How to Make a Girl Chase You [Best 26 Incredible Tips & Ideas]

How to Make a Girl Chase You

Want to understand how to make a girl chase you like you’re the only man on earth? These Twenty Six tips can help you become a chick-magnet overnight.

Women are complicated creatures at times. Generally, it’s troublesome to figure out a way how to make a girl chase you. Once you’ve got the hang of it, it’s a piece of cake. It’s simply going to that stage that’s the hard bit. Ultimately, when you need girls interested in you, it all comes right down to desire. desire is that the difference between her telling you she’s always “busy” whenever you wish to hang out, and her constantly asking you when you’re next free.

Annoyingly, desire can be a tough thing to harness till you show her you’re definitely worth the chase. If you show her you’re completely different from the opposite guys. Who showed up before you, then you have got the beginnings of impressing her and capturing her interest.


26 Tips that Teach you How to Make a Girl Chase You:

Sometimes it appears like you fight a losing battle. You think that you are doing everything right, and you are trying very hard to impress her, however, there’s one thing blocking your efforts. You managed to get women’s attention before, however, it never lasts. Then, they go on to other dudes.

Is there one very little thing that stands between you and a sea of girls vying for your attention? It’s time to crack the code on how to make a girl chase you.


  1. Play a Bit Hard to Get:

When you act a little bit harder to figure out than most guys, the probabilities are she’ll need you more. It’s simply human nature to go once what we can’t have. So, if you usually offer yourself up to her there’ll be no desire to win you over. Watch out to not completely ignore her, instead, she’ll get bored and move on to somebody else.

How to Make a Girl Chase You

  1. Be Devilishly Charming:

Charm is one amongst the foremost effective tools in your arsenal, therefore use it wisely. It’s one amongst the simplest, fastest ways that to get into and stay in, a girl’s mind. If you come across suave and interesting you stand out from the group, and she won’t be able to get enough.


  1. Make yourself Physically Irresistible:

Looks aren’t the foremost necessary factor when dating, however, girls won’t chase after men that seem like they don’t put the effort in. If you would like to be fascinating, look the part. Keep your body hygiene under control, get a regular haircut, do a bit of exercise weekly, and wear clean clothes once you go on a date.

How to Make a Girl Chase You

  1. Don’t be Constantly Available at all Times:

Make sure to make an effort to spend time along with her, however, don’t be at her beck and call 24/7. If she senses you usually cancel your plans, or blow your friends off simply to spend time along with her on a daily basis she’ll begin to assume that you’re desperate. Desperation is the sign of somebody that nobody else is interested in.


  1. Become Friends along with her Friends:

If you’re kind and charming around her friends, they’ll completely love you. And it’s a known proven fact that if a girl’s friends think you’re nice and can’t stop talking about you, then she thinks you’re nice too. Her friends understand her incredibly well. Once you’re in along with her friends, you’re sure good.

How to Make a Girl Chase You

  1. Ensure you Know What You’re Doing in bed:

There’s nothing worse than chasing a man for ages, aiming to understand him, and having sexual chemistry—only for him to then end up to be awful in bed. Practice, do your research, hear what her body language tells you, and don’t be a selfish lover. An excellent way to make a girl keep interested is that if you impress her between the sheets.


  1. Don’t let Everything get to you:

A guy who gets irritated or pissed off simply is kind girls typically avoid. The more you appear affected by things, the less fascinating you’re to her.

Instead of letting circumstances, attitudes, or rejection annoy you, allow them to roll off your back. If she sees you’re a chilled out guy, she’s more inclined to spend time with you.

How to Make a Girl Chase You

  1. Inspire her Mind:

One of the sexiest things is intellectual stimulation. Don’t be afraid to show your good side. If you interact her during a debate, interesting issue, or deep conversations, she’ll beg for more. Particularly if you interact in a conversation about one thing she’s curious about.


  1. Don’t Trouble her:

If you haven’t heard from her in a while, don’t send a flurry of text messages asking where she is or why haven’t you heard from her. Simply leave it, and look forward to her to come back to you. Once you come across as pushy or needy, she bails immediately. Nobody desires to date somebody who can’t be left alone for 5 minutes.


  1. Be Emotionally Available:

Try to balance having your own life however available once she wants help. When she wants somebody to speak to, someone to give advice, or a shoulder to cry on, be there for her. Don’t respond by telling her that it’s not that important, otherwise you have higher things to do. If she sees you as the kind of man who genuinely cares, she’ll never forget it.

How to Make a Girl Chase You

  1. Be Loyal and Trustworthy:

Show her that you’ll be open along with her and may be trusted with her feelings. Though you’re not able to settle down into a relationship with one person if you begin acting like a player around her she’ll take the hint and ditch you first. If you’re somebody she depends on, to be honest, you’ll become somebody she can’t simply replace.


  1. Don’t Stumble upon Desperate:

Do not be that needy man that never gets the hint, tries too hard, and keeps texting even once she doesn’t respond. If she doesn’t answer your calls then go and find somebody else. Don’t cling.

