How to get out of Bad Relationship – “Cut the dead weight”!

When you find love, it is an amazing experience. You go on some sweet and hot dates and have those love-filled conversations, traveling around together and doing everything together. All these are the perks of a good and strong relationship.

But there are times when things turn around, and you may feel that the same relationship is now turning into ruins. The same relationship which you thought was good is not bad. You may find that your partner is abusive and doesn’t care. He may forbid you from doing stuff, etc. it happens most of the times when fiancés have control over their partners. Control is not bad, but abusive control which turns into a bad relationship is not good. In such a case you should know How to end a relationship and know How to stop thinking of someone.

When people are in the wrong relations, people have excuses not to leave the person they love.  It is a good sign that you should fight for your relationship. But, sometimes it is not worth it. Sometimes it is better to let go and get off out that bad relationship. Here is a guide that will help you know how to get out of a bad relationship.

How to get out of a bad relationship

1. Don’t stay just because you will feel lonely
If you want to leave your partner, never think that you will be lonely. The world is out there with people who might be waiting for you.
2. Don’t stay just because you feel “comfortable.”
There is no point in staying with a person who does not respect you. No matter how comfortable you are with him or her, get out of it. Feeling comfortable is no excuse.
3. Allow yourself to be lonely Take time and be lonely for some time. Think what went wrong and made a decision to leave your partner once and for all.
4. Some people never change.Some people will never change no matter how hard you try. In that case, you should know How to forget a guy.
5. You should know Addiction is not LoveThe biggest mistake you make is when you think that you love your partner, but it is only addiction. You know when you are addicted but not loving your partner from your heart. It is time to let go off that addiction and start finding true love.
6. Love yourself and be happy with your lifeBe happy with who you are. Do not give away your self-respect.
7. Don’t waste more time defending your mistake.You might make a mistake which turns out to be a bad relationship. But never keep blaming yourself for that mistake. Get out!
8. Create a life that you deserveLive your life. Leave the person who doesn’t understand you.
9. There is always someone better out there.There is always a person out there who is better than your current partner.
10. Distance yourself immediately.To get out of the bad relationship you need to distance yourself from your parent immediately.
11. End the RelationshipJust simple end the relationship.
12. Do not make excuses for that personDo not make lame excuses to be with the same person who abuses you.

How To Get Out Of Bad Relationship – “Cut The Dead Weight”!

  1. Addiction Is Not Love:

Do you know there is a huge difference between addiction and love? They both have a few similarities, but it is where people make a big mistake. It is why the human brain interprets both these things as same. It is important that you know signs of addictive relationships. Addiction will not last, while love will last forever.

Love also has qualities such as respect for your partner, commitment, and taking care of each other through tough times. Love keeps the bond between two people strong, while addiction doesn’t. Addiction is the basis of a bad relationship. So, if you are addicted and not loving your partner, it will eventually turn out to be a bad relationship.

You need to know the differences. What is an addiction; you may feel like love and fight for your relation. But it is not correct. Once you are in a bad relationship, you should understand this fact and get out of it. If you are trying to break free, this is the first step that you need to take.

How to get out of a bad relationship

  1. Don’t Stay Just Because You Will Feel Lonely: 

Many people are trying to save the day by thinking that they might get lonely out there once they leave. If you think that you are trying to save your unhealthy relationship to have a person who you can talk to, it is the biggest mistake of your life. You are missing a chance to find the person who will love you.

Understand, that you do not need a boyfriend or a girlfriend to keep you company. You have friends. Learn to be happy with yourself. Think about it. If it is the reason that you are trying to keep your relationship, then you are wrong.

  1. Don’t Stay Just Because You Feel “Comfortable”

Your partner might make you feel at home sometimes. But if he or she is abusive, there is no point in keeping the spark alive. You do not have to be with a person just because you think you feel comfortable with him or her.

You may be in a relationship for a long time, and you are now “used to” it. It feels good to be around your partner no matter how abusive he or she is. But that feeling is not to love. Your relationship is breaking apart. So, never stay with the person only for the reason that you feel comfortable around him. It is no excuse for you to be with him or her any longer.

