How To Handle A Wife – 10 Ways To Follow Step By Step

It doesn’t matter that you re a newly married couple or married for years, it is really important for you as a husband to learn different ways that will help you to know that how to handle a wife?

It is really important to know how to understand a woman. Make your married life smooth and better as well. This is not an art that you may learn in your university but it is self-learning process and you may have to do some research around it. This article is really helpful for you to get more effective tips that will offer you to handle our wife in a great way.


1. Understand her personalityTo deal with your wife first and the most important thing that you need to consider understands her personality and nature as well.
2. Don’t try to ignore herWhenever you are with your wife don’t try to ignore her because they don’t like ignorance. If you want to know that how to show love then you must need to show your full attention to your spouse
3. Talk to your wifeIt is really important for both of you to talk to each other to solve your issues. If you feel that something is wrong with her try to speak and ask her.
4. Appreciate her effortsAppreciation is a great way to get closer to your wife. Appreciate the efforts that your wife will do for you
5. Make her feel really beautifulLadies really love to listen, some beautiful words around their beauty. So try to make her feel that she is a most beautiful; wife of the world for you and your really love her
6. Show her your love and careShowing love and care helps your wife to get closer to you, so don’t ignore this tip in a good relationship. Also, learn that how to hug a girl to make her feel loved
7. Plan a day with herPlan a day out with your partner such as movie night, romantic dinner or picnic at her favorite place
8. Don’t compare with other girlsGirls don’t like the man who compares them with other girls. So you should try that don’t compare your wife with any other lady
9. Celebrate your special daysRemember and try to celebrate special days such as her birthday and your anniversary
10. Use your kids as a mediumWhen you are performing an activity which involves your kids, as well as your wife the all family aspects, will come and she will be able to see more value in family.
11.Compliment herComplement your wife for her beauty, intelligence and other aspects of her personality. Women love to hear compliments
12. Cook for herTry to cook her favorite food for her, if you are not an expert then you can also order dinner from her favorite restaurant.
13. Show interest in her interestShow your interest in the interest of your spouse. Try to learn the things that she really loves to do and do it with her to make her feel really loved and cared for by you
14. Try to calm downWhen you feel that you are getting angry with her try to calm down yourself and make her feel relax then discuss the issue after some time
15. Ignore argument in publicDon’t try to do argument in public avoid the things that may become a cause of fight or arguments in public places
16. Give her respectRespect is one of the most important things that every woman want from their husbands. So respect the decisions and personality of your wife
17. Listen to herWhen she is going to discuss something with you don’t ignore her try to listen to her carefully and the present your opinion around the conversation
18. Share your feelings with herSharing feelings with each other will help you to make your relationship best. Some men feel really shy and they don’t share their feelings with their wives but don’t do this. Share your feeling with her to get closer
19. Marital counselingIf you think that nothing is working then the last tip that you should need to follow is marital counseling. The professional will help you to handle your wife in a better way.
20. Take her sideWhen you feel that she is right and asking you for it try to take her side instead of keeping silent
21. Be her best friendIf you want to know that how to save a relationship then don’t only be her husband try to become her best friend along with husband
22. Give her surprisesGirls love to get surprises so try to give her more surprises to realize your love for her. Bring some flowers with you while you are coming back home from the office
23. Make her feel bestLet her know that she is the best and can do anything that she wants
24. Don’t ask to changeAccept the way she is don’t try or force her to change herself for you. Because it can break her from inside.
25. Spend more time with herTry to spend more time with her and let her know that nothing is important more than her and you are always here for her


  1. Understand Her Personality:

To manage or handle your wife in a better way the first and most important thing that you need to consider is to understand the personality of your wife that which type of personality she has. Once you will understand her nature as well as personality you can really handle her in different ways.

But keep one thing in your mind that not all women are the same, their likes, dislikes, reactions, nature, personality even everything is different from each other. So try to get all the information about her by asking different questions from her around her personality and nature.

How To Handle A Wife


  1. Talk To Your Wife:

This is another best way to deal with you by talking to her. It is not important to ask her why she behaves that way but tries just to talk. And get some solution for the things that are going worst into your relationship. You can ask her about her day, her job, life, family and many other things that she loves to share with you.

