Signs Of A Cheating Husband : 10 Signs You Must Need To Know

Signs Of A Cheating Husband

To diagnose signs of a cheating husband requires a lot of efforts from you, being a wife. Normally, cheating husbands are quite aware of the things with which their infidelity might get discovered. So, they being enough smart try their best to leave no stone unturned.

signs of a cheating husbandThat is the reason why you will have to be extra cautious of what he is up to.

This is not an easy job but there is no other alternative to such a situation. You cannot let this shameful thing happen for long in front of your eyes. If your cheating husband cannot live up to his marriage vows, then who the hell insisted him to get into such a sacred relationship.

Here is a wise tip for you.

Always be prepared for the worst whenever you feel a problem approaching.

This makes it easier for you to confront the situation with courage. If good happens, then you will feel much relaxed and thankful and if unfortunately, you get the worst results then it would not affect you much, as you will be already prepared for that.

Top 10 Signs Of A Cheating Husband

Here are some of the many signs of a cheating husband.

  1. His New Habit Of Coming Late At Night.

If you are getting messages or calls from his workplace that he will be late due to some meeting or workload, then it could be a sign of your husband cheating on you.

  1. A Sudden Remarkable Change In His Appearance.

If you notice that he dresses extraordinarily these days, then it could be a sign of impressing some new person in his life.

  1. He Shirks To Be With You For Long.

When we have something to hide from somebody, then we start avoiding that person. This is human nature and your husband is also a human being. If he is shirking to get involved in any discussion with you with the fear that you might ask him anything regarding his extra-marital affair, then this is an alarming sign. As this is posing a serious threat to your marriage.

  1. Becomes Defiant When Someone Criticizes Extra-Marital Affairs.

If he gets hyper whenever some discussion on infidelity begins, then beware as this is not a good sign. Why? Because he is not ashamed of what he is doing.

  1. How He Smells.

Is he smelling highly amorous these days (not in your knowledge) or do you find a great change in the fragrance of his car. If yes, then there is some great change in his life too.

  1. Gets Irritated With You Very Often.

If he gets irritated with you on small-small things without any reason, then its the time for you to keep a strict watch.

  1. Your Relationship Going Through A Rough Phase.

Unnecessary things being made an issue of always by him, not giving you the chance to clarify is definitely not a good sign. The reason behind such a behavior is that he wants to snub you, to scare you that if ever you try to revolt against him or to expose him, then he may harm you.

  1. Getting Very Formal With You Sometimes.

How will you feel when your husband, your life partner starts being formal with you? Definitely, you will not feel good about it. This is because when we get attracted to something new, we start taking the previous ones for granted and regard them as quite boring. New things make us forget the old ones sometimes. I know, this is not fair, but this is the bitter reality.

  1. Away At Weekends.

Even at the weekends, which is the time for both of you to spend with each other, he is not in the mood to stay at home, then this indicates that there is something more attractive outside. He is no longer interested in you and he wants to spend more and more time with his new found source of entertainment, his new love.

  1. Repeated Unknown Or Blank Calls.

When you attend the calls then you hear nobody but when your husband does the same thing, then its his call from his so-called friend or from office. This makes your doubt clear and if still you are in doubt, then you can get the details of his mobile bill details.

signs of a cheating husbandHere is one thing that nobody knows your husband more than you. Never start assuming that if your friend’s husband has cheated with her then your husband will also do the same to you one or the other day. If you are different from your friends, so is your husband. Never follow other’s negativity. Negative vibes can affect your aura too. You start thinking the way the things around you are happening. But this is not a healthy mindset. Do not let other’s failures affect your relationship. Rest depends on how much you trust each other.

No matter what others say about your husband, its up to you, how you view the things happening in your life. After all, he is your husband, you are the one to decide, what the reality is.

What To Do On Discovering The Signs Of A Cheating Man?

The worst thing you could possibly do is seek revenge. 

What ever you do not search for comfort from another man. Two wrongs do not make a right!

signs of a cheating husbandSleeping with his best friend is not going to help. You do not want to do anything that makes you the bad guy because if your suspicions are wrong, and you find out your husband was not cheating, you will feel much worse than you do now. Pull yourself together and further investigate the situation. As you piece together the puzzle and he reveals the common signs of a cheating husband, you will get the proof you need before you confront him. The sooner the better.

The next worse thing you could do is ignore it. Don’t pretend it is not happening, the only one getting hurt is you.

What Are Some Tips To Read The Behavioral Changes?

Knowing the signs of a cheating husband will definitely help you catch him. Now the really cool thing about these behaviors is that generally these signs of a cheating husband are unknowingly displayed. He is so preoccupied with his sneaking about that he is oblivious to his changing behavior to conceal that he is not doing anything wrong or different.

7 Changes To Note In His Behavior

Here are some hints you can use to discover the changes in his behavior.

  1. Rapidly Reduced Amount Time For You And The Kids.

The phrase working or I gotta stay late at work will be the story and it may be true, so be careful with this one. It is best to pair it with a couple of others before concluding anything.

  1. Verbally Insults Or Talks Sarcastically To You.

Generally you sense his tone and demeanor is changing towards you. You may notice the “put-downs” and criticizing you picking up in tempo. Worse, he may he carry it over the children!

  1. Grossly Reduced Amount Of Affection Displayed.

You may no longer get the tenderness that you once new. The hugs and cuddling start to evaporate. Holding hand or touching you begins to fade rapidly and definitely no long meaningful hey baby kissing!

