What do Women Find Attractive in Men [20 Interesting Facts]

What do Women Find Attractive in Men?

There are numerous tips and tricks on how you can attract a lady. and what do women find attractive in men? Perhaps it’s cologne or a super nice car. But, those things are pretty obvious and not every man will afford valuable colognes and cars. It may come as a surprise to some, but you truly don’t want those fancy things so as to attract a lady.

So, what do women find attractive in men? Here are twenty wonderful qualities that girls notice attractive in a potential partner. You may be pleasantly surprised to see that a lot of those traits apply to you already.


20 Tips & Facts on What Do Women Find Attractive In Men

  1. What do women Find Attractive in Men A Good Sense of Humor:

Women like to understand that no matter however sticky a situation is her man is going to be ready to get through it with a positive angle.

Obviously, it’s not possible to have an overly optimistic outlook on life at all times, however, a very engaging quality in a partner could be a good sense of humor. The ability to laugh things off and move forward with a positivism is beneficial and might be a powerful pillar in any relationship.

On top of that, who doesn’t love somebody that can make them laugh randomly? Nice jokes are super adorable and ladies enjoy being lifted out of a foul mood with a smile and a few gentle teasing. You want to be careful once approaching a tense situation humorously, however.

There is a time and a place for everything, therefore, confirm you recognize whether or not the situation is joke friendly or not.

This in itself could be a practice that may impress a lady with anything.

What do Women Find Attractive in Men?

  1. What do women Find Attractive in Men A Nice Pair of Socks:

Yep, you read that right.

While suits and ties are a good show of fashion, sometimes even just the tiny details will make an enormous impression. A man who is aware of how to accessorize his outfits is one that most likely pays attention to detail. Owning a pair of interesting socks also causes them to wonder what different adorable quirks you’ll have and might potentially spark that starter conversation.

If you aren’t positive wherever you’ll find socks with interesting styles and patterns, never fear! There are such a big amount of stores out there that stock killer socks.

Some examples are Hackberry, Sock Panda, Nordstrom, or Mr. Porter.

Don’t drift into the world of expensive suits and fancy accessories. Ladies sort of a man who is aware of the way to look smart with even the simplest of things.

What do Women Find Attractive in Men?

  1. What do women Find Attractive in Men Shyness is Adorable:

Most people believe that the super loud and proud alpha male can forever be the one to get the lady.

But, to be honest, that isn’t always the case. A lot of ladies truly find that brassiness a bit too much and would favor a person who knows when to be heard and when to only observe. If you’re the sort of guy who thinks your shy temperament can keep you from winning the lady, then think again!

The vulnerability could be a very engaging attribute which will extremely facilitate to snag a lady. Just take care that you simply don’t go overboard and become somebody that she can’t judge. Women like sweet guys however they won’t have the same respect for a pushover. Just don’t be afraid to be yourself and everything is going to be fine!

What do Women Find Attractive in Men?

  1. What do women Find Attractive in Men Rock a Hairy Chest:

There’s no need to be shamed if you’re a hairy bear of a person. A woman truly finds some extra hair super attractive. With a full beard and a chest lined with hair, you will fulfill their dreams of snuggling up to a lumberjack.

What may well be manlier than that?

Head up to a cabin in the woods during the fury of winter and you’ll have yourself, one cuddlesome lady! Having hair on your chest means that you’re a person, and therefore the opposite sex likes to understand that a person is who they’re dating (especially if they’re serious regarding sticking around).

However, don’t be discouraged if you’re lacking within the chest hair department. You’ll still be manly without all the fluff, simply be sure you’re still willing to pile on the cuddles throughout a blustery day.

Man and puppy

What do Women Find Attractive in Men?

  1. What do women Find Attractive in Men Own a Dog:

What is better at showing off your spectacular responsibility skills then caring for another living creature?

The answer is nothing!

If you’ll watch out for a dog, then you’ll for sure take care of a child, and ladies dig that. Simply take your furry pal for a walk and you’ll have at least one pretty woman smile at you and maybe ask to pet your dog.

That simple conversation started will lead down the trail of a forever love.

Keep in mind that irrespective of how cute your dog may be, no girl is going to understand muddy paws all over her clean outfit. Therefore make sure to train your dog well so he will be the proper wingman throughout your outings.

What do Women Find Attractive in Men?

