How to get your Ex Girlfriend Back? Proven 9 Step Guide to Get Her Back!

How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back?

Lost your girl? Don’t know how to get your ex girlfriend back? Have you given your best to change her mind and found that it hasn’t worked by any means? Try not to freeze or panic as I’m going to show you how to get your ex girlfriend back and help you turn this entire thing around.

How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend BackThese things keep on happening, people lose their girls and they feel a need to get them back, yet it doesn’t happen. The reason behind why it doesn’t occur is on the grounds that you don’t have the foggiest idea about the tips and tricks that really work. On the off chance that you want to learn how to get your ex girlfriend back, there are a few things that you have to consider.

The following are the best tips that you can take with you today to guarantee that you will get to the higher ground in your life. These require time and patience, so don’t think that you will get past with this overnight. Take as much time as necessary, gain your confidence and hit these notes on how to get your ex girlfriend back.

Here are 9 things you need to consider before you start working on how to get your ex girlfriend back

  1. Reveal who broke up with who.
  2. Learn why this breakup happened.
  3. Watch the video which reveals step by step how to get your ex girlfriend back.
  4. Begin a no-contact period to get her back.
  5. Improve your conveyed masculinity, confidence and vibe.
  6. Attract your ex-girlfriend back without contacting her.
  7. Re-establish contact with your ex-gf.
  8. Hang out with her.
  9. Get her to want a new relationship with you.

STEP 1: Reveal who broke up with who?

How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

The approach we will go up against on how to get your ex girlfriend back will rely upon who initiated the breakup. This is to state that different breakup circumstances require different techniques and diverse methods.

So did she end it with you, or did you dump her? In the event that she ended up the relationship and you simply need things to backpedal to the way they used to be, scroll down to stage 2 just underneath.

STEP 2: Learn why this breakup happened.

There must be an explanation behind your break up. In this way, we should make sense of WHY your ex-GF or wife bid a final farewell to you. Our first need is to ensure that whatever it is you did, that made her need to end it up with you – we discover what that was NOW. Now you have the opportunity to quit it because unless you don’t, the straightforward procedure won’t work.How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

She will probably have disclosed to you some wishy-washy explanation behind why she finished it. Possibly she said both of you have “grown apart” or maybe she gave you the work of art i.e. a classic, “I just need some space”.

Whatever she stated, it will in all likelihood have NOT provided you any insight in the matter of what precisely turned out badly. This is typical of women, yet I’m a fellow person who’s your ally, and I can offer it to you straight on how to get your ex girlfriend back, so here goes…

Here are the 3 possible reasons for why she dumped you:

  1. Did she lose attraction for you?

At the point when a girl quits feeling pulled in to her bae (or spouse), the relationship goes stale for her, and on the off chance that she has any dating market value left (i.e. in the event that she’s as yet sufficiently hot to attract a decent new person) at that point she will dump the boyfriend and sometime she’ll go get another person (one who she feels an attraction for). How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

As I stated, this is the most well-known reason for the guys who want to know how to get your ex girlfriend back. He got dumped by the chick since she lost attraction for him.

Here are the means by which to know whether loss of attraction is your break up the situation:

Consider your relationship with her in a previous couple of weeks/months/years, and answer YES or NO to the accompanying questions:

  • Did you try your best to be extra nice to her all the time?

If you were decent to your girl literally all the time. Then, she would have grabbed on the subtext that you were attempting to get her to accept, acknowledge and like you – that you were competing for her approval.

  • Were you too nice?

The issue with this for you has been that your pleasant conduct has kept your lady from considering you to be a predominant man. For the reason, I illustrated above (approval-seeking). Furthermore, obviously, if your girl doesn’t consider you to be predominant, she at that point loses attraction for you. This is when thoughts of ending the relationship enter her head.

  • Did you do everything she ever asked (or told) you to do?

Surrendering to the wants and guidelines of ladies on an even semi-standard basis is unattractive to them. Also, on the off chance that you were doing it, at that point it will have certainly been a piece of the reason she dumped you.

All things considered, in the event that you got some information about this, she could never let it out. For what reason? She can’t. Attraction is an exceptionally primal and intuitive process that has been set up for a great many years. So she won’t be deliberately mindful or consciously aware of why she lost attraction for you. Now she has and you need to know how to get your ex girlfriend back.

  • Did you give her compliments on a regular basis?

By complimenting your ex consistently, you basically showed her that her DMV (Dating Market Value) was higher than yours. She lost attraction to you because of this and it led to the breakup.

  • Did you give her gifts regularly, especially at the moments that she showed her demands?

Consistent gifts will have made her think you were making a decent attempt to win her approval. It sets an edge where you are exhibiting that it is YOU trying to win HER, and in this manner, she recognizes that she is better than you. Ladies are not attracted towards men they feel superior to, so on the off chance that you were purchasing lots of gifts, you can consider it to have helped execute the attraction/relationship.

