How To Show Someone You Love Them | Step-By-Step Guide

We’ve all heard the word “I love you” many times in our lives. Also said this word many times as well. But what will happen when these three little words don’t seem like enough anymore? There are different ways to show your love and tell him/her that how much you care for that person. These loving acts can help to make a difference between emotionally engaging relationship as well as mutually supportive. It will help you a lot to make your relationship really better. Here we are going to give you some suggestions that are really important and tell you that how to show someone you love them? With the help of this article, you can get different useful tips for your relationship and show love to your partner as well.

how to show someone you love them


1. Turn your phone offSwitch off your mobile to spend quality time when you are with your partner
2. Appreciate themAppreciate your partner whenever he/she will do something really good
3. Tell them how special they areRealizing your partner that how much important he/she is for you will help to show your feelings for your partner
4. Share your secrets with themShare the secrets of your life with your loved ones
5. Understand that how he/she feelTry to understand the feelings of your partner when you are in a relationship. Their feelings will help you to show your love for them in a way they like to know
6. Tell that you really love themTell your partner regularly that he/she is really important for you and you love them a lot
7. Cook foodFood is one of the best ways to express your love for your partner. So cook their favorite food before he comes back home
8. Accept as your partner isRealize your partner that you accept him/her as a way he/she is
9. Hold hand in publicHolding the hand of your partner in public will help your partner to feel really secure and loved as well
10. Give a hugGive then cute and warm hugs daily
11. Kiss your partnerKissing your partner will show your love and care towards him/her
12. Tell that he/she inspire youTell that they are really an inspiring person for you and you got a great ability to learn something from them
13. Share your deepest feelingsSharing is a great thing in a relationship that can make it stronger than you think. So share your deepest feeling to tell your partner that how much you love them
14. Listen to your partnerWhen you are with your partner and he/she is discussing something with you try to listen really carefully and with full attention
15. Plan tours with each otherPlan some interesting and romantic tours with each other
16. Manage time for your partnerIt is quite difficult to manage your time for your loved ones when you stick in a busy routine. So, try to manage your time for your partner no matters that how much busy you are
17. Give first priorityYou may have many priorities in your life but always keep your partner as a first priority
18. Go for annulling relationship checkupTo make your relationship good and feel your love to each other both of you should go for annual relationship check up
19. Be kind with his/her familyTry to be kind and polite with the relative and family of your loved ones
20. Teach your partner that you know bestTeach your partner the thing that you really know best such s guitar, painting or singing etc
21. Compliment their effortsGive them compliments for all of their efforts that they will do to make a relationship really happier and stronger
22. Do something smallDo something small like cleaning, washing etc to make them feel really relaxed and loved as well
23. Say thanks on little thingsMake it a habit to say thank you to your love on little things. It will help to encourage them and show your love towards them
24. Go to their favorite placesTry to visit the places that your partner really love to visit or to spend their time at this place
25. Write notes for themWrite a little and cute note for your partner before leaving the house for office
26. Listen to their embarrassing childhood storiesIf your partner wants to share his/her embarrassing childhood stories with you then listen to her/him carefully and do not make fun
27. Discuss your daily routineDiscuss the things that you have done in your whole day
28. Encourage their effortsEncourage your partner for their small and big efforts to make them feel loved.
29. Ignore and compromiseIgnore little mistakes and arguments, they to compromises for little things and do not create issues
30. Ask how they are feelingTry to know about their feelings and ask that how they are feeling with you to make them feel really loved
31. Ask before dress upAsk your partner that what is their favorite dress or what will he/she like you to wear
32. Give cute surprisesPlan and give some beautiful and cute surprises such as bring some flowers, balloons, favorite food etc


  • Turn Your Phone Off:

Giving some extra importance and attention is a meaningful way is one of the best ways of showing your love to another person. If you are being in a relationship for a long time and addicted to social media then it is highly possible that you will normally use social media while you are sitting with your partner.