  1. What do women Find Attractive in Men  Height Matters:

At least it will once compare yourself to your woman of selection. Women tend to look for a person that’s taller than her. This most likely comes from the natural instinct of finding a protector and provider that of course can be found in someone tall.


Well, though it’s going to be true some girls like men that are at least a foot taller than them, there are a number of women out there who aren’t as picky. Even a few inches are ok once it involves the matter of height.

Just keep in mind, posture is truly a huge think about deciding how tall you’ll stand. Slouching over will greatly reduce your overall height, not to mention cause back problems later in the future.

So be sure to stand up straight, hold those shoulders high, and now that you just are looking good no matter your elevation.

What do Women Find Attractive in Men?

  1. Don’t Be Afraid of Conversation:

There is no larger turn off for a lady than a man who can’t hold a conversation. Women like to speak, and when they are searching for a possible partner, they need somebody who isn’t afraid to converse with them.

And I don’t mean talking about the most recent baseball or sports car that you just saw this week.

While that’s all good in moderation, a girl will be looking for deeper conversations; those talks that will further a relationship and solve weighty issues. It may be simple to become overwhelmed by all that goes on in a woman’s mind, however, if you’re able to push past that and spend simply a number of minutes very connecting along with her, you’ll automatically become her hero.

Relationships depend upon open communication, therefore if you’re serious about the person you’re with, take the time to listen and reply to what they need to say. Following this one easy rule will carry you far.

What do Women Find Attractive in Men?

  1. What do women Find Attractive in Men  Freckles are the Bomb:

These superb very little dots on your face are literally more attractive than you will have previously thought.

With the alternative result of the chest hair mentioned earlier, freckles help to convey off an innocent vibe.

Women like to see a touch of childhood hidden among a powerful man; it offers you a softer side that’s extraordinarily approachable.

So if you have been thinking that your freckles are about to scare ladies off, think again. They may truly be your ticket to landing that date you’ve been considering all week.

Go on an adventure

What do Women Find Attractive in Men?

  1. Adventure is Out There:

Life will get so mundane sometimes, particularly when you may have been in one committed relationship for an extended amount of your time.

The best way to spice things up is to get out into the world.

Explore new areas, do daring activities, and overall bond with one another all over again in new environments.

Women like to know that their man isn’t frightened of new things; after all, the more daring the better! Therefore get out there, take an opportunity, and carry her away with the joys of the journey.

What do Women Find Attractive in Men?

  1. What do women Find Attractive in Men  Be Emotionally Present:

This tip goes hand in hand with communication skills. Women are simply naturally more emotional than men, therefore it’s going to be a challenge to essentially tap into those feelings. Don’t overwhelm yourself by making an attempt to be one thing that you’re not because there’s no reason to go full out edger Allan Poe once you are having a bad day.

The best way to handle things is being willing to discuss however you’re feeling and maybe what has caused that emotion.

Women prefer to know after they have made you cheerful or unhappy because they’ll then process the way to properly reply to you.

What do Women Find Attractive in Men?

  1. Veiny Forearms are a Turn On:

It may return as a surprise, however, the veins on your arms are literally pretty exciting for a girl.

This is as a result of, on most occasion, the veins seem to stand out more when strenuous exercise.

So it’s an easy assumption that within the mind of a woman observing those veins, she would be pretty excited picturing how you bought those veins to stand out.

This tiny attribute may be a sign of strength and athleticism. maybe not in all cases, however that’s what the veins are generally related to and ladies can’t seem to get enough!

What do Women Find Attractive in Men?

  1. Geek is the New Jock:

Not all girls need a player or the school hot guy as their boyfriend.

In fact, geeky traits like video games and sci-fi movies are a subject that some girls find very enticing in a potential partner.

Smarts aren’t always a bad thing, and once it involves having the ability to carry your own in a conversation, having a good vocabulary may be a serious advantage.

Don’t be self-conscious if you’re a fella that’s blessed with the need for glasses. Girls seriously love a person in glasses!

Those spectacles add a glance of intelligence and boy-hood charm which will win the game every time.

What do Women Find Attractive in Men?

  1. Hugs are the Best kind of Touch:

Contrary to most well-liked beliefs. Girls don’t always need to be swept off their feet with emotional kisses or soul moving sonnets.

