Challenges to do with Friends – [50+ Best Funny Challenges]

Challenges to do with Friends

Today I bring you all fun challenges to do with friends that are very funny and might make any hang around unforgettable. So if you’re getting bored and don’t have anything to do then my idea of challenges to do with friends is that the greatest thing to do together with your friends circle.

These all challenges are incredibly fun and you can try them simply any time; even I actually have the challenges to do at a sleepover and also the challenges to do with friends at home. These challenges to do with friends are great for both boys and girls.

Challenges to do with Friends:

  1. Chubby Bunny Challenge:

It’s also referred to as the marshmallow eating contest. Stuff marshmallows in your mouth and try to speak these words “chubby bunny.” it’d be easy for you to say that with some marshmallows in your mouth. However because the number keeps increasing, the more you’ll notice that you’re about to lose.

Challenges to do with Friends

  1. Powdered Donut Challenge:

Who doesn’t love donuts, right? Now there are chances that you just won’t if you fail at completing the challenge without barfing.

This one for all powdered donut lovers! The target is to eat as many as 5 powdered donuts. If you are doing it before the other participants within 5 minutes while not drinking something, you win.

Challenges to do with Friends

  1. Challenges to do with Friends – Accent Challenge:

It’s pretty obvious, isn’t it? Write down many accents on pieces of paper. Tell your friend to carry one sheet over his or her head while another person tries to do that accent.

You can make the activity more fun by including Southern accents, Cockney accents, Californian accents, Bostonian accents, and the like. You must play such a game to uplift your mood because it brings joy and laughter into your life.

Challenges to do with Friends

  1. Challenges to do with Friends – Pickle Challenge:

If you like pickles, then you must go for this! However let me warn you, the challenge will get extremely disgusting also. But that simply means more fun, doesn’t it?

You and your precious buddies need to end a complete jar of pickles in under 15 minutes. Whoever finishes first or the most number of pickles in this timeframe wins the challenge. Each challenge to do at home list raves regarding how great and fun the pickle challenge is. So you ought to try it too!

Challenges to do with Friends

  1. Challenges to do with Friends – Saltine Challenge:

Yes, another food challenge. After all, there are numerous food items that we are able to use to challenge our friends with. The activity involves ingesting as many saltines as you and your friends can in under sixty seconds.

You have to eat them one at a time, and you’re allowed to drink water. Since saltines are dry, consuming them in massive numbers will be quite challenging. (Are saltines healthy?)

Challenges to do with Friends

  1. Challenges to do with Friends – Dizzy Challenge:

You don’t want twenty fun challenges to do with friends once you’re bored. To have a decent time with them, this one’s quite enough. You repeatedly spin on a spot till the dizziness kicks in. And as soon as you stop, you have got to carry out a task.

Have all of your friends try this and see who wins! No one would possibly win, but the game can cause you to laugh pretty hard.

  1. Web Slang Challenge:

You think you and your friends know everything? Time to find out! Get all the web slangs ready and take a look at to guess the total forms of as many as you can. You may be stunned at how much you and your friends don’t know.

Challenges to do with Friends

  1. Try to not Laugh or Smile Challenge:

The whole purpose isn’t to laugh or grin. Here’s where the participants will get as creative, spontaneous, and funny as they like. You’ll make the game a lot of fun by keeping some water in your mouth. (The science of laughter)

Feel free to look at funny videos on YouTube or hear silly audio clips also. Let’s see to what extent you’ll control your laughter.

Challenges to do with Friends

  1. The SevenSecond Challenge:

The idea is easy of 7-second challenge – each of you provides seven tasks to every other, and also the other friend has got to complete the task in seven seconds only. The one that will do most of the tasks successfully wins the game. The seven-second challenge is a fun game to play with friends.

  1. Challenges to do with Friends – Rainbow Milk Challenge:

In this challenge, you have got to drink the complete jug of milk without throwing up. The last person to throw up throwing up or the first person to complete the entire milk wins.

Challenges to do with Friends

  1. Challenges to do with Friends – Gallon Milk Challenge:

Gallon milk challenge is similar to rainbow milk challenge. In this, you have got to drink a gallon of milk under one hour without throwing up. But, scientifically, it’s not possible to drink a gallon of milk in a very hour as our bodies aren’t designed to digest that much milk in a small time. This implies that somebody can throw up eventually. So, take this challenge with a bunch of friends and take several photos of these superb moments.

Challenges to do with Friends

  1. Challenges to do with Friends – The Cookie Challenge:

In the cookie challenge, you and your friend are blind then you’re asked to guess the flavor of the Oreo cookies. One who guesses the most flavor properly wins the challenge.

  1. Beans and Chopsticks Challenge:

In this challenge, take baked beans in a bowl and use chopsticks to pick up the beans, however, one at a time and place it in another bowl. The one who manages to take out the highest number of beans using chopsticks in a minute wins the challenge.

This one is fairly simple. Within the Popsicle Stick and Cup Tower Challenge, take Popsicle sticks and cups and try to see how high you’ll stack them up before the tower falls down. It’s truly kind of a creative way for kids to learn basic engineering principles.

  1. Challenges to do with Friends – Food Challenges:

Some of the foremost fun and entertaining challenges out there involve food. This may well be because our sense of taste will be so hardtop ignore. Once it involves a food-related challenge, the less appealing the food, the higher the challenge.

There are different food challenges that don’t involve disgusting foods. Instead, these challenges involve taste testing and guess what totally different foods are.

