She may not know how to let you down without hurting you more than she already has.

It is not an excuse or a reason for you to stop learning how to catch your girlfriend cheating. It is hard for her but not as hard for you. You must stand firm and prepared about what the outcome may be in order to have a clean break.

How To Collect The Sufficient Evidence?

How To Catch Your Girlfriend CheatingHow to catch your girlfriend cheating online is a question commonly asked these days. Catching her cheating is not that easy. Online affairs happen in various settings. Two people could meet via social networking sites and after a while of getting to know each other, they could prefer a more private venue like chat or email. In this very dynamic setting, it takes effort to prove that your suspicions are true.

First thing you should try to do is be more heedful. Check out her friends profiles, read messages posted on their profile walls. Shortlist her online buddies to narrow down on the people who exchanged suspicious intimate messages with your girlfriend; observe their activities closely. It’s not unethical to snoop around and view their profiles because if it is then profiles shouldn’t have been made publicly accessible.

5 Tips On Getting The Proof:

Save your evidences and don’t make haste. Confronting your girlfriend without any substantial proof will just make things worse between the two of you. Some of the proofs you may want to collect are the following:

  1. Messages posted on your girlfriend’s profile wall that seems to be a little bit flirty. Words like “see you online, same time again tomorrow…” or “you make me smile” warrant an investigation.
  2. Pictures of your girlfriend with an online buddy that you know for sure she just met. If you are unfortunate enough to find one, you should know that she has been meeting her lover in person. But as always, never conclude prematurely.
  3. Sudden changes in her behavior. Any man could tell whether his girlfriend is exhibiting emotional adultery such as being withdrawn, showing disinterest, being argumentative and frequently irritable when you’re around.
  4. You could tell she’s cheating on you online if you ask her to open her inbox and she gives an array of excuses not to. Pretend that you’re going to email a common friend of yours using her account, do not sound inquisitive and accusing.
  5. You have to know whom your girlfriend is sending and receiving e-mails and other messages from as well as what websites she is visiting lately and for how long does she stay there. There are online dating sites which offer a venue for romance seekers and she could be visiting those also.

How To Best Use These Tips?

The list above is just some of the evidences you may want to document. They will help you in getting her to admit and confess. But the question is, HOW? How are you going to catch her cheating online? If you would analyze the situation, it would seem that you cannot catch her cheating online, online. You cannot bust in the middle of their chat messages and say “gotcha!” and you can’t accuse them in their profile walls because that would be too scandalous your girlfriend may never want to see you again. However, as the saying goes, if there is a will there is a way.

You just need some things to help you heal so you can function properly.

Why She Cheated And How To Catch Her?

Here’s exactly why she did and how to catch your girlfriend cheating:

  1. Just Because She Loves You Doesn’t Mean She’s Not Cheating

This is one of the biggest differences between men and women having affairs. It’s much more common for a girl to be conflicted with her decision to cheat on you; often times she will still have feelings for you even when she’s cheating.

Which of course begs the question, why cheat at all in the first place, but that’s a whole different article.

The point is that you should be aware that just because she kisses you, or holds your hand, or smiles and tells you she loves you, does NOT mean that she’s not cheating on you. In fact, she’s probably still being totally honest with you. She very likely DOES love you, but she also likes somebody else.

  1. It’s Much More Common to Cheat with Co-Workers and Friends

If your girlfriend is cheating on you, then there’s a good chance that you already know the guy she’s cheating with.

You see, women are much less likely to go out and actually look for someone to have an affair with. Many times they just let the feelings develop naturally, and the result is that often affairs happen in the workplace, or with mutual friends that you both know.

  1. Her Cell Phone Tells You Everything

Man I love cell phones. I don’t know what I’d do without ’em.

How To Catch Your Girlfriend CheatingIt’s pretty easy to do some pretty basic (But surprisingly effective) investigation simply by taking not of who’s calling her. Remember how above I said that women are much more likely to cheat with someone that you both know?

Well, for her that means that she doesn’t have to try nearly as hard to disguise who she’s talking to. You see, normally a guy would have to be very careful about talking to the person he’s cheating with, but if your girlfriend is having an affair with someone you both know, then it doesn’t matter at all that they talk.

In fact, they might even discuss their affair in front of you without you ever knowing!

How To Catch Your Girlfriend CheatingWhat Should You Do Now?

Your girlfriend cheated on you. You can hardly believe it and you’re fuming, mad with her and with yourself for trusting her. But underneath all that, you’re also feeling pretty devastated.

A cheating girlfriend is a shattering blow to the ego.

Some guys never seem to have a problem keeping their women faithful, so why has your girlfriend cheated on you?

What Steps To Take?

Actually, it happens more often than you may think, although lots of men don’t like admitting it, and would prefer to forget all about it – even to the point of pretending not to remember her name. But before you do anything, how certain are you that your girlfriend really did cheat on you?

If you’re more suspicious than sure at the moment, then stop and think about what you are doing. Have there been any real signs that your girlfriend cheated on you? Is your relationship in trouble in other ways too?

Signs Your Girlfriend Cheated On You

There are telltale signs that help you see when someone is cheating. See if any of these signs fit.

  1. You’ve Been Spending Less Time Together.

Is your girlfriend suddenly too busy even to see you? She may have good reasons for it, and her new habits may be temporary, but it may just be that she’s not as committed to your relationship as she was.

