How To Make A Guy Jealous [Perfect TIPS & Tricks]

Are you mad because it seems like your guy is always busy and is not able to spend more time with you? Do you feel that he is taking you for granted and you would like to do something about it? Do you think that following some tips on how to make a guy jealous so he’ll no longer take you for granted and leave you alone most of the time will be effective?

How To Make A Guy JealousWhen it comes to relationships, one of the common problems that couples encounter is not having enough time for each other. For couples who are always busy, sometimes making time for each other can be difficult. This can lead to misunderstandings and into thinking that the other is being taken for granted. If you want your guy to spend more time with you, making him jealous is one of the things that you can do. There are a lot of ways on how to make a guy jealous and eventually see you as someone worth spending time with. If you are serious about it then the following tips can be helpful.

20 Quick Tips On How To Make A Guy Jealous

Learn how to make a guy jealous and want you in quick and simple steps. See, most people, even girls, wouldn’t know what or who they really want if it was standing right in front of them with banners and waving light sabers. The answer to this problem is simple: Jealousy… or a bit of it. When done right, a bit of jealousy might solve your problem and get his attention or, better yet, make him want you.

  1. Looking Great:

There shouldn’t be any particular occasion to look stunning or to attend to yourself. Take time to get all dressed up whilst you are going out. if you are not a whole lot of a make-up character, then try putting on a bit of makeup for a show.

How To Make A Guy JealousDon’t simply put on whatever that you lay your hand on rather choose the dress so as to highlight your curves better. Make some effort to adjust your hairstyle as well.these kinds of adjustments won’t go left out. Your husband will surely note the change and could ask you questions about the meet up. Don’t provide out any details, simply smile mysteriously. it’s far sufficient to make him jealous and he’s going to begin giving extra attention to you so as to figure out what’s taking place in your life.

Isn’t it remarkably adorable? After being married for so long, in case you see that your husband is getting possessive about you won’t you experience desirable about it? You realize that you are doing it for your husband, but why let the cat out of the hat so early. enjoy all the eye that he’s showering on you after which when you feel that things are taking a flip, blurt out the reality.

  1. Go Out For Some Fun:

In case you haven’t gone out along with your pals for a long time, then it is high time that you ignore your boyfriend or husband and opt out on a dinner date along with your pals. Have lots of fun and click snaps randomly so you can show them to your man.

How To Make A Guy JealousAllow him to realize how tons of enjoyment it was to meet up with old buddies. Keep on smiling recalling the communication you had together with your friends. It’ll appeal to him in the direction of you in a natural way.

As you ignore your man a bit, it not only makes him jealous, but also he’ll try and barge into the gap that he thought had been reserved for him. Your guy would really like to have you all to himself and might even reject the idea of sharing some time with anyone else.

  1. Make His Guy Friends Admire You:

Whilst you are around your guy’s buddy circle, then try to do some thing that’ll make his friends go gaga over you. while his friends will begin appreciating or complimenting you, he’s going to start feeling jealous or possessive about you. Don’t do anything brazenly flirty, however just be your great self in front of his buddies and the rest could be taken care of by using his friends.

Act dunce, as if you haven’t achieved something intentionally, and you may no longer be in any form of hassle along your guy.

  1. Keep The Info To Yourself:

You must have realized by now that you deliver out more information than asked for. It ultimately turns towards you because in no time your boyfriend or husband is bored by way of the details and that they begin yawning.How To Make A Guy Jealous

This time flip the table around. If your guy asks for some info, respond vaguely. maintain your conversation sweet and short. he will appear puzzled because he is making an attempt to figure out the sudden change in you. This way, you will be capable of preserving a mystery around you.let his mind wander round in the wild to gather the details. Your process is finished. You wanted to make your man jealous and get his attention, and you have achieved that.

  1. Talk About Your Ex:

Human beings can turn out to be complacent with out a touch of competition. This is particularly genuine for long-term relationships. Your man believes that you can not think beyond him, and so he has stopped taking out time for you.

Give him a reality check. start talking about your ex and the way he used to treat you. take into account not to overdo the act. Otherwise, it’d backfire you and ruin your dating once and for all.Do it in the proper manner and you will truly make your man feel jealous!

  1. Have A Good Laugh With Your Guy Friends:

If you and your boyfriend are in a party, then this feature is the excellent way to make your man jealous about you. How To Make A Guy JealousYou just have to spend more time together with your guy buddies instead of clinging on to your guy.

You could click photographs by hugging them or you could pose with them for pictures.

Will you be able to digest the truth that your man is giving extra importance to different ladies whilst you are also there in the same event? The answer is a huge NO, all of us recognize that. So, don’t you think that the equal law applies to your man as well? Try the trick.

