Challenges To Do At Home | Top 50 Viral Challenges Of 2019

Challenges To Do At Home

Looking for fun challenges to do at home with your friends? Well, challenges are pretty fun and viral games you can do with your friends and loved ones without spending much money. Also, the challenges are very popular on social media.

challenges to do at homeSo it won’t hurt to make videos of any challenge you do.

Challenges like the ice bucket challenge is one of the most popular YouTube challenges ever. You can find your desirable one from our list of challenges to do at home and have some fun. For example, the viral Ice Bucket challenge helped the ALS Foundation raise a lot of money for their research. 

Why Take On These Challenges To Do At Home?

If you and your friends are bored and are searching for fun things to do at home without spending much. Or if you’re planning a sleepover and want everyone to have an amazing time, these fun challenges to do at home can be awesome for it..

That’s not all of it, If you guys are in a band and need fun things to do to promote your songs, you should take these famous YouTube challenges to gain popularity. These challenges are spot on for baby shower and wedding shower games. For example, you can take the famous try not to laugh challenge or answer fun tag questions.

50 Amazing Challenges To Do At Home

Now let’s explore these several fun challenges to do at home like the ice bucket challenge, and other 50 fun challenges you can do with the people you love.

challenges to do at home

  1. Ice Bucket Challenge.

This is among the most popular challenges of all time.  For the ice bucket challenge, you’ve to film each other dumping buckets of water and ice on each other’s heads and post the clip online.

  1. 100 Layer Challenge.

This is one of those challenges to do at home where you and your friends have to put on 100 layers of something. Like doing a 100 layer makeup, clothes challenge etc. You’ll have to choose a make-up product and apply 100 layers of it on each other.

  1. Mannequin Challenge.

Being The 2016’s most popular challenge, the Mannequin Challenge requires you to stand still while the camera goes around the room. This is still an awesome challenge, be creative!

  1. 7-Second Challenge.

This challenge requires you to choose a simple task, like solving a math equation, making a sandwich, or tying your shoes etc all to be completed in 7 seconds!

  1. Blindfold Challenges.

The blindfold challenges are a real test of your abilities. You can take turns blindfolding each other and give each other simple things and carry out the challenge being blindfolded. Other varieties of the blindfold challenge can include the kissing, makeup, drawing, food tasting, keepie uppie challenge etc.

  1. Aim Crossbar Challenge.

The Aim Crossbar challenge is an amazing football challenge that was made a hit by the Brazilian legend, Ronaldinho. The idea of this challenge is to hit the ball against the crossbar. You can set a time limit or a score limit. For example, each player gets 5 chances, and the person with the highest number of successful tries wins the challenge.

  1. Raw Onion Challenge.

The raw onion challenge, as the name suggests, is about how many raw onions can a person eat. You can decide to compete on the first person to finish the raw onion or increase the quantity.

  1. Salt and Ice Challenge.

This challenge is among the most hilarious viral challenges to do at home. This involves placing salt on your arm and then ice on the salt.

  1. Accent Challenge.

In this challenge you and your friends take turns imitating different types of accent and voices. For example, you can imitate the British Accent, Russian, Indian, Jamaican etc.

  1. Smoothie Challenge.

This challenge involves the participants to make smoothies from 10 healthy fruits and other 10 fruits that will spoil the taste of the smoothie. Whoever finishes the smoothie first, wins.

  1. Tag Questions.

Tag questions are a list of questions you ask someone to learn how much they know about you. For example, you’ll ask your friends questions such as your favorite color and then will also answer question about them.

  1. Soy Sauce Challenge.

This challenge, as the name suggests, includes gulping down soy sauce and drink it as much as you can. The last person standing or the first to finish wins.

  1. Rice Purity Test.

The Rice Purity Test is a designed by Rice University to test your Purity by asking a series of questions. Your score is calculated by your answers to questions like “Have you held hands with the opposite sex?”, “Have you ever had sex on a plane,” Take this test with your friends and compare scores.

  1. Tickle Me Challenge.

In this challenge, you get to ask each other questions, Anyone that gets it wrong has to be tickled by the other person for a given period of time.

  1. Chubby Bunny Challenge.

This is among the best challenges to do at home with your friends. One person goes first, puts marshmallows in their mouth and says “Chubby Bunny”, then the next person does the same. The person who can no longer say “chubby bunny” or cannot put another marshmallow in their mouth loses. If you swallow or spit out the marshmallows, you lose!

  1. Cinnamon Challenge.

This is an online viral challenge that includes you to make a video of yourself eating a spoonful of cinnamon powder within 60 seconds without drinking anything. The cinnamon challenge, however, is a dangerous challenge.

  1. Eat It or Wear It Challenge.

This challenge is quite similar to the truth or dare game. You get to put a food item in a paper bag/box, and label each with a number. Each person must pick a number and decide if they want to eat it or wear it. If they decide to wear it, then, you get to dump it on their head!

  1. Cold Tub Challenge.

As the name suggests, this challenge is to see which person can last the longest without jumping out of an ice filled tub. If you’ve just one tub available, then, you can take turns and use the timer to determine the winner.

  1. Exploding Watermelon Challenge.

To take this challenge, you must make watermelons explode by using rubber bands. First person or first team to explode their watermelon wins.

  1. Human Shazam Challenge.

In this challenge, you get to play a part of a song. Then, the other person has to guess which song is playing. The person with the highest number of correct answers wins.

  1. Ketchup Challenge.

This challenge requires the participants to drink or gulp down a bottle of ketchup as fast as they can, The first person to finish, wins.

  1. Human Dartboard Challenge.

This challenge requires drawing a dartboard on yourself or your friend, and throwing things at the target to see who can score the most points.

