Learn How to Friendzone A Guy – Best 15 Secret Methods

If you’re in a very scenario where a boy likes you more than a friend, however, you do not feel in a similar manner, here are fifteen ways on How to friendzone a guy! 

“I am in a very scenario where one guy extremely likes me more than a friend, and he shows signs of wooing me. Sadly, I do not have mutual feelings for him, however, I do not need to only push him away like that. What should I do?”

We all ought, to be honest, how to friend zone a guy? is one among the foremost hurtful experience we can ever bear, nonetheless trapping somebody into one is way more difficult according to some individuals, particularly people who are softhearted. It’s grievous to ascertain somebody trying so hard for nothing, however, what are you able to do if you have set boundaries and you are feeling the nothing else however friendly relationship, right?

It’s a lot harder once the guy could be a close friend because you know he’s someone special in your life, and you do not need to utterly lose him. You’re afraid that he would possibly keep his distance which would eventually result in being complete strangers if you firmly tell him to his face that he’s simply a friend, and nothing else.

Do not worry because putting a man into the friend zone does not imply you have to be cruel to him. The key here is subtlety—it may well be a slow method however likelihood is you continue to get to keep the guy and maintain the friendly relationship in the end. You simply ought to provide him a nudge, nicely however firmly.

Here are fifteen refined ways in which you’ll be able to do to softly trap him into the friend zone!

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  1. Assure Yourself that He is Just a Friend:

How to Friendzone a GuyBefore anything, the foremost important thing you must do is to ask yourself whether you’re certain or not concerning what you’re feeling for the guy. If you are trying to place him in the friend zone while not being sure of your own feelings, it would end as a catastrophe for each of you and you would possibly determine too late.

Ask yourself these questions—”do I actually wish us to simply stay friends?”, “Do I find this guy attractive; even just a bit?”, “Have I seen him in a very romantic way before?”, “Is there an opportunity for him to become my dream guy?”



Why does one need to ask yourself these questions? because if you’re seeing signs of even simply a little bit of romance with him, you would possibly wish to try out having an intimate relationship with him instead of simply being friends. Or if you’re still unsure, you must place him on the “maybe list”.



  1. How to Friendzone a Guy Show that it is not Him:

How to Friendzone a GuyIt is inevitable that the guy can initiate a conversation concerning the type of girls or men you each want. If he does this, bear in mind that it’s his way to get you to speak concerning your ideal sort and he desires to see if he’s anyplace close to it. Knowing that, emphasize the traits opposite to what he has, or if you’re feeling rather bold, mention the traits he does not have at all.

If you can, mention a guy’s name—not his—and tell him that you just are head over heels for this man. You may even refer the dinner dates you visited and emphasize how you enjoyed your time. Another plan of action is to pretend you would like his advice thus “the guy you like” can notice you more. However, bear in mind to sound casual as a result of the can notice if you’re faking it. It’ll be way too obvious to him that you just are trying too hard to friend zone him. This way can let him get the hint that he is nowhere close to your radar and you each are nothing else, but friends.




  1. How to Friendzone a Guy – Don’t Dress Up too much:

How to Friendzone a GuyWe are all aware that each girl always desires to look her best, whenever, and wherever. But, allow us to keep in mind that it’s also a guy’s thing to assume that a lady is trying to induce his attention once she dresses too well. And if you’re trying to place a man in the friend zone that’s the very last thing you’d wish him to think.

Whenever you’re with him, it’s still okay to place make-up; however keep it light-weight with the eyeshadow; do not put such a lot effort on making your eyebrows on fleek, and put on a light lip gloss. As for your clothing, don’t pick the simplest dress in your wardrobe—a simple shirt, jeans, and sneakers are enough. Choose the look of simplicity, as much as possible. This way, you’re not aiming to attract more attention from him. Show him that you simply will afford to look your worst around him — this hint can tell the guy that you just are very comfy around him as a result of you both are just friends.




  1. How to Friendzone a Guy – Set Physical Boundaries:

How to Friendzone a GuyLet us admit it, there are times where we tend to urge too close to our guy friends, particularly people who are nearest to us. We tend to get so comfy that we allow them to hug us, and that we allow them to hold our hands. If you think that about it, these are pretty traditional gestures between friends particularly after you are celebrating a happy moment.

However, if you already know how he feels for you, avoid physical contact. It does not imply that you simply} got to shy away anytime he makes an attempt to be close to you. You just got to maintain physical boundaries. You’ll be able to still maintain the friendly relationship while not the intimacy of holding hands or hugging.

