Signs Of A Narcissistic Man – 25 Major Sign Of A Narcissistic Man

Signs Of A Narcissistic Man

The Narcissist

A narcissist will make you feel like you’re the best thing he’d ever laid eyes on. The idealize phase. He makes you think you’ve got it going on. This is only a ploy to reel you in. When he met you his goal from the start was to make you feel as special as possible. It was all fake. You may be special, but not to him.

Instant gratification is what he is in search of. Narcissist uses other people to feel good about themselves. If he treats you good he knows you will be his supply until he finds someone else. Then he will devalue you. Then he will discard you. This is a game to the narcissist. You were his target. Learn the 25 Signs Your Man is a Narcissist.

Signs Of A Narcissistic Man

Signs Of A Narcissistic Man

When it comes to determining whether someone you know is a narcissist, some of the people make it more complicated than it needs to be. I use the duck test—that is, if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it probably is a duck. There are no physical blood tests, MRIs, or exact determinations that can identify narcissism. Even therapists have to go on their observations of the behavior, attitudes, and reactions that a person presents to determine narcissism.

What makes it simple is the fact that we know exactly what a narcissist looks like. Below, I’ve listed all the symptoms and signs and behaviors you should look for. Remember that not all of these have to be present to make a determination of narcissism. According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Guide, which therapists use as a manual, a person needs to exhibit only 55 percent of the identified characteristics to be considered narcissistic.

How do you know when you’re dealing with a narcissist? The following are some telltale signs. While most of us are guilty of some of the following behaviors at one time or another, a pathological narcissist tends to dwell habitually in several of the following personas, while remaining largely unaware of (or unconcerned with) how his or her actions affect others.

Signs Of A Narcissistic Man

25 Major Signs Of A Narcissistic Man

  1. Craves Admiration & Acknowledgment

If you give a narcissist praise he will give you the biggest show of your life. A party isn’t a party until a narcissist walks into the room. They have to be the center of attention or else. They feel superior to everyone and will sometimes even pretend to have done something great just for the acknowledgment.

  1. Needs compliments

Compliments make a narcissist feel alive. Their whole game is to be admired 24/7. This is the only thing that gets their juices flowing. He can’t go even a day without this. If you don’t give him compliments he will find someone that will. He already has his eye on the next target anyway.

  1. Always Trying To Make Himself Look Good

Will put on a big show to make himself look superior to people. He demands to be the center of attention or else he’d rather be alone.

  1. Loves Instant Gratification

Narcissists are always searching for people or things that will give them instant gratification. He will have sex with just about anyone who pays him some attention.

  1. Never Really Loves Anyone

Some may even believe that narcissists aren’t capable of loving others at all. They pretend to love. A narcissist feels love physically, not emotionally. This is why they are always searching for new partners. A narcissist shows his love through sex, gifts and paying the bills. He believes this is all it takes to show love. If you stay with a narcissist for too long, you will forget what real love is.

  1. Has To Have Control

Narcissists are control freaks. He will want to control everything in your life. What you look like, where you go and who you talk to. He will constantly try to make you change to fit what he wants you to be. He will also drill you on even your regular daily activities, He wants to know and be in control of everything.

  1. Competition With Everyone

Narcissists believe they are superior to everyone. They also love it when people compete for their attention. They love the silly fighting women do over them. This will feed a narcissist already too big ego.

  1. Always The Victim

He gets a kick out of making people agree he has been wronged. He wishes others to feel his fake pain and feel sorry for him. Oh you poor child, how could she deal with you like that.

  1. Always Shifts The Blame

Anything he does is because someone else made him do it. Will take no responsibility for his actions if they are bad. Narcissists keep away from issues until they get out of hand. Even if they are late for something. You or someone else was the motive for it.

  1. Shows No Emotion.

Narcissists cannot stand being around emotional people. Showing loads of feelings will cause conflict between you and the narcissist. They will assume that you are weak and could run from you.

  1. They Never Apologize

He never apologizes even when he is at fault. Do not hold your breath if you are looking forward to a narcissist to make an apology. You will die before he does. And if he does apologize it will be so insincere you will feel uncomfortable. I am sorry. I said I am sorry!

