How Do You Know When You Love Someone? [Complete Guide]

Falling in love is an exciting, exhilarating, ecstatic, and breath-taking feeling. But how do you know when you love someone Here are eighteen signs. Falling in love is such an exquisite feeling. It’s like—exactly like—in the movies: your knees go weak, your heart flutters, you’re feeling butterflies in your stomach, and you become this clumsy stupid once you’re around the person you’re falling for.

However, there are still some who are entirely clueless about what they feel. They wouldn’t understand they were falling in love even if cupid hit them straight in the face along with his arrow.

How do you know when you love someone :

If you’re one in every of the few who are still oblivious to your own clues, well, let’s give you a rundown. Here are eighteen certain ways on how do you know when you love someone.

How do you know When you Love Someone

  1. Stand Out:

You’ll understand you’re in love once you assume that the person is unique. There may be people that are better-looking, more successful, or more compatible for you, however, in your eyes, nothing beats the one that you love.

  1. Perfection:

In your eyes, the person is ideal and can do no wrong. this is often as a result of you tend to focus on their positive qualities—even magnify them—treating them as precious artifacts that you just place in your altar of love.

  1. Charming Quirks:

For you, the smallest, mundane things are charming. The way they avoid touching doorknobs with their bare hands might make your heart skip a beat and melt, whereas, for a few, this may simply be a case of obsessive-compulsive disorder on the rise.

  1. Can’t Stop Thinking:

You can’t stop thinking about them… for the purpose that you just are very obsessed. Every very little thing, such as the chirps of the birds, or the smell of toast reminds you of them. You daydream regarding the last time you were together, you daydream about the next time you’ll be along, and you simply can’t stop wondering them.

  1. Blabbering Away:

It’s not enough that you just are wondering about them 24/7. You mention them all the time, too. Even within the most serious conversations, you simply have one thing, a hook, which will make you inject something about the one that you love the conversation. You don’t realize it *your’s most likely completely oblivious*, however, it may be annoying to everyone else. However, you don’t care… as a result of you’re in love.

  1. The Rollercoaster of Emotions:

It’s no secret—when you fall in love, you’ll be washed over by a huge mix of emotions. One moment, you’re excited, the next minute, you’re devastated, and in between, you’re trembling with anxiety, elated by joy, and wracked by loneliness. These mood swings are typical of those who are in love—as well as those that are addicted, mind you. After all, being in love is commonly a kind of addiction.

  1. Reminders Everywhere:

You hear a song on your morning commute, and it brings that silly smile to your face yet again. It’s Taylor Swift playing and, though you’re not a Swift fan, you begin to love the song—all because it reminds you of the apple of your eye. Every line of the lyric feels like it’s written only for your budding story, and suddenly, you are feeling like everything’s right in the world again.

  1. Constant Communication:

If you’re not talking about them, you wish to speak to them. Whether through calls, texts, chats, personal messages, or love notes, you only wish to speak with them. Additionally, you’ve got this need to constantly express to them simply how much you like/miss/appreciate them.

How do you know When you Love Someone

  1. Constant Togetherness:

If talking about and speaking them are still not enough, you also have this got to be with them all the time. It doesn’t matter if your friends generally assume you’re neglecting them—nothing beats those fluttering butterflies you are feeling once you’re around your love. Therefore, you’re desperate to set dates and even take that further mile to seek out reasons to drop by their workplace or school simply too in person speak with them.

  1. Change:

While individuals usually aren’t so open to change, it’s no problem for you once it’s in the name of love. The one that you love desires you to go vegan—you do it. She desires you to do yoga with her—you do it. He likes long-haired women—you wear a weave. You’re willing to try and do anything that may please and impress them.

  1. Finding Out Interests:

When you are loving with somebody, you also can’t help but absorb several of their traits. This includes memorizing their interests—and you have got no qualms concerning it. You think that gardening is boring, however currently you’ve started planting organic herbs, simply because your date mentioned how much they like organic produce. You also started enjoying tennis as a result of they are doing it, and that’s on top of watching Game of Thrones and crocheting.