  1. Difficult For Him To Look You Directly In Your Eyes.

Usually this is believed to be a sign of big time guilt! When he attempts to do so he eyes dart and shift. It is extremely difficult for him to hold that gaze directly at you, especially if the cheating question is thrown at him out of the blue! Oh boy!

  1. Oddly Enough Accuses You Of Cheating On Him.

The experts in human behavior tell us this is because of the cheating husband’s guilt. It is like an automatic defense mechanism and it helps help to further justify his actions.

  1. High Alert Super Secret Mode Of Operation.

He guards his cell phone; leaves the room or runs outside to take a call. Changes his pass-codes with certain information on the computer.

  1. Wait! I’m Kind Of Sweaty.. Let Me Take A Shower First.

Okay, he comes through the door and before you can give him a good old fashion hug, he needs to run and take a shower. After that forget sex happening because now he will be whining that he so tired.

Based upon this short list how many signs of a cheating husband does your man display? Yes, with the possibility of all of this starring you in your face, it is possible to save your relationship, but he MUST be willing to make some absolutely outstanding changes.

What Are The Obvious Signs To Observe?

signs of a cheating husbandSuspecting that your husband is cheating on you is one of the absolute worst feelings in the world. There is a huge sense of betrayal coupled with any number of emotions including anger, sorrow, fear, feeling like you are not good enough or like something is wrong with you, confusion, and many other painful emotions. One of the hardest parts of suspecting that your husband may be cheating is not knowing for sure.

Let’s face it, he’s not going to tell you if you ask him outright. If you accuse him of cheating you risk making him think you don’t trust him if he isn’t cheating. Or worse, causing him to cover his tracks more carefully if he is which can make it impossible for you to ever find out for sure.

These are 5 obvious signs you need to observe correctly.

  1. He is Spending More Time Away From Home.

It takes time to cheat, and he has to be away from you to do it. If he suddenly starts having to work late frequently, keeps getting called away on business trips over the weekend, starts going to visit friends often when he didn’t before, or isn’t where you expect him to be (i.e. you call the office when he should be at work but he is out) it can be a sign that he may be cheating.

  1. He Goes Directly to the Bathroom When He Gets Home.

A lot of times when someone is cheating they will hit the bathroom as soon as they get home to try to wash away any smells or perfume or of another woman. You should also pay attention if your man suddenly starts doing his own laundry when he hasn’t before since he may be trying to hide incriminating evidence from you.

  1. He Starts Paying More Attention To His Appearance.

If your husband suddenly starts working out, gets a new haircut, shaves when he normally doesn’t, starts wearing cologne or begins dressing nicer even on days when he doesn’t have to it can be a sign that he may be cheating. When a man starts seeing a new woman he wants to impress her so any sudden change in grooming habits or in his appearance without any other explanation should raise a red flag for you.

  1. He Registers A New Email Address That He Doesn’t Tell You About.

signs of a cheating husbandBack before the internet people had to rely on discreet phone calls to cheat, however with the internet most cheating is now done through email. Email can be used to chat back and forth or to arrange dates without alerting you or raising your suspicions. One sign of a cheating husband is if they register a new email address that they try to hide from you or that has a different password than they usually use.

Text messages on cell phones are another way many people communicate when they are cheating. If you notice that your husband deletes all of his text messages the minute they come it could also be one of the many signs of a cheating man.

  1. His Sexual Habits Change.

It is a common misconception that if a man is cheating he will want less sex. In fact, any change in sexual habits. Whether it is that he wants less sex, wants more sex or begins acting way differently in bed can be an indication that he is cheating.

Not knowing for sure is one of the hardest parts of suspecting that your husband is cheating on you. Even if they are showing all the signs of cheating you still can’t know for certain. Unless you find concrete evidence that something is going on.

If you would like to learn how to find out for sure whether or not your partner is cheating and put an end to the lies, keep reading!

How To Be Sure Your Husband Is Cheating On You?

signs of a cheating husbandYour family says you are to good for him, they say no one else would want him, they do not see the signs of a cheating husband in him, he hides it very well. He acts like a very loving man when they are around. But no matter what they tell you, you just end up feeling worse, you know exactly what I mean, right? You keep telling yourself that you’re overreacting, he could not possibly be cheating. But there are so many suspicious signs. You just can’t get the solid proof you need.

You just want to know the truth already. When you married him, you thought he would be with you only, you had no doubts at that time.

  • He has an answer for everything, and many of them sound like an excuse.
  • You find condoms in his suitcase. The two of you do not use them, and you are also on the pill.
  • A webcam hiding in the back corner of the garage and he says it’s not his.
  • Is your spouse on the computer while you are asleep, late at night or early in the morning?
  • Has he said he is at work. But his cell phone bill show calls made from a different city to numbers he says he does not know?

All of these are the signs of a cheating husband. They may not be the most obvious ones, but your cheating husband knows that you’d be searching for obvious clues. He’ll not think that you would look around the garage for clues and evidence. Just like you think he would not search for your emergency money stash in an old cookie jar in the top kitchen cupboard. Do you think he’d look in the dryer for his birthday gift?


signs of a cheating husbandNo doubt about it that the signs of a cheating husband is a very bad thing. Yet it has yielded many circumstances to where a couple’s relationship blossoms into something new, rich, vibrant and exciting from such a dumb move on the husband’s behalf. Hang in there!

Keep in mind that this is not a complete list and that there could be perfectly reasonable explanations for every item on this list. However, if you notice that your husband shows quite a few of these signs rather than just one. There is a good chance he may be cheating on you.

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