How To Forget A Guy : A Guide For Your Relationship Dilemmas

There are many circumstances in love which do not always play according to your wishes. You may find a guy who is good for you, but you eventually break up. It’s time to forget him even if you love him with all your heart. Learn to forget someone you once loved. There may be some relationship problems which you may face and end up in breaking up. This blog post is all about how to forget a guy.

Why do you need to forget him? Finding out the reason may help you with how to forget a guy

It may not be a breakup; he may be moving to another country where you cannot be together. May his family not allow you to get along him in his life? There are so many circumstances that will make you break up with the guy you love. It is time that you forget him and looks ahead.

However, forgetting the person you love is not an easy task. It takes courage and mental strength and willpower to forget the guy. To make it easy for you, here are a few steps which you can follow to forget the guy.

What to do?
Distance yourself by disconnecting.
The first step is to distance yourself from the guy by disconnecting with him.
Go on a date
Start dating new people. When you meet new people and date them, it will eventually help you forget your ex.
It takes time to get over someone
You should know that it takes time to heal and forget the guy. Be patient and think of other than the guy.
Plan a trip
Plan a trip away from the places you hang out with your ex. Get out of town or country and try something new.
Remember why you broke up.
When you remember the reason for your break up, it will motivate you to forget the guy as it was a better decision.
Surround yourself with support
Your ex is not the only person who cares for you. Your parents, friends and other family members are also there to listen to your problems.
Think of breaking up as a learning experience
To forget the guy, you should think your breakup was a good experience, and you learn from it to save your future relationship.
Write a list of qualities that you hated in him
Make a list of things that you hate about him. Read that list whenever you get time.
Get busyDo some activity, read a book or join a gym. Keep yourself busy and stay away from things that make you remember him.

How To Forget A Guy?

  1. Distance Yourself By Disconnecting To Forget A Guy:

The best way to let go is to disconnect completely. If you want to forget the guy you need to disconnect with him from everywhere. You should taper off contact.

When you are in love, you may develop a strong relation and an emotional attachment. That emotional attachment will never allow you to forget the guy if you see him or meet him or call him. Even when his post appears on social media, it will tempt you to talk to him. So, the first rule of letting go is to distance yourself from the guy.

“out of sight, out of mind” is what you need to act upon:

When your relationship ends, it can be hard to move on. You need to make an effort to stop contacting. You may want to block your ex on social media and the phone. Do not call or text to your ex. Under no circumstances engage in activities which will make you spend time with your ex.

You can get rid of the memories you have with your ex. Do not think of them or remember those memories. It will help remove the temptation to contact your ex and will allow you to distance yourself from your to forget a guy

  1. Remember why you broke up?

One of the best ways to help you forget the guy is to remember the reason for your break up. Remember and keep in mind why things ended for you. What was the reason? Why you broke up? Was he acting bad or disrespectful? Was he involved with another girl? Why things did not work out? You need to remind you of that constantly. Once you do, it will help you forget the guy and help move on. The important part is that when you remember it; assure yourself that breaking up was a better idea.


  1. Think Of Breaking Up As A Learning Experience:

According to research when you think of your break up as a learning lesson, it will help you move on. Learn from your relation. Think of the good times you had with the guy. Yes, the good times and then think what went wrong. Note down the things that went wrong? Whatever the reason is you should know. Create a scenario and be confident that you will not do the wrong next time you are in a relationship. When you think of your break up as a learning experience, it will be better for your future relationship. It will help you easily forget the guy.



  1. It Takes Time To Forget A Guy:

Time is a great healer.  You have to accept this fact. It is not a magical world where you will swirl your wand, and there will be a new person in your mind. Be patient as it takes time to forget. It takes time to process out all those feelings that you had for that guy. It takes time to channel those feelings for someone else. You can never know how long will it take for you to heal and forget. It depends on how intimate and strong your relationship was with the guy. The long-term relationships with high intensity and love can take more time to forget.

Patience is the key here:

It is even more difficult and takes longer because; you may end up meeting him or seeing him around somewhere. It is a small world! Whenever you see him and are forced to interact with him, keep it to the minimum. Try and limit the interactions. You need to be respectful, but do not show the signs of love or attachment at all.