Challenges to do with Friends

  1. Challenges to do with Friends – Bubblegum Challenge:

Gather everybody around in a very circle. Give all of them the same quantity of some good tasting bubblegum. Everyone then takes a turn blowing a bubble to check who will make the largest one. This challenge can be fun with as little as 2 individuals or make it interesting with the women competing against the guys. Split them up into groups with the middle schoolers competing against the high schoolers. Regardless of how they compete, the challenge will be exciting.

  1. A hundred Layer Challenge:

For this challenge, you and your friends got to put on one hundred layers of something. Let’s say, if you are doing a one hundred layer makeup challenge, you have got to choose a make-up product and apply one hundred layers of it on one another. One hundred Layer challenge also can be done with clothes or with fewer layers.

  1. Challenges to do with Friends – Here Comes Cinnamon:

You’ve most likely heard of the cinnamon challenge that is one among the foremost fun challenges to try and do with friends. The idea is to have a full tablespoon of the spice while not washing it down in a very minute. This is often hard because cinnamon’s dryness instantly gets rid of the saliva from your mouth. Simply make sure to take extra care and keep backup water close if you are trying this as some people have had lung damage.

Challenges to do with Friends

  1. Challenges to do with Friends – Watermelon Challenge:

Challenges like these could be slightly messy to perform, however, they’re also considered to be the foremost popular ones on the web.

What you have got to do is try to finish a full watermelon without using your hands. If you’ll be able to complete the gross task in just some minutes, then your friend may not be able to. So let’s find out!

Challenges to do with Friends

  1. Challenges to do with Friends – Tea Bag Challenge:

There’s no way I’m asking you to eat tea bags. The goal is to have fun and not land up within the hospital, right?

Keep a mug filled with hot milk at some distance from you. Now try and aim that tea bag into the milk-filled mug. This may sound like an easy challenge, however, that’s not the case because tea bags are Very light in weight. So that they don’t fly all that well.

  1. Challenges to do with Friends – Tin Can Challenge:

Another challenge that you’ll find on every “20 fun challenges to try to at home” list!

You need as many as eight completely different canned foods, together with pet-food. Eliminate the labels from all the cans. Now it’s time for you and your friend to pick out any can at random. And whatever you select goes into your mouth. Eating even as little as a spoon sounds like an impossible task.

Challenges to do with Friends

  1. Challenges to do with Friends – No Thumb Challenge:

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to spend an entire day while not using the thumb? If yes, then it’s time to stop questioning. Wrap your thumb fully but loosely and comfortably.

Now get on along with your day like that. Doing something without a thumb isn’t only tough but frustrating too. This means no play station either!

Challenges to do with Friends

  1. Challenges to do with Friends – Plank Challenge:

This one for fitness and gymnasium enthusiasts!

Challenge your friend or friends to perform the plank posture with you. Holding a plank position is sort of a challenging task, even for a physically fit person. Therefore it’s time to examine who will keep in this specific position for the longest time.

Challenges to do with Friends

  1. Challenges to do with Friends –  Say Something Challenge:

As exciting as the name sounds, this challenge is a lot of attention-grabbing when you play it! Whereas 2 friends will participate, it’s better if a lot of friends are playing. What you’ve got to do is say whatever word that involves your mind on your turn.

The next person has got to say a word starting with the letter that your word finished with. To illustrate, if you aforesaid “train,” your friend has got to say a word starting with the letter “n.” Moreover, no words can be repeated; whoever repeats a word and pauses for over one second once saying the word is penalized.

The penalization will be anything, but typically, it’s to place scotch tape on the speaker’s face. You’ll be creative and think about other penalties. The game ends once all participants cannot think about any more words, and also the winner of the challenge is the one with the least scotch tape on their face.

20 More Stupid Challenges to do with Friends

You’re bored, but how does one prove that you are very, very bored?

  1. See if you can fit in your fridge.

  2. Start talking to people in other stalls at a public bathroom. See if you can start a conversation.

  3. Get away with playing The Floor Is Lava for the entire day.

  4. Get a grocery clerk to sell you one single grape…

  5. …or go to a drive through and try to order one French fry.

  6. Catch a falling leaf. This is particularly hard if it’s not the middle of autumn.

  7. Balance the light switch between on and off.

  8. Try to lick your elbow.

  9. If you can’t, take a selfie of yourself trying to lick your elbow.

  10. Attempt to play a game on a mobile device using your elbows. Do not do this immediately after licking them.

  11. Have a conversation using only song lyrics.

  12. Say “Irish wristwatch” 5 times fast.

  13. Try and drink a bottle of water without using your hands.

  14. Eat a whole plate of spaghetti with a spoon.

  15. Type your full name with your nose.

  16. Get on a bus, stand in the aisle, and don’t hold on to anything. See if you can keep your balance without falling over.

  17. Go to the mall and try to ride up on the down escalator or down on the up escalator.

  18. Try to get from your belly onto your feet without using your hands.

  19. Don’t say “like” for a whole day.

  20. Attempt to eat a taco while looking sexy. Have your friend be the judge.


That’s a Wrap:

So these are the top twenty fun challenges to do with friends. Most of them are challenges to do with food. And that’s because there are several difficult food things to consume at one go. The best of all is that the pickle challenge. Therefore don’t forget to try it at home!

Have you ever performed the popular ice bucket challenge? And did you and your friends enjoy it? I’m certain there are loads that you just would love to share such moments along with your buddies.

So did you like the ideas discussed in the article? Is there any other fun challenge that you simply wish to add here? Please let me know in the comments section below. Thanks for dropping by!

Have a fun day!

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