Try to switch off your mobile when you are sitting next to your partner and give him/her proper time instead of using social media. While this behavior is not necessarily annoying or disrespectful but it will not allow you to listen to your partner with full attention or to share your feelings.Show your partner that you can fully present with them no matter that what you are doing which is a meaningful way of showing love.Turn off your cell phone


  • Tell Them How Special They Are:

Telling someone special that what and how they have made your life happier is always a good start to show your love and care for that person. It will not only allow you to share your feelings with her/him infect it also allows the person to get an inside view of our feelings, thoughts which are an essential thing for a good relationship and how to show love.

tell your partner how special she or he is


  • Tell That You Love Them:

Think about it, when last time someone said that they really proud of you? It is just a small phrase but carries such meaningful feelings. Saying, someone, that you proud of him/her will show your love and trust towards him that helps to make your relationship stronger. Say your partner that he/she is the best and you always feel proud of him/her.

tell your partner you love her


  • Hold Hand In Public:

Touching your partner is a crucial component if the love that is really important. To make your sexual relationship best and stronger as well. Holding the hand of your partner in public is not necessary. But holding a hand can help you to show your care and love for your partner.

We are not saying that do the things more than you or your partner are comfortable with. Some people think that holding a hand means you are a strict person or ma doubt your girl/boy but it is not true. Holding a hand in public can make your partner feel really secure with you and feel loved as well.  It is a good way of showing your feelings so if your partner is comfortable with it then don’t feel shy to do so.


  • Listen To Your Partner:

Listening to your partner carefully is really important to show your care and love for them and also to make your relationship stronger. So when you are sitting with your partner and he/she is trying to tell you something or want to share something with you then must listen to her/him carefully instead of doing any of your work with listening to our partner. In this way, you may not give them a proper attention and they may feel irritating and bad for your behavior. So, feel them that nothing is important than your partner and how to show someone to love them.

listen to your partner


  • Give First Priority:

You may have many priorities in your life but your loved ones should be your first priority. Try to give her/him more important than anything else so they can feel your care and love for them.

give your partner first priority


  • Be Kind With His/Her Family:

if you are involved with a person you love you might also involve in her/his family and friends. Chances are that you do not like some people in your partner’s life but never ever show them. Try to show a good and kind behavior for her/his family and friend. Also, it is good to listen to your partner when he/she really wants to talk about their family or friends as well.

be kind to your partner family


  • Do Something Small:

Did you ever do something small for a person you love a lot? If no then you should try it to show your love to your partner. This is one of the best ways of showing your love for which you don’t need words. Do something small for your partner just to help her/him such as ask them to help in cleaning, washing and other works as well. It will make them feel really comfortable and loved with you.

do small things for your love


  • Write Notes For Them:

Writing a cute and small hand note to tell something special that you can’t say is the best way of expressing your feeling and makes your partner fall in love with you. Taking sometime time to write a note is really a thoughtful thing that you can use to say “I love you” and many other words in a different way.

write her something


  • Encourage Their Efforts:

Encouragement is a great thing that helps you your love towards your partner. Never tell your partner that he/she can’t something or don’t discourage them in any way. Ever try to encourage your partner for everything and tell them that they have great ability and can do anything they want. Make them feel that you are with your partner in any situation.

Provide total support to their ambitions and desires as well. If you have any technical skill then help you partner with a project to reach the desired goals. Also, you can introduce people that will your partner to get the dream job. If your partner has a skill admire it. Ask her to teach you too so that both of you will do it together.


appreciate your partner


  • Ask How You Are Feeling?

Emotion should not be too much that difficult to talk about. If you are in a relationship with a person. Then you must share your feelings with each other or you may already do this. Ask your partner that what is going in her/his life.? How was her/his day? Ask some more questions and show your interest in their life. To realize that how much your partner is important for you.

ask her


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How to show someone you love them. Further More

Furthermore, first of all, you must need to realize that how much you love your partners? Do you spend your life without them?  Or do you live without them? If you really feel that then try to make your partner feel that how much you love for them. How much strong feelings you have for your partner.


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