How To Deal With Jealousy? Overcoming The Feelings of Jealousy

Jealousy is not a natural human feeling and is not necessarily a bad thing. Feeling jealous time to time is natural. But it becomes a cause of trouble and problem when we started to act in jealousy. It also a cause of the problem. When it started to consume you and interfere in every aspect of your life. There can be different types of the How to deal with jealousy

How To Deal With JealousyOne of the most common types is romantic jealousy. In this, you start to react when your spouse, partner, girlfriend or boyfriend talks with another girl or boy. They pass a smile or even look at them.

We can also start to feel jealous of other lifestyles, success, relationship, happiness, and strengths as well.

For example, sometimes we start to believe that the life of other person is much easier, better and comfortable. Than we see only good things in their life and only the bad things in our life. That can become a cause of jealousy.

Jealousy can also become a killer if you will not control it on time. People can kill other people when this feeling will convert into worst. So it is really important to control it on time. Most of the people have no idea that how to overcome this problem but now they do not need to worry about the solution. Here we are going to give you some useful tips that help you a lot to get rid of jealousy in an efficient way.

Signs Detail
Look at your own lifeInstead of looking at other people try to look at your own good things
Do not act on this bad feelingImmediate react can become a cause of problem due to this bad feeling. So control it and do not react
Try to find and observe the reason of jealousyObserving yourself is best for you to find the
Keep ClamKeep yourself calm and relax to neglect this negative feeling
Express your jealousy in a short wayDo not express your bad feelings in a long way. If you feel that it is difficult for you to deal with it then express these feelings in a short way
Do Workout Work out is the best way that helps you to make your body attractive and when you will be attractive everybody will attract towards you
Accept the jealousy feelingAccept the feeling of jealousy and accept that it is just a temporary feeling not permanent
Discuss with your partnerDiscuss the issue with your partner or spouse, they can help you to get rid of this negative feeling
Do not obey your jealous thoughtsDo not obey the jealousy realize that it is nothing more than a feeling
Stay off your social mediaSocial media can create some new thought in your mind that is not real. So keep yourself away from it.
Assess your relationshipAsses your relationship with your family, spouse or friends
Get professional helpIf it becomes difficult to manage this feeling then you should contact with professional for help
Consider that how jealousy shows you careIf you are feeling jealous about any person then you care a lot for him or her. Do not show jealousy in a bad way go and share your feelings with that person
Examine your assumption for your relationshipTry to examine your thinking for your relationship that is becoming a cause of jealousy
Use your brain instead of using your emotionsUse of emotions in every situation is not a good thing. So when you are feeling jealousy try to think by your brain, not by your heart.
Use some effective relationship skillsEffective relationship skills help to make your relationship better and eliminate the jealousy
Do something nice with the person you are feeling jealousTry to do nice with the person you are jealous it will help to create a soft corner in your heart for that person
Practice positive self-talkIt allows you to share your feeling with your own self in a positive way
Learn from your jealous feelingsLearn from the effects of bad things that you do in jealousy
Try to let it gotry to let this feeling go instead of holding it
Appreciate your own selfAppreciate yourself instead of saying bad words for you
Try to heal your woundsTry to forget bad memories and heal your wounds that become a cause of jealousy
Trust yourself and your partnerTrust in yourself and your partner will help to get rid of jealousy

How To Deal With Jealousy? Few Tips

  1. Try To Find And Observe The Reason Of Jealousy:

How to deal with jealousy when you will notice that you are starting to feel jealous of anything or any person, just take a moment, breath and observe your feelings and thinking. Recognize that the feelings of jealousy are not the same thing as reality. You might start to think that your spouse is interested in another person but actually it is not true. Thinking and reality both are different things. So you just need to find and observe the reason of feeling jealous.

How To Deal With Jealousy

  1. Do Workout:

Working out is one of the best ways that help you to get rid of this negative feeling Doing workout will help you to look hot that will allow you to feel better about yourself. Sometimes a person needs a proper attention and wants to become physical attractive among people due to which they started to feel jealous of other people. So hitting the gym is the best way to overcome this issue.

How To Deal With Jealousy

  1. Do Not Obey Your Jealous Thoughts:

How to deal with jealousy Notice that your feelings of anxiety and anger might increase while you stand back and observing these experiences. Accept that you have some feelings and emotions and you do not get rid of them. But you have an ability to control your emotions. Do not obey your jealous thoughts and do not let it be your weakness.