  1. Lemon Challenge.

This is a hilarious viral internet food challenge that includes the challengers to eat as many lemons as they can. The person who eats most lemons is the winner.

  1. Cotton Ball Challenge.

For the cotton bowl challenge, you’ll need cotton balls, a bowl, a plate, a spoon, and a blindfold. Wrap the blindfold around your friend’s eyes. Then see how many cotton balls your friend can move from a bowl into another plate. Then give it a try yourself! Whoever transfers the most cotton balls, wins.

  1. Drinking Challenge.

As the name suggests, this challenge requires the challengers to drink. Common types of drinking games involves taking shots and the person who secures the highest number of shots wins.

  1. Condom Challenge.

This challenge requires to fill a condom up with water and film it being dropped on your friend’s head. The condom will burst and wrap tightly around their head, making for some pretty hilarious pictures.

  1. Dizzy Challenge.

In this challenge you get to make a person spin around till they start feeling dizzy. Then they have to perform a task in that dizzy mode. It’s one of the most funny challenges to do at home with your friends.

  1. Cook-A-Meal Challenge.

This challenge requires the challengers to cook the same meal using the same recipe. The person with the most delicious meal, wins the challenge. Another way to play this game is to set a small budget and cook within that budget.

  1. Death By Butter Challenge.

Death by butter challenge involves swallowing a tub of butter as fast as you can. However, this is a dangerous challenge so take on this on your own risk.

  1. Ghost Pepper Challenge.

This challenge requires participants to eat and swallow a chili pepper that is very high on the Scoville scale.

  1. Hamburger Challenge.

This popular YouTube challenge requires you to eat as much hamburgers as you can in the shortest period of time.

  1. Hoverboard Challenge.

This challenge leads to finding out how long can someone stay up on a hoverboard and who has the best hoverboard tricks.

  1. Habanero Challenge.

The Habanero challenge requires you to see how many Habanero peppers can someone eat under one minute. Don’t take water or any other fluids when taking on this challenge.

  1. Guess That Pizza Challenge.

In this challenge, you’ve to taste different delivery pizzas and guess which delivery pizza it is. The person with the most correct answers, wins.

  1. Hold A Coke Challenge.

This challenge is strictly NSFW and requires you to hold a can of Coke between your breasts without dropping it.

  1. Huh Challenge.

For this challenge, record a video saying something mean or nasty about someone followed by a high pitched “Huuuuh!”

  1. Guess the Body Part Challenge.

This challenge requires the challenger to be blindfolded. Then, guide their finger to some part of your body. After which they have to guess which body part they’re touching!

  1. High Five and Selfie Challenge.

For taking on this challenge you have to set a period for the challengers to go around giving high fives to complete strangers. Each person is required to take selfies or get get someone to record it as evidence, while giving high-fives.

  1. Ginger Challenge.

The ginger challenge involves you filming yourself taking a spoon full of ground ginger and swallowing it without taking water or any drink. Don’t do this if you hate ginger though.

  1. Target Challenge.

To do the target challenge, set a spending limit such as 10 dollars. Now, everyone has to go to Target and make the best use of those 10 dollars.

  1. Stranger Challenge.

This challenge requires you to take a picture with a complete stranger. With the stranger holding up a sign that says “I don’t know this person.” Print the sign or just get a marker and write the words on cardboard. The person with the most pictures with strangers, wins!

  1. Pajama Challenge.

The Pajama Challenge requires you to wear pajamas to a place the other person selects.

  1. Warhead Challenge.

In the Warhead challenge, participants must eat 150 warheads within 10 minutes without using any fluids or drinks. Good luck!

  1. Not My Hands/Legs Challenge.

For this challenge you need a big t-shirt. One person will stand behind the other person and the person in front will narrate what their arms are doing. Then, the person at the back has to act as the arms of the person in front when completing tasks such as drinking, eating or putting on makeup.

You can switch to the legs too like, someone is going to be the upper body, and someone is going to be the legs. Make it fun by playing your part seamlessly to make it difficult to notice they are not your legs.

  1. Toothpaste Challenge.

As the name suggests, the toothpaste challenge requires the challenger to utilize toothpaste. However, there are different variations of this challenge. The first one requires the players to empty a tube of toothpaste into their mouth. The person who can hold it in the longest, wins.

The second one requires the players to use the whole tube of toothpaste as a face mask. The person who can keep it longest, wins.

  1. Whipped cream challenge.

This challenge requires you to gulp down a bottle of whipped cream as much as you can in the shortest time possible. The person who accomplishes this in the shortest period of time, wins!

  1. Tin Can Challenge.

This challenge requires you to buy an even number of food cans. Get a mixture of delicious foods such as Vanilla Pudding and horrible foods such as dog food. Remove the labels and write a number on the top of each can. Write down each number on a piece of paper and put them in a box or container so you can randomly choose a number. Draw a number from the container, Open the can that corresponds with the number.

Now, you’ve to eat a spoonful of whatever is in the can and guess what you just ate. 1 point for swallowing, 2 points for a correct guess. The person with the highest points is the winner.

  1. Yoga Challenge.

The Yoga challenge requires you to attempt recreating some yoga/acrobatic poses.

  1.  Whisper Challenge.

The whisper challenge is known as one of the infamous challenges to do at home. It gained popularity from the Jimmy Fallon’s show where one person puts on headphones with loud music playing. Then, the other person says a phrase and the person wearing the headphones has to guess what the person said.

  1. Try Not To Laugh Challenge.

This challenge requires you to fill your mouth with water and try to not spit it out. The other person will try to make you laugh so that you spit out the water and lose.

challenges to do at home


Hope you enjoyed looking at our list of the fun challenges to do at home.

Let us know in the comments below if you tried any of these enlisted challenges.

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