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Keeping a man interested in you can be a bit difficult for some woman because they can be pickier then we realize. There can be many reasons that become a cause of losing his inters in you. It is not easy to know and fulfill all the standards that man want in a woman. Their likes can be changed soon that can make you really confused that what you should need to do. To help you with this issue that how to keep a guy interested in you.

We are going to give you some useful tips that will help you a lot to make your relationship better with your boy.

How To Keep A Guy Interested?

1. Show interest in himShow your interest in your partner and all of his activities, likes, dislikes, hobbies etc.
2. Appreciate for his effortsIf he will do some effort for you then must appreciate his effort instead of ignoring it
3. You are okay with his friendsDon’t get angry or irritated when he wants to spend some time with his friends. Man doesn’t like this behavior of a woman. So realize your partner that you have no issue with her friends and you will give her time to spend with them
4. Get Ready for himYou should get ready for him; ask her to choose a dress for you when you are going outside. Also when he will come back home you should get ready to welcome him.
5. Scent is everythingThe scent is a great thing that can bring your man closer to you. So use perfumes that attract your partner
6. Don’t be available readilyDon’t be available readily because your all-time availability can become a cause of losing their interest in you
7. Be there for himWhen he is trouble or feel upset try to be with him instead of feeling irritated or leaving him alone
8. Cook for himFood is one of the best ways of keeping a guy interested in you. So cook yummy and favorite food for him
9. Take proper care of yourselfCaring yourself is the main point that is an important reason for showing their interest in you. So, try to take a proper care of yourself not only for him infect also for your own self
10. Compliment his personalityGuys also really love to get compliments, especially on their personality. Give him a compliment on his personality and tell that he is looking really handsome and smart
11. You should financially independentSome of the guys don’t like the woman who financially depends on them. You should become financially independent
12. Give freedom to himGive him the freedom to do anything that he wants or loves to do
13. Don’t be jealousWhen he talk or spend time with a female colleague or friend, his friends or even with his family don’t get jealous
14. Laugh with himLaughing together with your man will allow him to keep interested in you instead of going anywhere else.
15. Don’t become a drama queenYou Don’t create an issue on small things and don’t start to cry when he’ll try to tell you something to make your relationship better
16. Don’t play the game with himYou Don’t lie to your man and also don’t play games by cheating on him
17. Don’t be negativeNegativity is the main thing that can destroy your relationship or your man may start to stay away from you. So be positive and don’t be negative at any point
18. Don’t be needyYour Don’t show him that you really need him or you don’t live without him
19. Don’t force for anythingYou Don’t force him to do anything for which he is not feeling comfortable
20. Be seductive with himTry to be seductive with him when you are in your room at night
21. Must be strongMake yourself stronger to show that you are not a person who can easily give up
22. Be confidentConfidence is really important to keep the men interested in a women
23. Show honestyHonesty can make you his closest person without whom he can’t imagine spending his life alone.
  1. Show Interest In Him:

What is a better way to say your man that you are in him? Maybe it is a bit difficult for you to express your interest in a better way. You can show that you are interested in him by showing your interest. If he loves to watch sports then sit with him and watch the game together. You can also ask her to tell you about his favorite game and its rules as well. I think this is the best way to keep a guy interested.

Some of the men have a solo type of nature and they do not like to share their activates with their woman. Try to show your interest in all of his activities, likes, dislikes, and hobbies but you can try to speak with him and can ask some questions around his interest. But keep one thing in your mind that you are not going to force him that he tells you everything.

How To Keep A Guy Interested

  1. You Are Okay With His Friends:

This is another best way to keep a guy interested. If you will make him feel that you are okay with his friends then you might be a coolest girlfriend or partner in for him. Every guy wants that their girlfriends also allow them sometime for their friends and don’t disturb them at all.

Also, show a good attitude to his friends if you are feeling comfortable. Offer your man to go outside and plan some movie night for your old friends or invite them at home for dinner. It must keep him interested in you.