One of the foremost well-liked moves you may ever hope to realize is that the easy and sweet, hug from behind.

This is a lady pleaser as a result of it not solely makes them feel loved and needed. However, conjointly much protected.

Having a strong man at their back is reassuring and results in stronger feelings of trust towards that individual. Whether or not you enjoy this huge best or not, any kind of hug is the best kind of touch. It’s affectionate and passionate all at the same time.

What do Women Find Attractive in Men?

  1. What do women Find Attractive in Men  Strong Hands:

Whether or not your hands are well kept or dirty and scarred. Sturdy hands are all that actually matter when it involves attracting a lady.

Hands are one in each of the things that may constantly be a part of the interaction between partners.

A man that knows the way to work with his hands is very impressive and any girl will appreciate the scars or marks left behind by that hard work.

The biggest thing to remember is that a mild touch coming from strong hands is one among the most meaningful things in the world.

It is attractive to know that while those hands might do such a lot harm. They treat that girl with the top respect and love.

What do Women Find Attractive in Men?

  1. The Chubby Chuckler:

One of the foremost enticing traits a person will have may be a good, solid laugh.

There is nothing cuter to a lady that when a person gets carried away by one thing hilarious, letting his laugh-free. Not only is it contagious hearing somebody laugh. However, it also shows that you just aren’t afraid to be yourself and let others see the true you.

Laughing hard is actually healing, therefore the best way to cure any quite argument is to have a decent laugh together. So let out and enjoy yourself!

What do Women Find Attractive in Men?

  1. What do women Find Attractive in Men  Slow Movements:

Think back to all the spies and superheroes that capture the hearts of ladies all over. The one issue that all of them have in common is slow, dramatic movements. Their walk is dignified and all of their gestures are calculated; this shows a mark of confidence and becomes an entire magnate for girls.

A man who is bound to himself is desirable and slow movements show off that confidence in an irresistible approach.

Despite, however, you’ll be feeling, on your next date try to strike a confident attitude and slow down your movements. You’ll be stunned at how much of a difference it’ll make.

What do Women Find Attractive in Men?

  1. Grey Hair is the Mark of a Silver Fox:

If you’re the man that has gray hair, even though it’s premature. Don’t stress about missing out on that special girl because of it.

Just think about how many attractive actors there these days that have the women are swooning over their silver hair.

George Clooney, for instance, has been dubbed one of the sexiest men alive; and his salt and pepper hair solely helps enhance his stylish, sophisticated aura.

Don’t for an instant assume that gray hair means the end of your dating career. Embrace those elegant locks and tap into your inner silver fox.

What do Women Find Attractive in Men?

  1. What do women Find Attractive in Men – Maintain Eye Contact:

This simple action is very vital for showing that you simply care.

Whenever a girl speaks to you, no matter what the subject is about, maintain eye contact.

This will impress her vastly because it shows that you simply are interested in her and respect her opinions. If you’re too busy looking at your phone or maybe the apparel that your date is wearing, those actions are portrayal you care very little regarding her and more regarding your own interests?

Take the time to place the phone away, draw your eyes upwards, and look into the face of the one you care about; even though it’s at the beginning of your relationship.

What do Women Find Attractive in Men?

  1. What do women Find Attractive in Men  Chef in Training:

Good food and love are 2 of the most effective combos in the world!

Women like to know that a person can look out for himself. And once a job such as cooking becomes a skill, it’s even more spectacular. Whereas several men might not assume prancing around the kitchen in an apron is all that enticing for a man to do. Your lady thinks otherwise.

Just like guys get pleasure from a girl who will perform tasks such as repairing her own vehicle or watching a sports game and truly understand it. Girls wish to see men performing household tasks.

So whip out those spatulas and get to cooking!

What do Women Find Attractive in Men?

  1. Extra Fluff:

So it’s been a while since you hit the gym. Oreo cookies are your ally for quite some time and currently that you’ve found a special somebody. It’s become a problem.

You might really be shocked to find that some girls really appreciate a little bit of extra fluff.

No one really desires to snuggle with a Rock (although there are some that will jump at the opportunity). Being fit is often vital, primarily for your own health. However, it’s also alright to love the body that you just have.

A little bit of cushioning is never a nasty thing. And your girl most likely appreciates a softer body to sleep beside at night.

What do Women Find Attractive in Men?



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