Breaking Up With Someone You Love [Learn Few Easy Methods]

Breaking Up With Someone You Love

Some people decide to break up because they do not love each other anymore, or because they have different goals in life, or maybe they just do not get along. Sometimes people decide to break up even though they love each other, for reasons that may be best for both parties. But how exactly to deal with breaking up with someone you love?

breaking up with someone you loveEven in song lyrics, you can hear the line “breaking up is not easy to do”. It means you have to learn it in order to understand it completely.

Breaking up with someone you love is always difficult, but this does not mean that we should back off from thinking about them. Our nightmares can sometimes take the shape of reality so it’s always better to keep a plan for coping in such circumstances. Here are a few points to help you out cope with the situation where breaking up with someone you love becomes essential.

So Why Break Up If You Still Love Him Or Her?

You may feel that there is love, but that they are not the person that you want to spend the rest of your life with, or vice versa. Or maybe due to certain circumstances, say long distance, you decide too much effort is required to make the relationship work. No matter the reasons, you start to ponder about a way to resolve this and start thinking about how to break up with someone you love.

breaking up with someone you loveBreaking off is not fun at all. Somebody is bound to get hurt. So how to break up with someone you love? Telling you to do it gently probably wouldn’t be of much help because inevitably hearts shall be broken. Do not delay the break up further. The longer you take to break up, the harder it will become.

Talk it through with your loved one on the reasons for wanting to go your separate ways. If you are honest with your feelings and your confessions, this should make it easier on how to break up with someone you love so much. Do not make up a complicated story for the breakup as this will complicate situations and make it even harder to break up.

Rules Of Breaking Up With Someone You Love

Breaking up with someone you love is never an easy process. Though some people can do it in a very peaceful and amicable manner.

It all depends on the individual personality of the parties involved as well as the reasons and the causes of break up. For example, if a relationship is broken due to cheating, then the process will likely to be more difficult as compared to other situations because it might end up with a fight.

So what are the rules of things that need to be observed when a couple has decided to break up. Well, the following are some of the basic rules that are suggested to be followed.

  1. Do It Face To Face.

This is a highly common mistake that made by most of the couples who have decided to break up with their loved one. Though there is no right or wrong way of communicating your decision to break up with your partner, it is thought that doing it via text messages or phone is deemed that you don’t respect your partner.

Furthermore, there are many advantages of doing it face to face. One such advantage is that your partner get an opportunity to clarify whatever reasons of break up on the spot without guessing what has gone wrong. It also gives an impression to your partner that you are hiding something behind him or her.

  1. Tell Your Partner That Both Of You Could Be Friends.

This is also another common mistake that made by some of the unhappy men and women. If you were to tell your partner during a relationship break up discussion, it gives him or her an impression that there is still hope to get back together someday.

If you are 100% sure that you are no longer interested in continuing this relationship, it would be a big mistake to make your partner believes that both of you could be a couple in future. It’s only a waste of time because you are clear that the relationship won’t be fruitful at the end of the day.

Other equally common mistakes include telling your partner the break up news in a wrong place at the wrong time.

So in order to convey the break up message to your partner properly, you should take note of some of the dos and dons so that it could be done in a nice manner.

Breaking up with someone you love is one of the hardest things to do in our lives. But there are some rules and guidelines you can refer to so that it could be done in a nice manner.

How to Cope Up When Breaking Up With Someone You Love?

For most of the lovers out here, even the thought of breaking up with someone you love, may be hard enough to make you feel devastated.

breaking up with someone you loveIt’s a human nature to avoid thinking and imagining things that they rarely want to see happening. However, the reality of life is that we sometimes have to go through things that we fear the most.

If you are reading this article, chances are that you are interested in learning how you can best live without the person you love the most, and with whom you just had a fight.

  1. Be Positive – Look At The Sunny Side.

Try to move on in life. If there is no other alternative but breaking up with someone you love, then accept it! It could have ended in a worst way. Take a positive attitude towards life and try to understand the fact that a break up was necessary.

  1. Treasure The Good Times Spent.

You should try to treasure the good times spent with your ex but look forward to a better time ahead. I would not suggest you to completely alienate yourself from your past or the good times that you and your ex shared together, but it is important to look ahead. If you have even the slightest chance of finding someone better and getting along well with her/him, just keep yourself open for a relationship. The sooner, the better!

  1. Stop Pondering Over The Break Up.

Don’t take off from work or don’t even waste your time pondering over all that happened and all that could have been undone or done in the past. Think as little about those possibilities as possible, otherwise regret and remorse will make you go crazy! There is life ahead for you; a mere break up cannot be the end of life for you. So, keep yourself busy. Go to work, meet your friends, watch TV, and move on.

  1. Try To Avoid Anything That Reminds You Of Your Ex.

Try to avoid visits to places that you and your ex would go to when things were different. Breaking up with someone you love is always hard, but we sometimes make it harder. So, the best thing is to avoid the things related to your ex and your past.