  1. You No Longer Have Fun Together.

If her first choice for fun times is no longer you, then she certainly isn’t getting what she wants from your relationship. Things are getting boring, and she is looking outside your relationship for the solution.

  1. She Shows You Less Affection Than She Used To.

Some women can love two guys at the same time, but many can’t. If a previously affectionate and tactile girlfriend is now acting like the original ice-queen, there may be another man in the picture.

  1. She Starts Changing Her Appearance.

If your girlfriend suddenly goes on a diet and starts working out, then she’s trying to impress somebody. It could be herself, it could be you – or it could be Mr Next In Line who is the happy recipient of her efforts.

  1. You Catch Her Telling Lies.

How To Catch Your Girlfriend CheatingHas she suddenly become protective of her cell phone, her computer and her handbag? This could be because they hold secrets she’d desperate to keep from you. That secret could be another man.

Even if you recognize some of these signs, try to get some solid proof before you confront her, as it’s always possible that you’ve jumped to conclusions in a fit of paranoia.

If you know for sure that your girlfriend cheated on you, then you’ve reached a crisis. If the big scene doesn’t end with her walking out, then you have two choices:

You can dump her or you can try to forgive her and get her back.

Dumping her is the straightforward option, but however satisfying, it will also be painful.

Forgiving her will be hardest of all, and you should be very sure of your motives before you start down that road.

Whatever happens, you need to be able to move on without letting the experience sour your next relationship.

Forgive But Don’t Forget – Learn From Your Mistakes!

Forgiveness is probably not much on your mind right now. But anger and bitterness are very destructive, and they will poison your future relationships if you hold on to them. Think of forgiveness as the best present you can give yourself.

As long as you allow her the power to anger and hurt you, you are also allowing her to go on controlling your life. You don’t need to like her again; you just need to forgive yourself for not seeing through her sooner; and let the past go.

  1. Don’t Blame Yourself.

Think about the character flaws that led to her cheating and next time try to choose a woman without these faults.

  1. It’s Not You, It’s Her.

Cheating was her choice. No-one forced her into it; no matter how much she may try to blame you. Cheating is always a choice.

You may have missed or ignored the warning signs. But your girlfriend should have told you why she was unhappy and given you the chance to put it right. Whatever your shortcomings, you didn’t deserve this. A relationship is nothing without loyalty and trust.

How To Catch Your Girlfriend Cheating

Why did she cheat? Probably for one of the same reasons men cheat.

  1. She Knew She Wouldn’t Be Found Out.

MANY people have confessed that they would quite happily cheat if they could be sure their other half would never find out. In the end whether or not someone cheats comes down to character.

  1. A Cheat’s Way To End A Relationship.

There was nothing really WRONG with the relationship, and it was easier than trying to come up with a plausible reason. A sure sign of this is when it’s clear she WANTS you to find out.

  1. The Man Tempted Me And I Did Eat.

well, it worked for Adam. She met someone who wanted to sleep with her (duh!) and surrendered to his blandishments. If a man knows the right way to seduce a woman, she’s putty in his hands.

I didn’t love him, it was just lust – he was gorgeous, the moment was right, the sex was amazing – what can she say?

  1. Some Women Really Like Sex.

women are quite capable of emotionless sex if they consciously view it as a purely physical experience. And when it doesn’t involve love, it feels as if it doesn’t really count – just like cheating men always say.

Sometimes it’s best to accept that you were wrong for each other and leave it at that. Try to spot the red flags quicker next time, and see when something’s not working.

Be More Discriminating When You Choose

How To Catch Your Girlfriend CheatingWhen looking for a girlfriend, you need to be a lot pickier than you would be when just looking for someone to sleep with.

The trouble is that, unless a man has a lot of options, the woman who was OK to sleep with can turn into a girlfriend, just because she wants to regularize the relationship and it’s preferable to a celibate life.

This is a bad, bad way to acquire a girlfriend. You are settling for whatever you can get.

Be A Chooser In Future.

Think about the qualities you really want in a girlfriend and actively choose someone who is closer to that ideal. Not exactly the ideal, of course, because nobody’s perfect; but a lot closer than you’ve been getting in the past.

Don’t Bring Negative Expectations to Your Next Relationship.

Don’t dump your bitterness onto every woman you meet. Give the next woman a chance to make you happy, instead of making her pay for someone else’s sins.

How To Catch Your Girlfriend CheatingIf the wounds are still too fresh for you to be able to give another woman your trust, then you need to take a break from dating. Remember that a well-rounded person has many aspects to their life, so give your time and energy to your work, your hobbies, your friends and building a great life for yourself.

A high value woman won’t waste her time with a man who clearly hates and distrusts her entire sex. She has too many better options to choose from.

Remember that cheaters never win in the long run – unless you let them. Just because your girlfriend cheated on you, don’t let it ruin your life. The chances are that the man she left you for will find himself standing in your shoes one day.


Forgive yourself (and her) and leave the bad times in the past. Use the experience to learn how to choose better in future, and you efforts will be rewarded.

Was this article on how to catch your girlfriend cheating helpful? We surely hope it was and now you have all the things you need. Follow this guide and make the most out of it.

If you have any questions regarding this, let us know in the comments below!

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