Learn How To Improve Your Relationship With Your Boyfriend

How To Improve Your Relationship With Your Boyfriend?

how to improve your relationship with your boyfriendEvery relationship has its ups and downs. Sometimes relationships make you feel great and on cloud nine. Yet there are other times when the very same relationship can have you hating life in a hurry. But if you’re in the type of relationship that’s on the verge of being over and done with or totally falling apart, there’s good news. There are things you can do to learn how to improve your relationship with your boyfriend.

This article covers pretty much everything for when things get rough.

Getting Started On How To Improve Your Relationship With Your Boyfriend

The first thing you’re going to need to do to fix your relationship is to learn how to communicate better. This is super important. Most relationships fail and end up in break up all because the communication wasn’t there.

And you know what? More often than not a relationship could have been saved just be improving the communication with each other.

So How Do You Do That?

how to improve your relationship with your boyfriendListen more often. Pay attention to what your spouse is telling you. Hear their feelings and try to understand them. A little empathy goes a long way. When they hit on a valid point that concerns something you may have done wrong, admit your fault. Tell them they’re right. Don’t get defensive. By the same token, being able to communicate your feelings is just as important in the relationship.

So listen, empathize, and then communicate how you feel and the things that have been bugging you. But do so in a calm, mature manner. Don’t start playing the blame game. This alone will improve your relationship by a ton. The next thing you can do to fix your relationship is to have fun.

Yes, that’s right. Have fun!

All too often, couples let life and stress get in the way. They lose that spark they had when they first met and fell in love.

Your mission, to save the relationship, is to start having fun. Implement date nights where you go out just the two of you and DON’T talk about problems. Just be spontaneous and have a good time. Do little things here and there that show your spouse you’re in a good mood and want to play.

Finally, every relationship can benefit from the three A’s of human nature.

Admiration, Attention, and Appreciation.

When relationships get stale, all admiration, attention and appreciation goes out the window. You get used to your boyfriend or girlfriend just being ‘there.’ You don’t give them the attention you used to when you were first dating. You don’t give them the appreciation you used to or the admiration.

So start finding ways to do all three:

  1. Compliment your spouse once in a while.
  2. Talk to them more often.
  3. Show them you want to spend more time with them.

And remember, to learn how to save your relationship with your boyfriend, you must show these things. Not just say them!

That means to take actions that will demonstrate how much you care for your spouse.

Bringing Back The Magic And How To Improve Your Relationship With Your Boyfriend

If you want to bring back the magic with your boyfriend, the first thing that you should do is figure out what your goals are for your relationship in the long run and what you want from your boyfriend, in general. Naturally, you will have to be real about it and make sure you don’t compromise anything about yourself in the process, though. If you start pretending like you’re something you’re not, then you will never be truly happy in the end, even if your boyfriend ends up fulfilling your wishes.

how to improve your relationship with your boyfriendTo do this effectively, try to visualize your goals for your relationship and how you see yourself and your boyfriend interacting with one another as time goes by. Eventually, if you decide that you want to work on your relationship, learn, improve and become better together in all aspects of your relationship, then you are sure to attain the experience that you want and bring back the magic that you used to have with ease.


Everybody is capable of injecting life and love into their relationships to help them thrive in the long run. Everybody is also capable of reviving their relationships back from the dead if they want to. The best part is that it has nothing to do with faking it, either; it simply has to do with motivation, dedication and the desire to improve overall.

how to improve your relationship with your boyfriendTo figure out what you want your vision to be, you have to find out how you want to bring back the magic in your relationship, as well. A lot of women would rather talk about the things that they don’t want in their relationships; but if you focus on the things that you don’t want, you might end up getting just that. If you already know what you don’t want, though, then you can simply turn things around and focus on the exact opposite instead. In other words, stop focusing on the negative things and turn to positive thoughts instead.

You need to keep in mind that every negative thing has a polar opposite, so you shouldn’t have any trouble figuring out what you want to do to bring back the magic in your relationship with your boyfriend. The good news is that, no matter how bad things may be right now, it is always possible to bring the sparks back an reignite the passion that you once felt for one another.

3 Solutions On How To Improve Your Relationship With Your Boyfriend.

There would usually be a solution that can help resolve your problems and learn how to improve your relationship with your boyfriend. But you would first need to decide if you really want to continue being in a relationship.

  1. The Lack Of Determination.

They give up too easily. When something happens, selfishness comes in and we focus too much on our anger and frustration instead of an immediate solution or calming the situation first. Often, we would pick the easy way out and decide on a break up as the best solution.

  1. No Relationship Is Perfect.

Everyone has flaws and unique characteristics, so conflicts would surely arise in some degree at some point in their relationship. What is important is how you and your boyfriend try to solve the problems and prevent them from happening again. It is not necessarily true that conflicts means you and him are not suitable for each other.

Some examples of how conflicts could occur between you and your partner is when one holds too rigid a mindset and firmly believes cleanliness is most important and deserves priority above all else. The other, however, feels that getting the work done first is more important because a mess will be made again later and it can all be clean up at one go later.

In some situations, handling your relationship alone is possible, particularly when one person is more determined to get things done. It may not be easy, though. When you are alone in keeping your relationship together, it may become mentally difficult and stressful for you. When you do not start seeing results but instead find your boyfriend abusing your determination and hard work, you may start wondering if all you are doing are worth it.

  1. Stay Determined And Don’t Give Up So Easily.

As written earlier, many tend to give up when things go wrong, and being a very emotional gender, our feelings may exaggerate the extent of things that happen around us. Do calm yourself and think over your relationship and its issues with logical and sound reasoning.