How to get out of a bad relationship
  1. Allow Yourself To Be Lonely:

You should be lonely for once. Remember the time when you did not have a girlfriend or a boyfriend? It is going to be a bad feeling when you are alone. But that doesn’t mean that you should be in a relationship that is bad.

Your partner may abuse you or does not care for you; he may be into another person. Why should you care? Be lonely for once. Take time and be lonely for some time. Think what went wrong and made a decision to leave your partner once and for all. It is the best remedy to get out of a bad relationship.

 How to get out of a bad relationship
  1. Some People Never Change:

One of the reasons that people are trying to save their relationship even when their partner does not treat them well is that they hope for a change. When you are in love, you always keep hoping for the person to change.

You have that ray of the spark that one day he or she will realize how you love them and they will change. But, the truth is, sometimes people never change. You hoe them to be that loving person who they once were, but it is not going to happen. If you have tried everything to keep your relationship with that person healthy, but no use, maybe its time to let go. Some people never change. So, instead of spending and wasting time to change them, find a person who is the one you want. Spend your time looking for the right person.

  1. Do Not Make Excuses For That Person:

When you are in having a relationship with a person, you should also have self-respect. Never devalue yourself who does not treat you well. There is no reason for any person to treat you in a wrong manner. There is no reason to disrespect you.

It is a mistake when you make excuses for that person who does not treat you well. Stop making excuses, he or she may never change. Let go now before it is too late.

You may find yourself saying, “I’m sure, he didn’t mean to do it,” “deep down he loves me, it’s just, that he is angry now,” etc. these are all lame excuses to think that he respects you. It is time to let go.

How to get out of a bad relationship
  1. Love Yourself And Be Happy With Your Life:

Love yourself, and respect yourself. You should resolve your issue such as fear of commitment. You should never think that it is your mistake that your relationship is bad. To get out of the bad relationship, you should be happy with yourself.

You may try hard to save the relation, but it’s no use. Be happy with who you are and ignore your partner. Try to get over your broken heart, It will help you get of this situation.

  1. Don’t Waste More Time Defending Your Mistake:

Everyone makes mistakes. When you are married, or in a relationship for several years, there may come a time when you make a mistake. Your partner, however, will think of it as the biggest mistake of your life and start mistreating you. Your relation will turn into hatred instead of love, just because of your small mistake.

If your partner never forgets your mistake and uses it as an excuse to mistreat you, it is time to let go. Do not try and save it, because you made a mistake. If your partner can’t forgive you, leave him.

It is a big mistake that you stay unhappy for the next five years thinking that it was your mistake. If it is five years, then your partner doesn’t deserve to be with you. If he can’t forgive, it means he doesn’t love. Think of making that mistake was a good thing that you now know the reality of your partner.

  1. Create A Life That You Deserve:

Get a life that you want. You should have a life with the people in it who care for you. Start creating a life that you love to live in. Forget the person who you are with now as he or she mistreats you. Do what you think is right and do not care that he or she thinks. It will help you forget the person and eventually get off the bad relationship.

  1. There Is Always Someone Better Out There:

Many people do not start a new relationship because they think that there may be no one out there for them. The fear of “not getting a new person when they break up” keeps them in the current situation. When you break up with someone, it means that you may be giving yourself out for the one who deserves you.

  1. Distance Yourself Immediately:

One of the best tactics that work to get out of the bad relationship is to forget. Distance yourself from your partner. If he doesn’t care, you shouldn’t too. There are many ways to distance you from him. Stop talking; block him on the social media. Stop following him or twitter, etc.

  1. Just End, And Get Out Of A Bad Relationship:

Simply end the relationship. Man-up and talk to your partner that you cannot do this anymore. End it. It may be hard, but it is the most direct means to do it.

Whenever you are trying to find a way to end the relationship, you should also plan. What will you do after break up? Where will you go? Will you miss your ex? It is better to talk to your partner about this decision. Also, it is a good idea to break up and give the news to your partner in a private place. Talk to him that it is not working and it is time that you both went opposite ways.

These are a few things that you should do if you want to get out of the bad relationship. Talk to your friends or family members about it too. Seek advice from a therapist. You get some emotional support before you make this decision. But, you need to make it quick. Being a bad relationship for a long time will hurt your feelings and might also change your personality. Believe me; you do not want that to happen.

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