How Do You Know You’re In Love – Signs You’re Falling In Love

How do you know you are in love? This is the question that bothers most of the people. No matter, if you are a boy or a girl, if you feel strange things when you are with a specific person, you may want to know if you are in love or not. I am writing this post to provide you with some signs that can help you to know if your emotion is love or something else. Continue reading to know more in this regard!

How Do You Know You Are In Love?

You can’t picture a future without your loved oneYou cannot picture your future without the person you love. For example, if you want to go on a trip, you want to plan your new life, or you want to start a new chapter of your life, whatever you want you cannot think it without that person.
You can’t go a few hours without thinking of your loved oneYou cannot spend even a few minutes or a few hours to thinking about him.
You give value to his opinionsWhatever he says about any life event, you care about his opinions.
You always remain talking about himEven if you are with your friends, colleagues, or family members, you would like to talk about him.
Stalk him on social mediaYou keep busy following him on all social media platforms. You stalk him there as you want to know all aspects of his life.
You stalk his photosYou keep his photos in front of you and see them for hours.
You are comfortable with making sacrificing for himWhenever you need to make any sacrifice for him, you feel comfortable in it. Even it makes you happy.
You feel protected when he is around youWhenever he stays around you, it gives you a sense of protection & security.
You notice things that he usually likesWhenever you see a thing that he likes, for example, color, fruit, food, etc. you notice that thing and start to think about him.
You feel more energeticYou feel that you can conquer any kind of challenges in life, you can even climb rocks, or you can do anything. These feelings come when you spend time with him and you feel the power of your relationship.
You cannot concentrate on anythingIt becomes difficult for you to concentrate on anything. Whatever you want to do, your thoughts go towards your loved one.
Share his emotionsYou would like to know what he feels. You feel pleasure in knowing his emotions.
You care for himYou care for his health, happiness, ambition, and all things that give pleasure to him. In short, he becomes your priority.
You think about introducing him to your familyYou start to thinking regarding introducing him to your friends & family. It happens because you want to spend the rest of your life with him.
You accept his flawsknow his flaws. You know the shortcomings he has, but you accept them happily and with an open heart.
He makes you laughHe makes jokes or does such acts that make you laugh
You enjoy doing little things with himBeing in love or enjoying in love doesn’t always require to have trips or flying on a plane, but you can enjoy little moments. If you start to enjoy your little things with him, it means that you are in love.
You compliment himYou would like to compliment him. When he looks good, you adore him. You tell him what suits him.
You have made it through rough timesIf you both have spent rough times in your relationship, but still you want to be together. It is a sign that you are in love.
You like to compromiseBeing in love means you are ready to get what you want sometimes, and also compromise on things sometimes.


How Do You Know You Are In Love? Few Guideline Are

  1. You Can’t Picture A Future Without Your Loved One:

If you cannot picture your future without your loved one How do you know you are in love?, it means that you are in love with him.

For example, you want to visit abroad, you want to meet your future goals, you want to go on a trip in the future, whatever you want to do. If it is related to your future and you cannot plan it alone then it is a clear sign that you don’t want to live your life without your significant other. Adhere to the fact and accept the reality.

How Do You Know You Are In Love?

  1. You Can’t Go A Few Hours Without Thinking Of Your Loved One:

How do you know you are in love? Can’t stop thinking about him for hours and cannot spend even a few minutes or a few hours to thinking about him, it means you are in love. For example, if you talked to him a few hours ago, but again you start missing him and thinking about him.

How Do You Know You Are In Love

  1. You Always Remain Talking About Him:

Even if you are with a friend, family, or anyone else. Feel pleasure in talking about him.Just want to discuss things about him. You are kinda obsessed with him and it is a clear symbol of love. You bring his discussion in all your discussion.

For example, we spent our time in doing some specific thing, we have planned to spend our holidays at a specific play, my love really likes this recipe & I have made it for him, etc. You cannot help yourself in such a situation and you cannot just stop yourself. So, if you want to know about your love, you can ask your friends or the people, who are closed to you.

