Kiss Her on the Forehead- 5 Amazing Reasons to do That


It is a Sign of Respect and Genuine Affection

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How a man treats his lady is a true sign of his intentions and Kiss Her on the Forehead is a sign that he holds you dearly in his heart. A kiss no matter the encounter or place is a sign of affection and only points to a high degree of care and respect that a guy has towards his woman. It is therefore advisable that guys kiss their ladies on the foreheads once in a while since nothing can go wrong with this small gesture of affections.

The little thing you do may have significant impacts in the future and showing affection is a sure way of letting your lady know that you care about her. It also shows that the guy has no doubts about the value of his lady and is not afraid to acknowledge the affection he has whether privately or in public. Guys, therefore, once in a while, kiss her on the forehead.

Kiss Her on the Forehead willing to protect her

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There are instances when ladies have insecurities and protrude fear towards certain elements and a kiss on the forehead goes to assure her that you are willing to go to any length to ensure nothing bad happens to her. A kiss on the forehead is similar to holding her hand and brings an aura of responsibility and security. Fear can be a disheartening and limiting factor in one’s endeavors and many people strive to overcome it and move on with life uninhibited by fear. Kiss Her on the Forehead This also leads to success and progress in relationships and it is necessary to take measures to avoid overwhelming fear when situations are dire. Humans have psychological and mental faculties that work optimally only in the absence of fear and a kiss on the forehead is tantamount to fulfilling her psychological needs thus making her a better person.

Kiss her on the Forehead if you like her

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Gentlemen, I know it can be scary showing affection to a lady simply because you do not know how she will react or if she even feels the same way about you. For guys in the early stages of relationships, a kiss on the forehead can be a test of how much she cares about you. If the lady becomes receptive, or smiles back or say something amusing after such an experience, it is a sign that all is well. On the other hand, if she does not like you it may be her way of telling you that something is not okay or that she is not ready for a relationship.

To Simply Brighten Up the Mood

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Again, simple things matter the most. It might be silly but a kiss can brighten up one’s day. It is in a guy’s nature that most parts of our days are either spent in solitude at work or attending to other functions and we should, therefore, make a point of at least lightening the mood at home. After it is all said and done, men have to go home so get some rest and even feel their bellies. Such actions by ladies that make our lives comfortable have immaterial value and so is a kiss on the forehead.

These immaterial gestures help love and affection, laughter and smile, loyalty and dedication which are virtues that all human craves for. No one wants to spend the day grumbling or unhappy and from experience, affable individuals ensure that their homes are full of happiness and joy, and a simple gesture such as a kiss on the forehead is enough to make their ladies smile.

If you are Taller Than Her

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Giraffes roam around the savannah snapping up leaves from the topmost branches that other animals cannot reach. Similarly, tall guys need to take advantage of their height and kiss her on the forehead if the lips are a bit too low for their reach. No pun intended but guys may kiss ladies on the forehead simply because kisses on the lips may take longer (Some even more than a minute) and if you are kissing her standing and she is short, one may experience backaches. A quick kiss on the forehead eliminates such hurdles and ensures that the guy if fit and well throughout the day.

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