  1. Shows No Sympathy For Others

When someone is hurting he does not feel it. When they are sick or die he can even joke and giggle about it. He is not able to put himself in anyone’s shoes. A narcissist may even seem like completely satisfied by hearing others bad news. If it’s not physically hurting him, he cannot experience it.

  1. Puts His Needs & Wants Always Before Yours

If I could do this or have that, then I would be a better guy. He’s going to invest in things that are not needed. He buys things for the purpose of making himself feel and look superior.

  1. Pretends To Be Unique

Can play many unique characters. They change from person to person. He can even change the way he talks from person to person. When he is going out he is usually of a different character.

  1. Not Capable Of Building Strong Relationships

He is not capable of building strong bonding relationships with anyone. This includes their kids and other loved ones. Narcissists are not ready with nurturing capabilities. It is so sad, but we see it on a daily basis how children are neglected and hurt by a narcissistic parent.

  1. Puts On A Remarkable Emotional Show

He puts on a remarkable emotional show when need be. Because they lack emotion and empathy, when they are looking, to be honest, it is very awkward. I’ve seen some incredible performances, a few have been Oscar-winning. The narcissist can even cry fake tears at funerals!

  1. Does Not Feel Guilty.

So stop asking yourself how he can maintain doing the same silly and mean shit to you, again and again, many times. If you try to make him feel responsible or expose him, you may see his rage.

  1. Becomes Rage

Becomes full of rage when someone calls him out on anything. Remember a narcissist is never wrong. He will lash out at you and later on pretend nothing happened. A narcissist has two forms of dealing with situations. Ignore it or go into a fit of rage.

  1. Lie About Even Ridiculous Things

He will lie about even ridiculous things. Telling a lie is second nature to a narcissist. Usually, if they are talking, they are lying. And if you catch him in a lie, he still won’t admit to it.

  1. Can’t Be Adored

Can’t be adored or praised by someone he’d rather be alone. Give a narcissist what they want or get out of their face. This is the attitude they will have with you after you fall for them. Remember he has or is working toward other supply.

  1. Mean As Hell!

Suddenly Mr. Nice Guy disappeared. You’re sitting there scratching your head wondering who this new man is. You are in the devalue phase. Remember narcissists pretend to be good people. They cannot keep this charade up forever. Their true cruel self eventually shows up. At this point, your time is limited. He may have already honed in on a new target. He may begin treating you as if he despises you.

  1. Constantly Searches For New Supply

When you feel like the relationship is in trouble, it is. Every day a narcissist wants to find someone new to impress. If he seems distant it’s because he’s thinking about his next target. He will always be on the lookout for someone that will treat him better than you.

  1. Makes Weakening You A Goal

This is only so he can get you to do whatever he wants you to. He’ll make you feel guilty. He’ll make you feel fearful, He’ll make you feel alone, He’ll make you feel ashamed. Once all of this is achieved your need for him becomes greater. This is what he believes will make you continue to love and adore him and be his supply until he’s ready to discard you.

  1. Enjoys your pain.

When a narcissist knows they’ve hurt you this only makes them happy. Remember they crave attention, good or bad. If they know the relationship is over they will try to make you as miserable as possible. This is part of the devalue phase.

  1. Dismiss You Like A Stranger

He can dismiss you like you are a stranger once you figure him out and stop showing him admiration. A narcissist will discard you with little warning. You may want to work it out, but he can’t. His problem-solving skills are limited to rage or walking away. Hopefully, you realize, you want the latter. Count your blessings and move on.


Chances are, you’ve encountered a narcissist. You know, that friend who somehow manages to revert every topic of conversation back to himself; the colleague who is always bragging about having the latest, greatest ____.; the family member who thinks she is hotter, smarter and just generally better than you at everything.

But sometimes the signs of narcissism are a little more nuanced. They’re not always as obvious as media depictions would have you believe. And yes, it’s possible to have some traits of narcissism without having full-blown, clinically diagnosed narcissistic personality disorder, which is when narcissism starts to have a serious, negative impact on everyday life and relationships.

When you think about the people you come into contact with every day. Whether it be a friend, romantic partner or colleague. Do any of the following seem to ring a bell? If so, you may be dealing with a narcissist.

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