How To Forget Someone? 12 Effective Ways To Forget Your Ex

Some people really find it hard to forget someone with whom they were very close and attached heartily. If you are a person who wants to learn that how to forget someone? Then this is the right place where you can get the answer to your question. You might be a person who has been hurt by a person to whom you loved a lot in past.

There are some important tips that will help you to get rid of this situation. Most of these tips are really simple but at the same time, you need to be a powerful person. You should bear different things and remove this point from your mind that it is impossible for you. After that, you will feel a clear difference in yourself that how to forget someone.

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How To Forget Someone?

1.  Stop Revisiting The Memories:

When you loved with someone, you create a lot of memories with that person and once the person is gone. You should end up to revisiting those memories. These memories can be roads, restaurants, dedicated songs or any other place where you visited together.

Most of the people start to feel sad and give up on this stage. That will never get you rid of such situation. So stop going or visiting all those special places. These places will act as a trigger that will never get you back to normal life.

You should move and go for the different and new places where you can feel really happy.

How To Forget Someone

2.  Through All The Stuff Away:

It is really hard to get rid of those things that remind you of the loved one. This stuff can be his or her letters, cards, pictures or any other thing that a person given to you to miss her or him all the time. You should take a step towards it.

If you do not want to through all the things then you can choose any other way such as donate these stuff, burn or recycle it. However, this process will help you a lot to forget that person with the passage of time and come back to your normal life as well.

How To Forget Someone


3.  Delete All The Memories:

You should also need to get rid of all digital stuff such as delete all of her/his text messages, pictures that were posted online as well as their emails. Anything that you feel it keeps a power to make you emotional and sad you must need to remove them.

You also need to unfriend or block your Ex from all your social media accounts such as from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Also, block from her/his phone number so that he/she will not try to contact you at all. This tips will help you a lot how to forget someone from your life.

How To Forget Someone

4.  Must Keep Your Mind Occupied:

Diverting your mind in different activities is one of the best things that will help you a lot to forget anything or any person. Ensure that you are spending your time more with your family or friends because they matter a lot in your life. It is a great way to keep yourself busy and allow you to live your life positively. Because the people in your surrounding can make your life really meaningful and enjoyable for you.

It can include your father, mother, siblings, cousins, best friends, your dance group, favorite classmate, your study group, your football team, in short, the person who really makes you feel appreciated and loved. Engaging yourself with these people will give you an opportunity to stay fresh and happy.

If you will hide in your room or hold yourself at one stage then you will never get back to your happiness.

How To Forget Someone

5.  Try To Express Your Emotions With Your Family Or Friends:

Expressing is one of the best things in the world that will really help you to feel relax and happy. In the early stage when you are trying to forget any person to whom you loved a lot you should be able to express your feelings and pain with your friend or family member.

The family member can be your father, your mother, your sister or brother as well. You have to ignore all the negative feelings in this way you can easily figure out that why are you hurting.

If the situation is going worst and you are unable to forget your Ex. Then you can also conduct some sessions with a physiologist or therapist. They will help you to come back to a normal routine and live a happy life as well.   

You can also talk to yourself, end up with crying which is some important parts helps to forget a person you loved a lot.

How To Forget Someone

6.  Be Confident:

If the memories of a person you are trying to forget and throw out from your life are haunting you continuously. You may start to feel that you will never forget her/his. It is well said that “Time heals all wounds” then why it has not healed your wounds? This is just because of the lack of confidence in yourself and engaging with your past about how to forget someone.

It is not going to happen overnight but you can slowly move on to your life. Create a confidence in yourself that you can help you to get rid of this condition that how to forget someone.

How To Forget Someone

7.  Stop Stalking:

Stalking a point will never allow you to move forward into your life. So if you will stalk the memories of your Ex with your broken heart. Get 10 easy tips on how to get over a broken heart. Then it will be quite difficult for you to forget your Ex. Accept all the things, stop visiting their social media profiles and also block them from social media account.

It will help you to move ahead and come back to a normal, positive and happy life instead of stalking in the memories of the person you loved a lot.

How To Forget Someone

8.  Take Your Time And Accept Everything:

You might be a strong person but still, get hurt by someone. This process takes too much time and you just need to accept it. Forgetting a person to whom you deeply in love with for many years will take a longer time. So the best thing is to accept everything.

This is one of the best tips for you and you just need to accept that everything was going tough for you and both of you could not stay together for the lifetime. Time is the best healer so you have to give yourself a time that will help you to heal. Eventually, you will start to feel a positive change in yourself.

How To Forget Someone

9.  Forget And Forgive Him/Her As A Good Memory:

Forgiving anyone is one of the best treatments for your pains that you got form your loved once. Forgiveness will detox you from your past that no any other class can do for you. It will not allow you to justify that what the next person did with you. It will allow you to take care of yourself and takes all the pains away from you.

Also, forgive yourself for everything because it is one of the most difficult things that a person can do for his or her self. Once it will happen you will eventually start to come back to your normal life. You will feel a positive change and a clear difference in yourself.

After forgiving the person to whom you love and also forgiving yourself for everything that happened in past. These will help you to know exactly how to forget someone.

How To Forget Someone

10. Try To Nature Yourself:

When you’ve examined your relationship and deal with all of your emotions try to take proper care of yourself. For this take yourself towards nature which is one of the best ways to feel calm, fresh, happy and relax all day. For this you have to do the following things:

  • Keep up with a proper and good sleeping, do exercise on daily basis and adopt the hygiene habits that will help you to keep refresh. In beginning, it can be difficult for you to set your routine and maintain yourself especially when your relationship was ended. But do not give up, to be strong and try to move forward towards a positive as well as healthy life.
  • Do something really good for you such as take a bath from hot water, go outside for a walk and get fresh air. Eat healthy and fresh foods that you really like.
  • Yoga is really a good thing to keep calm and relax. So adopt it as a habit and you will really start to feel a positive difference in your routine.

Physically and emotionally you must need to care to get rid of this loss.

How To Forget Someone

11. Try Not To Contact:

Forgetting a person to whom you loved a lot is sometimes really easy and it can be achieved in several ways. Keep in touch with that person after broke up is really hard for you to forget that person. It is not a good interest, so you should need to understand this thing and do not contact that person after broke up.

Try as much as possible to be honest with your own self because honesty with yourself is an important thing to get back to a positive and happy life again. If you still feel that you do not stop contacting that person.

Then you have to remove all of his/her contacts from your phone and other places. Unfriend or block from all social media accounts. So in this way he/she will also not be able to contact you.

How To Forget Someone

12. Keep Your Focus On Present Moment:

Keeping your mind on your past is a negative thing that creates a bad impact on your life and daily routine. So you have to focus on your present which is a great way that helps you how to forget someone. Stacking in your past makes it near possible to know how to forget someone you’re loved once.

There are some important things that you can follow to focus on your presentation instead of past to know how to forget someone.

  • Try and must remember that you will not undo anything that happened in past.  The present moment is the only thing which has the power to change your life. Make some plans with your friends or family to go outside and enjoy each moment that you will spend with them. You can also go to different places with group tours where you feel really relax and happy.
  • Stop thinking or talking about your past and divert your mind in present activities.
  • Keep yourself engaged in meditation, exercise, and yoga which are a great way to keep the focus on the present.

How To Forget Someone

These tips are really helpful for those people who want to get the answer to their question that how to forget someone? That may be quite difficult for them to get back to a positive and happy life by forgetting the person they loved a lot.

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