  1. Getting Alongside Their Crowd:

You find yourself trying—very—hard to please not solely them, however their friends and family, too. You bring her mother flowers on every occasion you visit her place. You prepare your special casserole and host a game night for your man and his friends. You make that extra effort to make sure that the folks around your love like you a lot, too.

  1. Willing to Compromise:

When it involves your goals and pet peeves, not even your friends will get in the way. However, this person comes along… and everything changes. You’re currently more *very much more* willing to break your own rules as an act of compromise.

  1. Random Acts of Kindness:

You can’t help it—being around the one you love causes you to feel good, and therefore causes you to do well, too. You smile loads, you greet the folks you pass by on the road, and you’re feeling like giving everyone flowers. What’s more is, you’re even kinder to your loved one—more patient, more considerate, more thoughtful, and more sensitive.

  1. Future Thinking:

You always end up thinking about your special one. Even within the middle of an important meeting, your mind wanders off to them. So you begin to think about the future: what it’d be like to have a serious relationship with them, even get married… or have children. You even picture what your kids will look like, and have names for every one of the 3 children you’ll have.

  1. Apple of your Eye:

Even if you’re in a crowded place and the one you love is in the middle of these attractive people, you barely notice them, as your eyes are fixated on one person alone. In fact, even if you throw in celebrities and models together with your special someone, that person will still be the foremost attractive to you.

How do you know When you Love Someone

  1. What Ex?

Before they came along, you may have been stuck on your ex. You even though you’d never pass through your last relationship—that is, till this new person came along. come to consider it, you’ll be able to now barely recall what your ex-looks like, and why you were so hung up on your past in the first place.

  1. You simply need to Say it:

You know that feeling once you’re so overcome with emotions that you simply are about to burst? You simply need to say it, right? We mean, say the “L” word. After all, nothing else will describe what you’ve been feeling.

How do you know When you Love Someone

If everything here checks out, then lo and behold, it’s official: you really are in love.

So there you’ve got it: eighteen ways on how do you know when you love someone. Savor that moment, feel yourself floating in the air, and enjoy it while it lasts. Better yet, summon up the courageousness to profess your love. Who knows? The other person might feel the same way, too.


40 Ways to Show Someone You Love Them

A woman showing a man she loves him using one in all these forty ways to say you like someone.

Saying, “I love you”, bringing home roses, getting a card… those are a number of the more common ways that to show your special someone that you just love them. However, there are numerous more ways. Here are forty more, simple, ways in which to let your better half know you love them…

How do you know When you Love Someone

  1. Hold Hands.

  • While you’re in private or in public. It shows the person you’re with and the world that you love each other!

  1. Take Them Out On Real Dates:

  • Set aside date nights. “This gives you an opportunity to express your love and affection,” says dating and relationship coach, Kemi Sogunle.

  1. Plan to Stay In:

  • Take a break from having to go out. “This trend is everywhere from the Nordic idea of hygge (to get cozy) to Netflix and Chill,” says Romance and Lifestyle expert, Anne Chertoff.

  1. Choose Them Over Your Friends:

  • Nothing says I want to be with you more than your significant other choosing you over their friends.

  1. Ladies, Clean Up after Yourself:

  • “Get those gross hairs out of the drain. Guys hate that,” says Stacey Greene, Author of “Stronger Than Broken.”

  1. Guys, Clean Up after Yourself:

  • Wash those whiskers, toothpaste, and anything else your girl doesn’t want to see first thing in the morning down the sink.

  1. Choose an Experience as a Gift:

  • “Give a gift that can be shared, such as tickets to the theater or a wine tasting class,” says Chertoff.

  1. Share your Dreams:

  • Your dreams are something powerful and personal. “Opening up about them to your partner shows you trust and love them,” says lifestyle blogger, Amanda Maxwell.

  1. Initiate more Sex:

  • Don’t just do it when you’re feeling in the mood, work harder on helping your lover get in the mood. It shows you’re dying to get intimate.

  1. Unplug When You’re Together:

  • Focus on your loved one and not your phone. “If that’s too difficult for you, mutually decide on one photo/moment for the evening to put on social. Then fully focus your attention on each other,” says Chertoff.