When he’s feeling unhappy and lonely and approaches you for comfort, you’ll be able to still do these gestures, however, keep it casual if you’ll be able to. Deliver him the message that it’s nothing, however, a friendly relationship gesture. A tap on the shoulder is best, though. Don’t lead him on with these intimate physical gestures if you’ve got no plans to be romantic with him because it’s cruel to allow him false hope.




  1. Emphasize the Importance of Your Friendship:

How to Friendzone a GuyWhen we are feeling even a bit romantic towards a man, we tend to own limitations on what proportion we are going to open ourselves fully to them, right? That’s as a result of we do not need the fellows we admire to see our miserable facet. As much as possible, we tend to simply need them to check our cheerful and cheeky facet to impress them.

However, we are an open book with our closest friends, regardless of what the gender. So, to allow the guy a touch that your relationship is nothing else, however, friendship, be open to him. Tell him whatever involves your mind—weird stuff, and even boring things. Show the guy that you simply value him as a confidante and not as somebody romantic. Emphasize that you simply take your non-intimate relationship very seriously. By knowing this, he will be at least a bit reluctant to make a move on you, fearing that he may ruin whatever relationship he has with you.




  1. How to Friendzone a Guy – Avoid Going Out on a Date with him:

How to Friendzone a GuyIt is okay to go out with him sometimes—a tea break after work, or once he invites you to watch a game, or to go mall shopping—as these are traditional hangouts for those that are shut friends. But, if you can, don’t do it as usually as he can suppose that you simply are giving him most of your time as he may misinterpret this as dating.

Turn down his invites to go out on a date, particularly special ones—dinner reservations, a walk in the park, or places you know have the likelihood of being intimate together. The guy can suppose that you simply have other things to do if you keep on turning him down and should eventually back down little by little.


If the guy is a very close friend you admit that you just also enjoy being with him, to not entirely hurt his feelings, you can go out with him, however, recommend group hangouts. This is often an obvious but refined approach which will lessen his possibilities to form a move on you.




  1. How to Friendzone a Guy – Friendzone is not Priorities:

How to Friendzone a GuyThe guy could be one amongst your closest friends and you’re used to spending time with him, however, if you’re aware of how he actually feels about you, it’ll help him if you nicely hint that he’s far away from being best on your priority list. If he asks for your time, understand that it’s okay to inform you’re not available.

Also, don’t show him that you just are willing to re-organize your schedule so you’ll make a space for him. It’ll simply provide the guy false hope that he’s somebody very important in your life. However, don’t ignore him entirely. If he texts you a lot, you’ll still text him back. You’ll still talk over with one another in a very funny manner through texting or chatting. But, perpetually emphasize on being casual, and nothing else more.




  1. How to Friendzone a Guy don’t Meet the Boy’s Family or Friends:

One of the things you must bear in mind once you are trying to trap a man into the friend zone is to never provide him the chance to allow you to meet the foremost important individuals in his life; his family. Although it’s not a taboo to bring your friends home even when it is the lady, you may cause misunderstandings on his family’s facet.

How to Friendzone a GuyYou will hear questions and remarks from his oldsters and siblings like, “you finally brought somebody home!”, “you look good together!”, “how did you meet?”, “what you like about my son?”, “Is she your girlfriend?”, and more. It’s never disrespectful to mention the truth – nicely. In fact, however, once you meet his family. It’s about to be harder for you to show him that you simply are just friends and nothing more because his family may become connected to you.

Do not build attachment with the guy’s close friends too. You’ll talk over with them or make friends with them through texts, however, avoid meeting them face to face. They’re going to get the impression that you just are somebody important in their friend’s life.




  1. How to Friendzone a Guy – You are like a Brother“:

How to Friendzone a GuyOne of the funny ways that you’ll hint that you just wish to push him into the friend zone is to call the guy your brother or compare him to a family member. Well, it’s not precisely a funny way for the guy—who desires to be pushed into the friend zone, right? However, this plan of action is pretty much employed in memes on social networking sites. We all know that a soldier has fallen and failed his mission once a woman he likes tells him. “You are like my brother!”

This is one in every one of the ways that to nicely emphasized that your relationship is simply strictly friendship. Why? Because the guy can find out that you just don’t look into him as somebody romantic or sexy. Don’t let him see although that you just notice how hurtful he gets whenever you say it. Because he may assume you’re simply playing with him. It’s far better if you’ll be casual about it.