  1. Try Ignoring His Calls:

When your guy is calling you, don’t bounce directly to get hold of the call instantly. ignore first few calls, if he still calls after a while, then pick up the phone and fake to be too busy. However, bear in mind to land up like a dream when you meet him in person the next time. Mesmerize him with your beauty, so that he forgets what took place earlier. He won’t bring up the mundane topic of why you didn’t pick up the phone and ruin the date.


  1. Fake Flirting:

Don’t fake to flirt or don’t make too much attempt to flirt with your guy’s pals, in any other case, he will sense the aim behind your act. try to be natural and maintain it subtle enough to make him observe of what you are doing without overdoing it. This is something no one should make their partner suffer through ever, unless you are a horrible trash person.

  1. Go Out With A Young Guy:

In case you are married for a long time now and your husband isn’t always treating you like the way he used to when you were newly-wed. How To Make A Guy JealousThen it is high time you take control of the state of affairs. Go out on a date with some younger guy.

This works almost all the time when it comes to answering how to make a guy jealous. Your husband wouldn’t love the concept of his wife going out with a young man. He’ll certainly change his stance towards you and start taking care of your wishes all of a sudden.

  1. Be Seen:

You realize he can be coming over to pick you up from workplace, so ask one of your man pals to hang out with you. While you notice your guy’s vehicle coming, simply wrap your arm round your colleagues while speaking casually to make your guy jealous.

Your man will truly take notice of this small gesture and could right away begin wondering you. Forget about his questions and ask him to stop performing like a jealous boyfriend.

  1. Share A Smile With His Enemy:

If you know whom your man hates the most, then you definitely shouldn’t leave out the opportunity to make him jealous via sharing a smile with him. Stand little close to the guy whom your boyfriend literally hates and talk to him. This may make him jealous and he would really like to catch your attention again. You’re finally brewing some ideas on your own on how to make a guy jealous now.

  1. Post Pictures On Social Media:

How To Make A Guy JealousWhy not make use of the social media platform to show your man that you can have a laugh with out him as nicely and make him jealous?

Your guy appears to have forgotten that your life can be exciting even with out him and how popular you’re among your friends. So, these snap shots will provide him a subtle reminder about it and as he’ll see you all smiles with different friends, he’s sure to get jealous.

  1. Childhood friend can do the trick:

While you are attempting to make your man feel jealous, then you may begin speaking about your early life pal more. How you used to act in your youth and what all you both have achieved collectively. Your escapades will honestly haunt him down and he’ll begin getting a bit territorial about you. He might not display it, however your guy will get jealous about it.

  1. Text your ex

He’s going to say that he doesn’t care about your past, but deep inside he is pretty insecure and jealous about your ex-boyfriend.How To Make A Guy Jealous

So, if he sees that you are texting your ex, he’ll feel jealous, no matter the message that you sent out. You can see the moment where his eyes glaze over with rage. It’s just a moment, and then it’s gone. This is probably the nastiest tips on how to make a guy jealous.

  1. Be Detached When He Flirts:

In case you see him flirting with other women, don’t react. Simply stay calm and revel in. He won’t be capable of digest this response and could start wondering why you’re detached towards his actions. He’s going to start feeling ignored and would come back running to you. That is a terrific way of making him jealous. (However don’t act so indifferent that he will assume your relationship is not working.)

  1. Compare Him With A Celebrity:

Talk about a hot celeb in detail with your man. He can’t respect the reality that you are fond of any other guy, even though it is a celebrity.

  1. Share Memories of You And Your Guy Friends:

How To Make A Guy JealousTell him about how much fun you and your other guy friends have and how much you love their company. 

Your man will feel jealous listening about your amusing times due to the fact you’re telling him in a roundabout way that he is not fun to hang around. 

He’s going to start putting in a variety of attempt to win you back.

  1. Dress Up While Heading Out With Others:

Take more time in getting ready while you are going out with others. Your guy will see how tons effort you’re installing to get a sexier look, but when you are going out with him, just wear anything that you lay your hand on.Your action will no longer go left out and he’s going to start feeling jealous and neglected at the same time. He’ll crave for your interest and would love you to invest as a lot of time while going out with you.

  1. Leave Conversations In The Middle:

When you are in the middle of the conversation just stand up and get going, pretend as if you remembered something that is more important than this conversation. Your guy will feel jealous because something else is more important to you than him.

  1. Let Your Friend Speak On Your Behalf:

Make one of your buddies reveal your popularity among other guys to your guy while you ask them to stop the communication. Stage this act carefully. Don’t allow him to feel something suspicious. You must act like as if that’s everyday, this is one of the most helpful tips on how to make a guy jealous.


How To Make A Guy Jealous

Always remember that although making your man feel jealous can be a laugh, however at the same time, it could be risky too. Don’t drag it too much.Keep in mind that you’re only performing out because you want to make him feel jealous and realize your actual worth.

So, was this epic guide on how to make a guy jealous helpful?

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