How To Deal With A Narcissistic Husband – 10 Ways To Deal

May you love your Partner so much. Sometimes their narcissistic tendencies can sometimes make it really difficult for you to feel loved in return. There are several things that may come into your mind to deal with his situation.  How to Deal With a Narcissistic Husband read this article it makes the situation even better

Such as he can you recognize the potential narcissism? By getting the answers to these questions you can deal with your Narcissistic partner in a better way. Here we are going to give you some important tips that will help you to know more about this issue.

1. Determine if he is selfishTry to determine that if your partner is selfish and he just cares for her own self and wishes as well.
2. Check for the abuseThis is really very important to check your partner if he is emotionally and physically abusive.
3. Decide if he is getting extraordinary jealousCheck that if your husband is feeling extraordinary jealousy on different things. Try to feel him relax and not jealous as well.
4. Give them proper attentionTo deal with Narcissists husband you must need to deal with the different situation. So you must give him proper attention that will allow him to get rid of this situation.
5. Control your lifeIf your life is destroying due to your husband then try to take some decision and control yourself as well
6. Stay always with your husbandSometimes the Narcissists husband needs only one this that is your care and love. The question is that how to show love? So if you want to deal with this then you should consider always staying with your partner and fully supporting him to show your love to him
7. Get the help of a professionalIf you want that your husband spends a normal life and gets rid of this situation soon then you can also get the help of a professional. Who will ask some questions to him and try to understand that what is the reason of this Narcissism and how can he get rid of it
8. Determine by yourself if your husband is controlling or manipulativeDon’t bear too much if your husband is too much controlling and manipulative with you. Try to talk to them and tell him that he needs to change himself to make your relationship better
9. Check their capacity to changeSit with your husband and ask him to try his level best to change himself and if he says yes then check his capacity of change, also support him where it is important
10. Ask if your husband liesIf you feel that your husband lies to your ask him and determine that what the reason is
11. Check your silenceSometimes silence is one of the best solutions to deal with Narcissists husband. If your husband is showing to much anger and negative behavior try to bear without saying a single word. He may slowly start to realize that he needs to change himself for you
12. Try to talk to him honestlyYou should also try to talk with your partner about his current situation that what the issue is, what is the reason for his negative behavior and what he wants from you.
13. Be honest with your own selfBe honest with your own self, accept the current situation of your husband then it will be helpful for you to deal with a Narcissists husband otherwise the situation can change into worst for you as a wife
14. Focus his words to understandTry to focus his words that what he is saying to you and what he wants from your side. Sometimes his words are really important to understand and deal with a Narcissists husband
15. Accept the truthAccept that you are living with a Narcissists husband and it is a truth, it is a bit difficult for you to deal with him.
16. Use we instead of youWhen you are going to point out the mistakes or faults of your husband try to use we instead of you. It will help her more to understand and help you to deal with him in a better way.
17. Tell yourself that you can manage everythingBe confident in yourself and tell that you are a brave person who can deal with any situation
18. Share your feeling with your husbandShare your feelings with your husband and try to tell him that you love him a lot and there is nothing important more than your husband
19. Appreciate your husbandAppreciate is another best way to deal with a Narcissists husband. Try to appreciate his efforts that he does and do for you
20. Show him care and loveYou just need to show your love and care that you have for your husband. Make him realize that how much you care for him and how important he is for you


  1. Determine If He Is Selfish:

The Narcissistic husbands are generally extraordinary self-centered, they think only about their own self. They have craved attention, admiration and inflated egos as well. These types of husbands are really self-absorbed who always looking for some different ways to become successful. Best as well. Because of this nature sometime your narcissistic husband may not give you love and care in a way you want to form them.

He may care and love more about his own needs instead of his partner. But don’t lose your patient here try to deal with you the situation and fix it out for both of you. Try to ask him how to show someone you love them? In this way, you may help him to find some ways that help him to show his love to you.

determine him if he is selfish


  1. Decide If He Is Getting Extra Ordinary Jealous:

The Narcissists husband may start to feel extraordinary jealous form the other people around that turn into his abusive behavior. He starts to show his jealousy in a negative way by fighting with people or abusing with them as well.

So to deal with these type of husbands try to tell them that jealousy is just a negative feeling and you can control it in a better way. So avoid it instead of allowing it to control yourself.

decide if he is jealous

  1. Control Your Life:

When you are in a relationship with a narcissist husband you may start to lose controlling your thoughts, opinions, choice, and views as well. You may also feel that you lose all the important aspects of your life which are changing with the passage of time.