  • Did you make it very clear to her that she is the most important thing that you have in your life?

It would make logical sense that this should boost attraction – surely every girl needs to be the center point of her bae’s universe, isn’t that so? Incorrect! The truth is, a girlfriend wants to be important to you yet she additionally needs you to have different activities throughout your life that do exclude her. Because, if you’d made your life all about her, it’d be where she sees that she’s 100% prevailed upon you, and women get bored or exhausted of men they’ve prevailed upon completely. Why? It makes them think perhaps they could improve the situation, and that is the exact opposite thing you need your ex-considering.

Women require that component of challenge in their person… she needs to feel that she won you, yet not 100%, and to keep her on her toes/from getting tired, you should never let it reach 100% in her brain.

NOTE: I would imagine right now you’re reading these explanations and thinking something along the lines of “Wow I just had no idea that this is how attraction works and this is where I went wrong”.

Already given “Yes” answers to 3+ of those first 5 questions?

If that’s the case, forget the remainder of this Step and proceed on to the next step, because 3+ “yeses” by this point make it 100% clear to me that here we have a Category A situation. Most breakups in which the girl ended it, is this. Don’t panic, I made this site for this situation more than any other.

  1. Did you stress your commitment to her?How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

Again, showing her that she’s got you 100% by the balls like this will make her bored, which equates to the reduced attraction that contributes to a breakup. It’ll also indicate to her that you have no other viable dating options (because if you did have such options, why would you be so concerned with stressing your commitment?).

  • Were you too hard to tie down into a secure relationship?

It is entirely possible for a girl to be super attracted to her boyfriend but dump him regardless. It’s a situation where she absolutely wants to have you, but she feels she cannot. Why? Think about your relationship with her in the past few weeks/months/year, and ask yourself these questions…

  • Did the relationship fail to evolve?

Women are ticking time bombs in terms of their fertility, and you had better believe that there’s an evolutionary part of your ex’s brain driving her towards the goal of having a child.

  • Were you particularly mean/nasty to her?

Being a bit of an asshole to your girl is generally pretty healthy for a relationship…you’ve probably heard before those girls like bad boys and that nice guys finish last. Well, it’s true. But if a guy has been too much of a bad boy to his girl, she’ll feel like the connection has died.

  • Did you play it too cool/be overly aloof with her?

This is where a guy puts in almost no effort with his girl. He leaves it to her to start the messaging or calling, always. Shows no concern or sympathy for any problems she might be having. He might even fail to initiate sex often through being too chill.

  • Did you show far too much value?

It’s great to show that you are a high-value man (read: masculine, charming, witty, adventurous etc). But if a guy ‘overshows’ his value (i.e. he demonstrates cool things about himself too often), it will backfire on him.

Many women have quite simple and somewhat boring lives. So she might struggle to relate to you with your travel-filled lifestyle, amazing car and a massive house that you told her about (for example). And if she struggles to relate to you because she sees you as WAY better than her, she will go cold and initiate the no contact rule on you. “He’s out of my league”. Then she initiates a breakup.

  1. Did either you or her move away to another area?

How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend BackThis is the easiest circumstance in which to learn how to get your ex girlfriend back. Why is this the easiest? Well, it’s not as hard as other circumstances, like for instance getting a girl back from another guy. You only broke up due to distance, meaning that the attraction she feels for you is still present. In fact, it might even have increased, since women get off on desiring what they can’t have (you). Even if it seems impossible, it can be done.


Apply the solution to the reasons your situation falls under.

Reason # 1: The ‘nice guy’ who she lost attraction for (95% of guys visiting my site are this)

Reason # 2: The guy she felt she couldn’t build a secure relationship with (a minority of guys are this)

Reason # 3: The guy who lived far away from her, which made having a relationship too difficult (another minority of guys are this)

STEP 3: Watch the video for step by step guide:

The step to take now is to watch the video-presentation that I spent weeks putting together. That walks you through the surprisingly simple process of how to get your ex girlfriend back for a scenario like this one. This video is very popular but I may have to take it down soon. So I advise you to watch the video now before it disappears!

STEP 4: Begin a no contact period to get her back.

How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

Now that we diagnosed why your break up happened, you’re going to need to begin a No Contact Period. A No Contact Period is essential because after a breakup. Your ex’s feelings for you have gone stale. Such that ANYTHING you do other than give her a break from you would have a negative effect. 

So the step you must take here is to spend time apart. You must be wondering that this step is a bit too scary but no. This will get you the results that will leave a lasting effect on your life. Be it your relation or your self-esteem, you’re going to get it back.