How To Deal With Jealousy

  1. Stay Off Your Social Media:

Social media is a platform that can create a fake situation into your mind which is not real and you start to feel jealous. For example, your spouse or partner liked the picture of their ex or another girl or boy, you think that they are interested in them and try to become closer. Which is not true, sometimes your partner may like the photo on their feed while they poop. So stop staking, what you see is not fact and it will only make you feel bad.

How To Deal With Jealousy

  1. Get Professional Help:

If you think that you are unable to observing and overcomes the feeling of your jealousy then you just need to move towards a professional metal specialist who will help you to get rid of this worst situation. You can share everything with them and they will give you some mental therapy that will help you to overcome this issue in an efficient way. After getting these therapies you will start to feel a clear and positive difference for yourself.

how to deal with jealousy

  1. Use Your Brain Instead Of Using Your Emotions:

When you are in love you become very conscious about the person you love and most of the time your brain stop working and you start to do everything according to your emotions. This is one of the bad things that can become a cause of jealousy in you.

Whenever you will think about the business and your relationship use your brain instead of using your emotions. Every time the emotions will not work sometimes it makes the situation worst. If you want success in the long run then listen to your brain, not negative emotions.  You will definitely eliminate your feeling of jealousy after applying this trick.

How to Deal with Jealousy

  1. Appreciate Your Own Self:

How to deal with jealousy There is another most important reason due to which people start to feel jealous of someone and this reason is insecurity. The insecurity issue can become a cause of trouble for you because in this situation most of the people start to think that they are not good enough.

For example, they think that they are not beautiful, have no fair color, beautiful hairs or a good height etc. This thinking will leave you in a complex and this complex will become a cause of jealousy. So always try to appreciate yourself with everything that you have.

Remember that your partner, friends or family are with you and they love a lot with you this is the biggest sign that you are not lower than any other person.

How to deal with jealousy

  1. Try To Heal Your Wounds:

Sometimes different and painful tragedies make a place into your mind and heart and it became difficult for you to forget the negative things that were happened into your life. Even people tend to feel jealous because of their previous relationship. The person might hurt you or cheated on you that created negative effects on your life.

Everything that will happen in your past you will apply it into your present and future and start to feel jealous in your new relationship. This negative feeling can destroy your relationship.  So before moving forward into your life try must heal your wound so then you can get rid of this bad feeling and stay happy as well.

How to deal with jealousy

  1. Practice Positive Self-Talk:

How to deal with jealousy Sometime you may feel shy or may not able to share your negative feelings with any family member, friend, classmate or colleagues. So try to talk with your own self. Practice a positive self-talk is one of the best ways that help you to understand and observe your feelings of jealousy.

You can say everything to your own self and can also try to find a solution. Promise yourself that you will not react to this negative feeling again

How to deal with jealousy

  1. Do Something Nice With The Person You Are Feeling Jealous:

This trick is quite difficult for you but believes us that it is really helpful and great to get rid your jealousy. There can be some person who is your friend, sister, brother, classmate, or colleagues you are feeling jealous from. Try to do something nice with them because it can help you to eliminate the bad feelings and convert them into positive thinking. 

Try to understand that you both are important for each other. Even try to do nice with your enemies and you will see that their hate will convert into love. You can also offer them friendship and if they will agree to join their group.

how to deal with jealousy

Do You Need More Information?

Do you need more information? The Above given tips are not enough for you? Do you want to learn more than how to deal with jealousy?

If yes then you do not need to take tension if any of the above-given solutions is not enough for you. It might be possible that one tip will work on one person but not on another person. This is because of the different situations and thinking level that depends on the jealous person.

If this information is not working for you then you do not need to get worried. I’m here to help you. You can contact me easily any time and from anywhere. Simply just place your query into the comment section, after writing and sending your query you must need to be patient and wait for your turn as well. I always try to reply on the basis of priority.

Moreover, another important thing that you just need to keep in your mind before getting a proper treatment is that everything is in your own hands. Every person has the ability and power to change their thinking. So, first of all, you just need to think positive and promise yourself that you will never ever obey the jealousy feelings again.


How to deal with jealousy I suggest accepting the realities of your life instead of taking them negatively. Accept that jealousy is nothing more than a negative and bad feeling and you have to stay away from it. Keep calm and create a soft corner into your heart it will help you to care for other people. You will start to love yourself and other people around you instead of feeling jealous.

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