How to keep a guy interested

  1. Don’t Be Available Readily:

Guys like the challenge. So if you will always willing, ready and available he can start to lose his interest very fast. The man likes to see that a woman has her own life and he also loves and wants his own living space. So give him some time and space for his own self. Don’t call or text him again and again, it will show him that you have not your own life. He is the center of your life and you have nothing to do for you.

  1. Take Proper Care Of Yourself:

This is one of the most important things that you just need to do a priority. To keep a guy interested in you and it is all about your personality and beauty that attracts a man towards you and allow him to keep interested in you. You should take proper care of your personality, spiritual or well as mental life as well.

It is essential because when you keep yourself busy in your daily routine you may not get enough time for you due to which your partner may start to stay away from you. So that’s why it is important to make your relationship better.

how to kee a guy interested

  1. You Should Financially Independent:

Financially independence is a big thing that is important for a man. He really appreciates this thing in a woman that he doesn’t have to provide for you. You have the ability to manage everything. He will try and want to take proper care of you because he knows that you don’t necessarily need him to.

How to keep a guy interested

  1. Don’t Be Jealous:

Jealousy is natural and normal but it is a very negative and bad feeling that can destroy many relations. So try to stay away from this feeling. If it will happen to you then you must have the ability to deal with it. If you will allow this feeling to control you then you may show your anger. Negative behavior to your man that can create your bad image in his mind.

You are confident about your relationship and all the things are on good terms between both of you then jealousy should not come into your relationship. If you will show too much jealousy you may probably lose him very fast. If you are feeling something like this then you must have to share it with your partner instead of showing him.

How To Keep A Guy Interested

  1. Don’t Be Negative:

It is really hard to live with a person who is negative for a variety of reasons. It can be annoying, affect your relationships as well as your energy, it is exhausting and it can’t allow you to do a normal conversation with your man. Due to these reasons, your negativity can become a cause of losing the interest of our partner in you.

If you are unable to control this feeling then silence is a good policy here. To keep your guy interested in you, don’t do a conversation with him in a negative way always try to show positivity.

How to keep a guy Interested

  1. Have Your Own Interests:

You should have your own interests of all sorts. If you think that you have no interests in your life then you are doing your life wrong. You must try to find your own interests such as reading, animals, making music, painting. whatever you think you can do in a better way. It will help you to make your life more beautiful as well as lovely.

The man really likes a woman who has their interests and who feels really passionate about their hobbies. You can also offer him to become a part of your interest and you will learn him about it. This is the best way of keeping you interested in you.

how to keep a guy interested

  1. Must Be Strong:

Don’t be weak you must need to be stronger in any situation. Remember that if you are playing your role in men’s society then it is better don’t lose your strength or don’t show your weakness at any cost. Men really like the women to be strong in the sense that a woman manages different things on their own without depending on any other person.

But don’t be too much stronger due to which you feel afraid to ask for help once a while. When you will become a master in it then it can be your second nature and your man will show more interest in you and start to feel proud to have a strong life partner.

how to keep a guy interested

  1. Show Honesty:

Honesty is the main thing that keeps a relationship strong. Guys really like the girls who are not feeling afraid to say that what she feels and wants. Be honest about what you want or what do you not want is a great bonus in a strong relationship. Even more so when it comes that what you may or may not want when you are in bed with your partner.

So try to be honest when you will talk to him about your favorite food, things, and many other things as well. But must remember the previous point that doesn’t show yourself weak be strong while sharing anything with your guy. It is the best way of keeping your guy interested in you especially when you are in a long-term relationship.

How To Keep A Guy Interested


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Furthermore, to know how to keep a guy interested in you it is really important to show your love and care for him and doesn’t take everything in a negative way you can also visit for more different options. You must try to take care of the like and dislikes of your partner. Also, let him know about your likes and dislikes. If you will tell each other about yourself then you can spend a better life. Your guy will never lose his interest in a long-term relationship.

I hope you like my Article and now you know how to keep a guy interested.

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