How Do You Know You Are In Love

  1. You Feel More Energetic:

How do you know you are in love? Love gives you energy. Love gives you the power to conquer the world. So, if you have feelings that you can conquer all the challenges of your life when you are with a specific person. It reveals your love for him.

It is good for you for dealing with different factors of life. Maybe it is making your more successful at your work or it is making you passionate about your future. It wouldn’t be wrong if it is said that love gives you wings to fly. Also, you become more confident & smarter.

How do you know you are in love

  1. You Cannot Concentrate On Anything:

At one time you feel more energetic but then you also cannot concentrate on things. You remain in the thinking of that person, and so cannot focus on things. Sometimes, you cannot focus on work, you cannot feel hunger, and you cannot concentrate on other aspects of your life.

You cannot get him out of your mind and you just want to be with him all the time. This is one of the most common signs of being in love. If this is happening to you, then you should try to control your emotions. You should focus on other important things in your life, too.

How Do You Know You Are In Love?

  1. You Accept His Flaws:

How do you know you are in love? Another compelling sign is that you know his flaws, you adhere to them but you accept them. you become open heart about his flaws and you would like to support him. If you want your partner to be a perfect person, then my dear this is not loving.

On the other hand, if you know his faults, you are comfortable with them, and without being selfish you accept them, then yes you are love as you are ready to accept his personality in a way he is. Such a relationship can be long-lasting with the power of trust and sincerity.

How Do You Know You Are In Love?

  1. You Have Made It Through Rough Times:

You both may have gone through rough times, but it cannot fall you apart. Still, you both want to be with one another not for a specific time but for the rest of your life. Congratulations! It’s a clear sign of How do you know you are in love?.

How Do You Know You Are In Love?

Are You Shy?

If you are an introvert or you are shy that hinders you to share your feelings with the person you love, then you should go for getting some professional help. I am here to provide you with some tricks and tips to make your relationship healthy. But as you know being expressive is necessary to let the other person know about your emotions. Just knowing the tips cannot help you in some cases, so if it happens to you then you should go for the expert help. Also, an expert can help you to get the answer of how do you know you are in love.

Do You Need More Information?

The purpose of providing above-mentioned information is to help you to know if you are in love or not. Actually, you get positive vibes when you are with a person you like or love. So, it may provide you some signs. Hence, the above-mentioned signs may not be enough for a person. At this blog, my readers may also be curious to know if I will respond to them or not.

Believe me! If the above-mentioned details about how do you know you are in love are not sufficient for you & you have more queries, then you can ask me anytime. I have researched a lot, read different researches, observed various people, and then I will assist you in the best possible ways. Also, I will answer your queries, but make sure that I also have a personal life and I need to maintain that, too How do you know you are in love?.

Furthermore, I want to clarify that I will not keep you in fakeness. I am here to support you but I also want you to know the reality and accept it. So, I will answer your query honestly. I want you to be successful in your life. You should know the fact that life doesn’t always come with comfort and happiness.  I keep your information confidential all the time. So, don’t feel hesitation in asking anything from me.


Another thing that you have to notice here is that I usually indulge in deleting irrelevant comments or the comments that may create issues for any person in the future. I  like to get a favor from you and that is to please ask something that is really necessary. Ask the questions that I haven’t answered in the article or that is much needed to save your relationship.


What are you waiting for now? I am hopeful that this article would serve as a helpful piece of writing for you. But I want to make you clear that you should be open to reality and don’t be defensive. Additionally, it may take some time to answer your question so you have to wait for your turn. Don’t be anxious or depressed during that time. Sometimes, we take our interest in another person too seriously but after some time we get to know that it was just an attraction or misunderstanding. So, you need to make yourself very clear about your relationships.

Leave your question in the comment below now without any further delay. Also, feel free to share your experience down in the comments with others so that people can also get benefit from it. I feel honored to help you with your issue.

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