Remember that your relationship is new and would have many new things to discover. Do remember what are the possible problems that can occur and try your best to prevent them from happening in the future. And although a new relationship may be strong, it does not mean it will stay strong. Anything bad may make it fragile, so do not take your boyfriend for granted.

Men generally prefer a woman who is civilized and mature. So do be considerate, polite, kind, caring, eat with utensils, chew with your mouth closed, etc and etc. Imagine your boyfriend sitting with one leg propped up on his chair, facing his groin towards you, and chewing with bits of food falling out with every bite. Until you feel that you can overlook his bad habits and fall in love with his personality, that kind of man would put you off too, wouldn’t it?

Stay strong in your relationship and do be careful in handling your boyfriend even if he seems to be a rough and tough person. Most of all, do enjoy your relationship with him.

7 Tips On How To Improve Your Relationship With Your Boyfriend

If you want to know how to improve your relationship, here are some simple steps that I’ve found will help you to create (or recreate) warmth, love, and affection between you and your significant other.

  1. Find The Love In You!

You need to find and recognize the love in yourself before you can share it with another. Sages and Saints from all traditions have told us that Love is within us, always and forever. The Yogis of India say there is a spot in the center of your chest which is the gateway to an infinite ocean of Love within. Would you like to dive in? All you need to do is sit quietly with your eyes closed. Then in your mind’s eye bring up a memory of someone or something you love. Feel your loving feelings for that person and let that loving feeling bring a warm smile to your lips. Just bask in the glow of that loving feeling for a few moments. Then smile into your body, appreciating it, feeling grateful for it.

Chinese sages invented this Inner Smile technique as a form of Chi Kung to bring health and well-being to the body.

We’re using it to feel wonderful and to saturate our being with a sense of Love. So bring that smiling, loving energy into the center of your chest. Imagine there is a tiny opening there in the hollow of your chest that leads to that Infinite Love within. Feel into that space and just create a sense of infinite unending Love. Enjoy it. Soak in it. And above all, know that you can access it and feel it at any time, just by placing your attention and awareness there.

  1. Pledge Your Allegiance To Love!

Now you’ve discovered that eternal Love is there within you, you are free from being so needy and dependent on others for your happiness. Already you are more attractive and appealing to be around. You have plugged into Love and your energetic vibration is so much more appealing to be around.

Now, as far as how to improve your relationship with your boyfriend goes, I think a prime secret is that ‘commitment to Love’ that we have all so conveniently forgotten. We’ve been suckered by romance movies into thinking that Love should be effortless and spontaneous. Something we experience as a happening.

But Love is a verb – It’s something you DO!

And you get to enjoy its incredible benefits if you work at bringing it into your life. You do that by making it a priority. And you demonstrate your commitment to that new value, by making small but highly significant changes in your behavior and the way you treat others — particularly your spouse, children, boyfriend/girlfriend, significant other, and… what the heck, everybody else in your world! Get committed to Love and, I believe, Love gets committed to you.

  1. The Dance With The Beloved.

So make an active show of being in Love with your partner. Start saying, “I love you” frequently throughout the day whenever you are around your partner. Give unexpected hugs and kisses. Don’t stand there expecting them to reciprocate. You might be doing all the ‘work’ to begin with. It can be frustrating, but keep dipping into that Infinite Love within, okay?

Thank your partner whenever they do something for you and show appreciation for the things they do in life and at home. If your relationship has been at a very low ebb, this can be really arduous and hard work to begin with. But you are committed to this because you want that ‘loving feeling’ back between you. I’m telling you to do this with your partner, but don’t stop there. Spread the love through all your relationships: your children, your siblings, your parents or relatives, your friends and co-workers. You deserve to improve all your relationships.

  1. Symbols Of Love.

Now that you are all about Love, support your relationship with reminder triggers and unconscious cues. The Chinese art of Feng Shui recommends that to improve your relationship you put pictures of happy loving couples in your bedroom (and remove any pictures of single people). You can also include those small statuettes of couples hugging and kissing. I’ve been in the habit of buying one on every anniversary — and they are subconscious cues about coupledom, togetherness and intimacy.

  1. What’s In A Name?

Have you got a pet name for your loved one? When talking to your partner, if you don’t already, start dropping in loving tags, like ‘my darling’, ‘sweetheart’, ‘beloved’, ‘lover’. Some people use ‘baby’ but do you really want to mother your partner? Same goes for calling your man “Daddy”. Steer away from mixing your metaphors like that. Stick with equal footing terms of endearment.

  1. Remove Your Clause.

Throw away the ‘escape clause’ that you keep stuffed in the back of your mind. This is that thought that you can always leave this relationship if something better comes along. Or can leave it if the other person doesn’t conform to your idea of what the relationship should be. Resolve right now to make a go of this relationship come hell or high water. Never again bring the threat of leaving into an argument.

We’ve been trained by too many TV dramas into thinking that if you have an argument it has to become this big emotional explosion that leads to dramatic separations. It’s so childish. Commit to resolving differences and returning to a state of love and lessen your need to prove that you are right and the other person is wrong. Who cares! It’s not worth it, if it mucks up the emotional tone of your togetherness.

  1. The Riches of Love

Invest in your relationship and it will pay the biggest and best dividends of your life. Become a love billionaire. Your search for the secrets of how to improve your relationship will be rewarded with an enriched relationship. End the hurt and disappointment, and create the love you deserve in your life.


how to improve your relationship with your boyfriendIn summary, every relationship is going to have its good and bad moments. But if your relationship is heading towards the dumps, follow these advises and you’ll have a good shot and learn how to improve your relationship with your boyfriend.

Hope this article on how to improve your relationship with your boyfriend was helpful.

Share your wonderful thoughts on this with us in the comment’s section down below!



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