Whenever you feel that she is alone sitting with her and try to talk on different things to let her feel relax and comfortable as well. It is also a great tip for people who wanted to know how to apologize to your girlfriend.

How To Handle A Wife

  1. Make Her Feel Really Beautiful:

Every woman love to be called beautiful, these are some magical words for them. It doesn’t matter that the woman is dark or overweight she still has beauty in herself. Try to find her beauty spots and don’t ever try to realize that she is not a beautiful woman. Make her feel that doesn’t matter what the people are thinking about her. In your eyes, she is the most beautiful female around the world.

If you want her to reduce some weight don’t ask directly. You can say that “you are looking gorgeous in this dress but can look more beautiful if you will lose your weight”. This is how to show someone you love them.

How To Handle A Wife

  1. Plan A Day With Her:

She might want to get some break for her daily routine. The same routine can become a cause of her arrogance or harsh behavior so try to plan a day out with her. Ask her to get ready and take her out, talk to her, do a romantic dinner with her, dance with her, watch a movie, go for a long drive and spend great quality time with your wife.

After doing this you will feel a positive change in her personality as well as in her behavior. She will start to feel happier and relax after a day out with you. Try to plan something different every weekend to boost up your energy and happiness as well.

How To Handle A Wife


  1. Celebrate Your Special Days:

Don’t’ forget to celebrate some special days with your wife. Set a reminder to remember the important dates such as your anniversary.  Birthday and her birthday as well. This is one of the best ways of handling your wife in a loving and caring way. Plan some birthday or anniversary surprises for your spouse. She will really love to feel the surprises that you will arrange for her

How To Handle A Wife


  1. Cook For Her:

Cooking is one of the best ways of getting a person close to you. So try to cook some food for your wife when you are at home. You don’t need to become a master chief. If you still feel that you are unable to cook for her then order her favorite meal from her favorite restaurant as well. Decorate a table for her and arrange a romantic candlelight dinner with your wife.

How To Handle A Wife

  1. Try To Calm Down:

If at any moment you feel that it is difficult to handle a harsh and angry wife then try to keep calm otherwise it will badly damage your relationship. Try to keep calm and ignore her negative behavior. If you feel that you are already dealing with a lot of stress because of their behavior.

Try don’t allow her to harm you’re further, let her give some time to understand or try to talk with her if possible. To keep yourself calm down try to take some slow breath and think something really positive that makes you really happy. Get up from your place and go to take a shower.

How To Handle A Wife


  1. Listen To Her:

Listening to your partner I one of the best ways of letting her know how much your love and care for her. While she will come to you and want to discuss anything with your you should keep your cell phone away from you and listen to her carefully. While she is talking to you don’t interrupt her in the mid of conversation. When she will complete her conversation then you will explain your perspective around the topic.

How To Handle A Wife


  1. Marital Counseling:

Sometimes husbands find it really hard to get the right solution to deal with a woman. If you feel that you are failing in it then you should arrange marital counseling for you. The professional will help you to understand the issue or problem between both of you and also guide you that how can you handle your wife in an efficient way. But try don’t leave the counseling in middle and complete your time period to get a good relationship with your wife.

How To Handle A Wife


  1. Don’t Ask Her To Change:

Women don’t like men who try to change their selves. You should need to accept your partner as a way she is with you from start to now. So try don’t ever ask your wife to change yourself for your husband. If you feel that she is continuously changing with your then you can talk to her and ask her about the issue and her behavior as well.

How To Handle A Wife


Do You Want To Get More Information?

Well, do you really think that this information is not enough for you and you want more tips to get the solution? If yes then You don’t need to go anywhere because I am professional. Who is here to help you by giving some more useful tips. Different tips can apply to different people so if you have any query.  You just simply need to submit your query under this topic and then wait for your turn. I’ll try to give you a response on first priority.

Furthermore, To handle your wife in a better way. First of all, you just need to understand that what she has in her mind. What she is expecting from you. If you will know all these things. You may make feel her really comfortable with you and you can handle her easily. But remember one thing in mind that doesn’t get down. Do everything that will never impact your personality as well as your ego.

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