  1. How to Friendzone a Guy – Be His Wing Woman:

How to Friendzone a GuyThere can be times where the guy will ask you about “a lady he likes very much”. And though you already understand too well that it’s you he is describing. Invariably fake that you simply are unaware of it. He can even ask advice on how to approach this lady.

You can go on nicely with this game by taking note of him once he talks. And giving the advice that he is posing for. You’ll fake to be his relationship guru and teach him how to approach ladies. However never ever use yourself as an example because the guy may misinterpret it. Never use “I”, rather, use “they”.

Another factor you’ll be able to do is to try to get him to meet different single feminine friends of yours. So the guy can certainly get the hint that you simply aren’t interested in him. This way, you’re nicely pushing him into the friend zone because you’re also kind of looking for his love, right?




  1. How to Friendzone a Guy – TheChanging the SubjectManeuver:

How to Friendzone a GuyAnother funny and delicate way to let him understand that you are just friends is that the maneuver of changing the topic. A man who likes you’ll invariably find a chance to hint that he admires you. He may compliment you, a hint regarding being along as a couple. Or if he’s brave enough, he can outright confess his feelings to you.

If an instant like this comes, the simplest thing you’ll be able to do is to ignore the guy’s comments. If he compliments you, nicely settle for it and give thanks to him. However, don’t show him that you simply are overwhelmed by it. If he hints about making a move on you, treat it in a very funny way and laugh it off. If he confesses his feelings, quickly change the topic. And If the guy is wise. He can already get the hint that you are just friends and can eventually stop initiating these conversations. However, always do that in a very kind manner as you might possibly utterly hurt his ego.




  1. How to Friendzone a Guy – Let Him See Your Negative Facet:

How to Friendzone a GuyWhen a man likes you and hints to need to be more than friends, in his eyes, you’re excellent. He can treat you as his queen, his angel. As shortly as you notice that, subtly show him that negative facet of yours. If you’re the kind of lady who swears, let him hear how you are doing it. Show the guy every now and then how much of a handful you’ll be once you are angry. If he is thinking that you simply are the foremost lovely lady he has ever seen. Try and be with him wearing no make-up the least bit. Or, through texts, show him how vulgar you’ll you be through words.

Act like you don’t need to cool down with anyone, however. You’ll be able to provide the guy hints like. “I wish to travel the world alone”, or “I need to concentrate on my career instead of my love life”. Be the other kind of his ideal kind and there’ll be an even bigger likelihood that he’ll accept that you are just friends and gladly take himself within the friend zone.




  1. How to Friendzone a Guy – Be aBroInstead of a Girlfriend:

How to Friendzone a GuyWhen a feminine likes a bloke over a friend. She is going to strive for her hardest to impress him by being ladylike in everything she will. All people are therefore comfy around our dearest friends that we do not mind giving a loud burp or a fart around them. However, admit it: you’d never try this before of a man you admire.

If you are feeling that one amongst your guy friends is stepping outside the friend zone line. Try and act more sort of a “bro” to him instead of a ladylike girlfriend. If he feels that you simply are too comfy around him. He may get the hint that you simply are showing him that you aren’t woman-to-date material.




  1. How to Friendzone a Guy – Honesty Is the Best Policy:

How to Friendzone a GuyWhat better way than to inform the guy honestly that he should keep the friend zone? plenty of individuals say that being too honest will generally be brutal, yes which will be true. However, it conjointly shows sincerity most of the time. If your feelings are not very mutual. The guy has the right to understand the reality thus he will not waste his time trying hard for anything.

If you do not wish to deliver the message seriously. It’s up to you if you would like to mention it in a very funny way. It is way better often because he can see that you simply are very comfy with the 2 of you being friends. Or, if you do not prefer to return face to face with drama, you’ll say it through text or chat. It will not matter but you would like to place him in the friend zone as long as you’re being honest with him.




  1. If He keeps on Persisting, keep your Distance:

How to Friendzone a GuyNow, if even once doing everything to point out him that your relationship will not ever be more than simply friends this guy keeps on persisting. It’s time to simply accept the hard reality that you simply might need to lose him for a time. If he’s way too assured and will not take “no” for an answer, you must start keeping your distance. Avoid creating contact with him till he gets over you. Don’t text him back, do not answer his calls, and do not see him face to face.

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