STEP 5: Improve your conveyed Masculinity, Confidence and Vibe

To re-attract your ex girlfriend you’re going to need your body language and general vibe to do a fair amount of the work for you. Up until now, your body language has probably been submissive and weak. That is likely a large amount of the reason she lost attraction for you and broke up with you in the first place.How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back That needs to change. We need to get you behaving and coming across in a more attractive manner. When you meet up with her in person.

This takes practice so it is something you should get started with right away. As soon as you begin the No Contact Period. That way, when you go to meet with her after no contact. She’s going to ‘just feel’ that you have a sexier presence. That’s how it works, they can’t explain it, they ‘just feel’ it.


STEP 6. Attract Your Ex Girlfriend Back Without Contacting Her

How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend BackDuring the no-contact period, you’ll need to communicate high DMV to your ex girlfriend… without actually directly communicating with her. Put another way, you’ll need to send signals out that make it clear to her that you’re a high DMV man. Without making direct contact with her specifically as you do that. This gives you the best of both worlds, you get the benefits of No Contact. But you also get the benefits of boosting your DMV in her mind.

Social media is a very useful tool when it comes to answering how to get your ex girlfriend back.

STEP 7. Re-establish Contact With Your Ex Girlfriend

The way you communicate with her via text and in calls will need to change. Given that you’re in a break up you’ve probably been doing it completely wrong. Replying instantly to her messages even though she takes hours to respond to you. This has to stop and you need to start doing it right, after the no contact period. How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend BackSomething else to mention here. In most cases, if you are ultimately able to get your ex back. It is most likely going to happen face to face.

That’s because you can affect a girl’s emotions better face to face. Because remember, as a woman she makes her love-life decisions based on emotion. So that’s why any getting back together will most likely happen face to face. I say all that in the last paragraph to make the point that if face to face is how to get your ex girlfriend back generally happens. Then you’ll need to set up a meet with your ex when you communicate with her via texts and calls, especially after she moved on (if it seems she has).

Now, the texting rules as mentioned in the video I linked you to, will do a lot of the work to make her WANT to hang out. And as soon as she WANTS to hang out, then arranging to meet should be very easy. I’ll talk you through what to say to set up a meet with her regardless, though.

STEP 8: Hang Out With Your Ex Girlfriend

How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend BackYou’ll need an approximate plan/set of guidelines to use for any social meet you’re able to set up with your ex. These guidelines will need to nuzzle the interaction in the direction of the bedroom. Hanging out with your ex before getting back together is an important part of the win her back process. Why direct things towards the bedroom? Because the strongest way that you can affect her emotions is in bed. And remember, she decides who she wants as her boyfriend on an emotional basis. This means that getting her back into bed moves your goal of winning her how to get your ex girlfriend back along nicely.


STEP 9: Get Her To Want A New Relationship With You

Up to now, the steps will have re-established the attraction with your ex-GF. At this point, you’ve got to make her want to go exclusively with you again. And while that may SOUND like the most difficult part, it’s actually by far the easiest.How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

Getting her to want you back in a committed relationship is more about what NOT to do, than what to do. Because you have the attraction back to this point from the previous steps. So all you need to do here is get out of your own way and let the getting-back-together happen on its own.

The problem is, there are some things that I absolutely KNOW you’ll do wrong when it comes to this part. That will sabotage all your efforts and leave you back at square one. What you need here is for me to tell you what these bad things are so that you can be sure to avoid them.

In other words, you need me to tell you how to play it at the stage that things are going well with your ex gf. Also, all that’s left to happen is the formally getting back together part.



These 9 tips are going to pay off dividends. You just have to focus on you, instead of her. 

  1. Quick Notes On Getting Your Ex Back
  2. Cut off communication
  3. Don’t let her see you
  4. Find new hobbies
  5. Exercise more
  6. Eat Better
  7. Get New Friends
  8. Be Social, Don’t sulk
  9. Let Her Contact You

NOTE: If you can do that, she’ll come crawling back in no time. But sadly, you should also prepare yourself in case you are going to fail. I know that is a very strange way to end a page entitled “how to get your ex girlfriend back.” But the truth of the matter is that you are going to fail.

I am not saying that it is impossible to get her back. On the contrary, if you play your cards right then you can drastically improve your chances of winning her back. Of course, with the way you are doing things right now… well, you are going to fail.

How to know if you are going to fail or not?

How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend BackLet’s be honest here. If you’re desperate enough to type “how to get your ex girlfriend back” into Google then you definitely need help. I am not saying this to sound presumptuous or arrogant. I am just saying this because it is a fact, you desperately want your ex back. Look, all that anxiety and desperation you are feeling, let go of it! Now, I do want to point out that I can’t guarantee that your girlfriend will come back. Ultimately the final decision on whether or not you two should be a couple again lies with her. However, if you do everything on this page. Then hopefully it will be her who begs to be back with you.

So, was this epic guide on how to get your ex girlfriend back helpful?

Let us know in the comments.

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