    How do you know When you Love Someone

  1. Share Words of Appreciation:

  • “Send a love note, a text during the day just because, express acknowledgment, and give appreciation,” says Rebekah Beneteau, a sex and intimacy coach

  1. Give her Flowers:

  • Roses are the most popular, but there are so many other varieties. “Try tulips to surprise her. They are just as colorful and beautiful,” says Chertoff.

  1. Give a Handmade Gift:

  • This is a timeless trend that comes straight from the heart. Handmade gifts will always be treasured because of the time and energy you put into the gift.

  1. Leave an Encouraging Note on their Lunch:

  • Just like mom used to do for us when we were kids.

  1. Call or Text throughout the Day:

  • “Let him or she knows you are thinking about them,” says Sogunle.

  1. Always say “Honey, I’m home” the moment you walk in the door:

  • Or whatever your equivalent is. “Those little things show they aren’t being taken for granted,” says Greene.

  1. Make their Favorite Meal:

  • “Keep the menu simple; add a great bottle of wine, candles, flowers, and music. It’s about the effort!” says mother-daughter matchmaking duo, Janis, and Carly Spindel.

  1. Schedule a Workout Together:

  • A couple that sweats together stays together, so plan a run, workout class, or hike together. Perhaps even a series or a one-time dance class.

  1. Wash your Spouse’s Car without being Asked:

  • Who doesn’t like watching someone they’re in to get all wet and sudsy?

  1. Get Sexy Gifts:

  • “Gifts such as sexy lingerie (you can even buy them for yourself and wear them as a surprise) are always a fun and unexpected way to spice things up,” says Spindel.

    How do you know When you Love Someone

  1. Go Out with their Friends and Family:

  • Nothing says I love you like voluntarily making plans with your S.O. and their family or friends.

  1. Bring Home their Favorite Food:

  • “Even if you’re a vegetarian, buy her favorite meat when it’s your turn to shop,” says Greene.

  1. Start a Savings Account Together:

  • “This lets them know you want a nice long future with them,” says Greene.

  1. Support them as they Pursue their Goals:

  • “Ask them questions about how their goals are going, ask how you can help,” says Laura VanderDrift,

  1. Show Appreciation for the Little Things:

  • Give a gift of love no matter how small it is. It can be anything from a single rose to a favorite candy.

  1. Surprise them:

  • “You can plan a weekend getaway or a trip as a surprise,” suggests Sogunle.

  1. Go for a Drive:

  • “My wife is a stay-at-home mom, so she really enjoys getting out of the home, especially going for long drives,” says husband, father, and entrepreneur, Ben Fremer

  1. Make a Photo Album:

  • Print out some of your favorite memories together and put them into an album. Something that you can always flip through and something that always says, I love being with you.

  1. Make Her/Him a Priority:

  • “Answer your partner’s texts no matter what you’re doing. Make time for them first,” says relationship expert, Mary Jo Rapini.

  1. Help with the Kids!

  • “[Faith] is our young daughter. I guess my wife feels more loved the more I am involved with our daughter,” says Fremer.

    How do you know When you Love Someone

  1. Show Gratitude:

  • Say thank you every day for even the littlest of things.

  1. Make Breakfast in Bed:

  • Not only do they get to stay in bed and enjoy your fabulous breakfast but you can, too.

  1. This is called Sacrifice!

  • Do at least one thing each week that you don’t necessarily love doing but your partner loves

  1. Host an Event Together:

  • It can be as simple as having friends over to watch a movie. “Hosting an event together is a fun way to play Mom and Dad,” Maxwell says.

  1. Prepare a Bath:

  • Imagine how your significant other will feel seeing a nice warm bath waiting for them after a long day at work.

  1. Book a Spa Night:

  • “As a date: co-ed massages are sexy and relaxing,” says Spindel.

  1. Spend Quality Time Together:

  • Plan a romantic date doing something you both enjoy a picnic or a walk in the moonlight.

  1. Give Physical Gifts:

  • “Just make sure it’s something you know your partner wants,” says Beneteau.

  1. Listen:

  • “No matter how small or insignificant their conversation may seem. You don’t need the answers… you just need ears,” says Rapini.

  1. Touch Them:

  • “This can be non-sexual cuddling, a caress on their arm as you walk by, or a light massage,” says Beneteau.

    How do you know When you Love Someone

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