There is no bigger turnoff than a person filled with desperation as a result of it reeks of insecurity. After you seem like you’ll walk away from her at any moment, it solely makes her need you more.


  1. Be Confident!

This is a clear one once it comes to knowing how to make a girl chase you, however it still needs to be said. If you show confidence in everything you are doing, in who you’re, how you react to others, and what you signify, you’ll attract so many girls you won’t understand what to do with yourself.

Girls are unable to help drawn to guys who understand precisely who they’re and where their interests lie. She respects you more for your conviction that if you only bow right down to anyone and anything.

How to Make a Girl Chase You

  1. Treat her with Respect:

In this mad dating world we tend to live in, it can be troublesome to seek out a person who actually respects you, therefore make sure you separate yourself from the rest by showering her in consideration. Offer her space when she desires it, don’t cross boundaries that she’s given, never degrade her, and don’t be aggressive if she’s not doing specifically what you wish.


  1. Be kind, Always:

One of the most effective ways that to attract girls is to be as kind and caring as possible. Ladies are incredibly interested in men who are compassionate toward others, keep a positive outlook, and stay good-natured. If you’re not mean or callous toward her, she shortly sees the softer side of you. No lady will resist a person that’s warm-hearted.

How to Make a Girl Chase You

  1. Don’t ask Stupid Queries:

A woman by default goes to assume you’re a douche, therefore it’s up to you to prove her wrong. And it begins by not asking her questions a douche would ask, like “Hey doll, so am I the person of your dreams or what?” Avoid stupid ass queries like these, please. They do not work.


  1. Say no to Cheesy Pickup Lines:

They are an immediate turn-off. The chase will finish even before it begins. Some samples of cheesy pickup lines are “You look like my mom.” “Your lips look so lonely…Would they like to meet mine?” or “I have to show you the prettiest girl I’ve ever seen (then show phone with front cam).”


  1. Do not Linger:

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, that is why you don’t have to hang around her more than you have to. Avoid long phone conversations, long dates or perhaps texting late into the night. Sure, once or twice is okay, however, don’t make it a habit. The less she has of you, the more she’ll wish you. And that’s how to make a girl chase you!

How to Make a Girl Chase You

  1. Compliment her for the Right Reasons:

You have to indicate her you value her for more than simply her body. Stop complimenting her on her breasts, ass or narrow waist. Star complimenting her on her skilled accomplishments, her nature, character, integrity or perhaps the little cute things she does that no-one else notices. This shows her you settle for her for who she is, and there’s no faster way to make a girl chase you than to show her respect.


  1. Challenge her:

Sometimes you have got to utterly turn the table for things to work in your favor. Therefore rather than you proving your value to her, you make her prove her value to you. And how does one do that? By asking straightforward queries like “How are you better or different from the other women that I’ve dated?”

How to Make a Girl Chase You

  1. Leave an Impact on her Life:

This works best if you 2 share at least one passion. Therefore let’s say you both love animals. Therefore you’ll go ahead and volunteer at an animal shelter. Therefore not solely do you come across as an especially kind and considerate man, however, you also very smartly get to spend more time along with her while not having to ask her out on a date.


  1. And then…Walk Away:

Literally, not figuratively. Sometimes, the most effective way to make her chase you is to deliberately decrease the times she sees you once you’ve forged a connection with her. That’s because currently since she has stronger feelings for you, her tendency of chasing you become higher. And therefore the more distance you maintain, the more likely she is to run after you. This can be one of the smartest ways on how to make a girl chase you.


  1. Listen When She Talks:

Women love men who truly take the time and energy out to hear what they need to say because most men don’t make that effort. Not only will it show that you’re a sensitive guy, but it conjointly makes her wish to get more chances to meet with you, just because of the anticipation of receiving genuine attention from you.

How to Make a Girl Chase You

  1. Stay Detail-Oriented:

When you hear her, absorb all necessary details, each big and small. And from time to time, include them in your conversations along with her. It’ll drive her crazy with an overload of emotions. More so if you use these very little pieces of knowledge to surprise her time and again by gifting the little things that hold a good emotional or sentimental value to her.


  1. Hold your Ground:

It’s easy to give in when a girl shows interest in you. However, you’ve got to be sturdy and hold your ground. Maintain distance from her. Don’t tell her too much about yourself early on. Don’t be too available. Generally, even when you’re free, avoid responding to her texts instantly. Once it involves how to make a girl chase you, holding your ground becomes a very vital rule.


  1. Use the Power of Touch:

Sometimes, the key to driving her crazy lies in delicate tricks. Human interaction depends greatly on the sense of touch – the more comfortable 2 individuals are with one another, the more they’ll consciously and subconsciously touch one another. Currently, I don’t mean you go all creep on her and touch her in inappropriate places or at inappropriate times. No., however, the next time she cracks a joke and you laugh, bend over and gently touch her shoulder or elbow. Or if you’re in an office setting, a firm handshake every once in a while is good enough.

How to Make a Girl Chase You


Once you learn the way to stoke the fires of desire in girls, it becomes super easy to take it to the next step and get her to search out you irresistible. Simply brush up on how to make a girl chase you and await the calls!



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