Many girls change their routine after having a breakup. Make sure that you do not change your routine. Take care of yourself. Stay healthy, eat healthily and sleep well. Do not let the negative thoughts in.

  1. Write A List Of Qualities That You Hated In Him, The Best Trick To  Forget A Guy:

One of the best tactics that will work and will help you forget the guy is to know what you hate in him. You can start making a list of things that you hate about him. You may find it hard at first, but eventually, you will get a long list of things that you do not like in him. Expand the list. Ask friends or family members about him. They may give you a few more things to hate.

how to forget a guy


  1. Get Busy, You Will Eventually Forget A Guy:

You should know how to stop thinking about someone. One of the best ways to forget the guy and stop thinking about him is to keep yourself busy all the time. You may have a lot of negative thoughts after having the breakup. You need to get rid of those thoughts and focus on something else.

To be busy, you need to find something to do. Find something that you enjoy doing. Go to a museum or go to the library. You may read a novel that keeps you busy. Visit a friend’s home or relatives who live far away. There are dozens of things that you can do to get busy. Do something that will keep your mind focused on that.

Find positive things to distract yourself with:

Do not watch movies. It is true, watching movies may get your emotional side up and want to get back to the same guy you want to forget. Do something that keeps him out of your mind.

You can get busy being social. Spend time with your friends in the neighborhood or online. Spend time with friends who will not talk to you about your ex. Even if you have a close friend, a best friend who talks about your past, leave him or her. Do not go close to them who will ask you about your ex.

Meet new people. Make new friends. Join a club or attend meetings. Talk to strangers in the bar or a restaurant. All these actions will keep you busy and away from his thoughts allowing you to forget him easily.

how to forget a guy


  1. Surround Yourself With Support To Forget A Guy:

One of the most important things that you can do to forget the guy is to surround yourself with support. Make sure that you have friends and family members around you to support you with the decision of breaking up.

When you are in a relationship, and something bad happens, you call your boyfriend or your partner. Once you are no longer in a relationship, try calling your mom, or dad, or a friend instead of your ex for a solution to the current problem.

Nothing beats the family’s support:

The good people who are around you will give you a base. Know that they are also there for you, and it was not only “him” who was around for you. Remind yourself instantly that your ex is not the only person who cared about you. There are dozen other people in your life that can do the same. Rely on them instead of your ex.

You may also seek a therapist if you feel necessary. The therapist you visit will assess your situation and will help you move on. Ask a friend to refer to a therapist.

How To Forget A Guy

  1. Go On A Date:

One of the best ways to forget your ex is to know how to date online. You may catch a date online or in the real world. It does not have to be a serious date. Casual fun dates will allow you to forge the guy. You may not be looking for the love of your life, but a date will help you forget the old partner.

Going on a date with someone else may help you in forgetting a guy:

Once you apply these tactics, you may feel that you forget him. Once you start forgetting him, it is time to go out. Put yourself back into the world. You should start meeting new people.

Dating a new person will help you get over your ex. You may not jump into a solid relationship, but it doesn’t mean that you do not try. To forget the guy, you have to find someone new.

how to forget a guy

  1. Planning Trips Help You In To Forget A Guy:

Another ways in which you can forget the guy is to plan a trip. It may be temporary, but it will allow you to freshen up your mind. Plan a trip with family or friends. If you have enough money, visit another country. It will allow you to spend time far away from your ex. It will allow you to spend time far from the place where you both hung out.

Many people feel attracted and emotional when they pass by a street lamp or a restaurant or a fountain they used to take pictures together, going on a trip out of town or even the country will help you forget the guy. It is one of the best ways to keep a distance from your ex and of the best tactics that you can use to forget the guy.

Go have some fun!

When you plan a trip, make sure that you do not take the friends who will remind you of the ex. You may want to travel alone for some time.

These are a few trusted ways to forget the guy you once loved. Make sure that you follow these steps. These are the tips which will help you forget the guy once and for all. Once you forget, get out and start a new life with no regrets.


how to forget a guy

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