  1. Staying Together May Not Always Be The Best Choice.

Try to be reasonable and rational in your thinking. Just because you love your ex, does not give you a good reason to stick to the relationship for good. Breaking up with someone you love is hard but then it may be the best option available for you both. So, act mature.

  1. Be Decisive.

When you have once made the decision of breaking up with someone you love, then go for it! No looking back. Take a quick decision and make sure you stand by it. Don’t be shaky.

6 Steps On How to Break Up With Someone You Love

It is an undeniable fact than break ups are naturally painful, though they are not necessarily bad. Is there such a thing as a painful break up?

breaking up with someone you loveIf your relationship just isn’t working, you might find yourself asking this question,how to break up with someone you love?

If you’re serious on pulling this off, you should find that it’s not really that difficult. Though you might be able to break up after this, you’ll still have to go through the emotions that come with it, along with the pain. You must let things go in a positive manner, with the feeling of fulfillment later.

Here are 6 steps you should take.

  1. Location.

The first thing you should know in how to break up with someone you love is where to have it done. You should not break up at you place, because getting your ex to leave won’t be easy. You could choose your ex’s place instead. Things would be much easier if you just break up and leave right after that. The best place to break up is somewhere neutral, perhaps at a restaurant or a park.

  1. Be Kind.

When you break up with someone you love, your ex on the receiving end would feel the impact the greatest. Be understanding with the way things turns out. You’re crushing your ex’s hopes and dreams, along with everything else in your relationship. End things on a positive note, instead of luring revenge in the future.

  1. Keep Things Brief And Get Over It.

If you want to know how to break up with someone you love, dragging shouldn’t be part of it. You want a break up, do it and get done with it. Your ex would demand some explanation. Instead of an hour long explanation session, keep things brief and get over it. You’re the ex, not the psychiatrist.

  1. You’re A Grown Up, Act Like One!

Arrange a formal break up instead of taking the easy way out by calling or texting. Though this might be difficult, it’s how to break up with someone you love. At the end of the day, this is indeed the better way out.

  1. Taking All Your Things Back From Your Ex

Take all your things back from your ex, and return everything you’ve ever received. Naturally, you wouldn’t want to face your ex with loose ends after your break up. If your ex keeps coming back just to return something or take something back, your meetings might be awkward if your ex just won’t move on.

  1. Finally, Make Sure That Your Break Up Is A Real One.

Your ex might be hoping that things would work itself out in the end. Unless you want things to work out, your ex would not be getting it. If things are just as bad as they are, don’t give the impression that there are chances of working things out. Keep a distance for a couple of months. You should both move on by then.

Once you know these steps on how to break up with someone you love you’re good to go. Stick to these steps to end the relationship in a proper manner.

Tips on Breaking Up With Someone You Love

breaking up with someone you loveEveryone knows that breaking up with someone you love is a difficult decision and if you don’t know how to handle the situation, something which is unexpected may happen.

Before deciding to break up with someone you love, you first have to be 100% sure why you don’t want to continue with the relationship with your partner.

If you are unsure at this juncture, there are some pointers that help you to analyze your situation in a more thorough manner. Some of the pointers are as follows:

  • Are you able to resolve disagreements between you and your partner?
  • Do both of you have a common goal in life?
  • Do you feel happy in this relationship?
  • Are you able to communicate well with your partner?

Once you are sure that you want to break up with the one you love, next is you must learn how to approach your partner in order to convey your break up message to him/her in a very clear manner.

Facts To Consider When Breaking Up With Someone You Love

There are some factors that you have to take into consideration:

  1. Meeting Place

It is vital to choose a quiet place where you can talk to your boyfriend or girlfriend. It would be a good idea to choose a place where it is nearer to his or her house.

  1. When To Break Up

This could be one of the toughest decision. However, you should never ever choose to break up with your partner when he or she is going to celebrate birthday. Also, you should never tell her your break up decision during his or her examination time. This will definitely affect his or her performance in the examination.

  1. List Out What You’re Going To Say During The Meeting

It is a good idea to write down what you are going to tell your partner during the break up meeting. It doesn’t matter even if you write down word by word. In fact, it makes you think twice about your break up decision. When you are trying to put down what you are going to say on paper. In case that you think you should give this relationship a second chance. You are able to do so before telling your break up decision.

The above are just some of the common matters that you have to pay attention to. Another important point to remember is that you have to be firm and stick to your decision if you have decided to break up with someone you love.


breaking up with someone you loveIn a nutshell, when you break up with someone you love, make sure you pick the right place and the right time. Avoid making the situation awkward by picking the wrong place to break up. Be honest and sensitive with your partner and gently explain the reason for the break up. There is no one proven effective way on how to break up. As long as you are honest and sincere in your ways, you shall see it through!

This will avoid giving him or her an incorrect impression that there is still hope to be together someday.

Hope this article on breaking up with someone you love was helpful. If you’re a girl then you can also learn how to improve your Relationship with your boyfriend before breaking up.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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