It means that your partner has more control over yourself more than you, he is taking a decision on behalf of you. So to deal with this situation you try to control your own life instead of depending on your husband. With his wrong decision and negative behavior, you can destroy your life.

control your life

  1. Get A Help Of Professional:

They will help you to get the answer to your question that how to save a relationship? If you feel that the situation is going out of control day by day. You are unable to deal with a narcissist husband then try to get the help of professional.

They can better understand the situation of the narcissist person and ask them some questions to find out what the reason is. After analyzing his personality and find out the reason for his behavior they will suggest some important points to deal with this type of husband.

get help from professional

  1. Determine By Yourself If Your Husband Is Controlling Or Manipulative:

Most of the time narcissistic husbands try to keep proper control of their spouse by isolating them from family and friends as well as force the wife to be depended on the husband. This type of husbands also tries to control or manipulate their wives by not showing her attention.

Some husbands start to abuse their wives mentally or physically just to keep their control on them know more about How to Deal With a Narcissistic Husband to stay safe from him.

  1. Ask If Your Husband Lies:

Narcissist husbands lie to manipulate their wives. They try to tell the half-truth to their spouse which is not a complete version of the truth, just because to stay away from some responsibilities. Most of the time they started to blame their wives just to make themselves secure from any blame.

This situation is really unhealthy for you as a wife because you may start to lose your hope for a good relationship and you may end up with all blame and guilt as well. So try don’t trap yourself into these lies.

ask if your husband lie

  1. Try To Talk Him Honestly:

Sometimes it is difficult for a husband to know how to understand a woman. So if you are married, it is best and possible for you to talk to your husband around his negative behavior. Its impact on yourself as well as on your kids.

You should sit with your husband and start to talk honestly about issues that are arising from time by time and making your relationship worst. Make sure that you are keeping your head level up while talking to your husband. Don’t use a harsh tone with him your tone should be polite and understandable.

Explain to him that you feel unhappy with him because of his negative behavior but don’t try to criticize him. Tell him that he is becoming bit selfish and his selfishness is destroying your relationship and disturbing your kids as well. If you feel that he started to talk to another woman and spending a lot of time with her then ask him about this lady.

Tell him that he is really important for you and you don’t want to lose him for any other lady. If your husband will say something hurtful explain to him your opinion and thinking about him. You should use some useful communication techniques to deal with this kind of husband.

Also note the reaction of your husband and mood as well. If she is upset or angry try to feel him relax and happy as well.

try to understand him

  1. Focus His Words To Understand:

Asking some question is one of the best ways of dealing with a narcissistic husband because it will help you to focus on his conversation or words as well.

When he is telling you something to try to show your full interest to your spouse to tell him that you are focusing on his words. It will help him to keep in the center and its the best way for how to Deal With a Narcissistic Husband.

try to understand him

  1. Accept The Truth:

Accepting the truth is one of the great things that you can ever do to deal with a narcissistic husband. Understanding that your husband cannot be changed immediately is important to do everything with the patient to get results.

You may not be able to change the personality of your partner but you can try your level best to do so with confidence. Also the best part of How to Deal With a Narcissistic Husband.

accept the truth

  1. Share Your Feelings With Your Husband:

If you want to know that how to not feel lonely and to deal with him then sharing is a great way that will help you to get closer to each other. Don’t feel shy to share your feelings with your husband. If you feel shy or stay away from each other in a relationship then it can convert into the worst. Share your feelings and many other things with your partner without feeling shy and uncomfortable as well.

share your feeling | How to Deal With a Narcissistic Husband


How to Deal With A Narcissistic Husband | Do You Need More Information?

Do you think that this information is not enough for you to get a proper solution? If yes then you do not need to go anywhere else because I’m here to help you as a professional. To directly contact me to get an answer around your queries. You just simply need to place your query in the given comment box. Then wait for your turn to get more tips. I’ll try to reply to you on first priority and provide you with more information on this topic. I believe you might get to the point information regarding How to Deal With a Narcissistic Husband.

Furthermore, first of all. You should try to focus on the different aspects due to which your husband is behaving like this. There might be some reason that you just need to sort out and fix to make him normal. Try to be supportive and understanding with your husband. Don’t reach immediately the situation can convert into worst. Also, try to tell him how to handle a wife in a better way. This might help you to Deal With a Narcissistic Husband


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