How To Ask Someone Out? 21 Easy Ways to Ask Someone Out

Asking someone for hanging out is not an easy task, specifically for introvert people. How to ask someone out is one of the main concerns for people. It can be tricky, but you should be prepared for rejection, as well. There is nothing bad if someone doesn’t want to go out with you.How to ask someone out

However, you shouldn’t lose hope before trying. You should maintain a good rapport with that person with whom you want to go out. This article contains information how to ask someone out with you without losing your self-worth & confidence.

Does it all seem interesting to you? Continue reading this article to explore more!

Identify if the person is already in a relationship or notFirst of all, you should know the relationship status of the other person. You may directly ask, enquirer from the friends, or scroll over social media profile.
Be confident but also ready for rejectionYou should be confident. Also, you should adhere to the fact that you may face rejection and it is not necessary to take it to the heart.
Know her likes and dislikesKnowing the likes & dislikes of your crush can help you to identify how to ask someone out.
Identify how to ask her to go outYou may ask her directly or in an indirect way. furthermore, you may ask her over a message or call.
Ask directlyYou should prefer direct conversation. In this way, you will get a clear answer.
Make eye contactMaking eye contact is a good trick to let the other person know about your interest.
Exchange smileExchanging smile can also be served as one of the best non-verbal cues. It exchanges a positive image.
Introduce yourself, if you both are not known alreadyIf you don’t know her personally, then you should introduce yourself to her and continue further conversation.
Be diplomatic if she says noIn case, she says no to your offer, then don’t lose heart. Let her know that it is perfectly okay and you don’t have any harsh feelings for her.
Be honestBeing honest is one of the best things you can do. You don’t need to be fake and show your emotions in a genuine way. In this way, you don’t need to think before behaving in a specific way.
Stay focused on your goalsDon’t distract from your goals. In this case, your main goal would be asking her to go out with you.
Be specificBe specific in your query. Distracting from your main query may lose her interest in you. So, be specific and ask her if she can spend some time with you.
Figure out the details of your dateAlso, you should figure out the details, for example, date, day, venue, time, etc.
Talk about happy thingsTalk about happy things whenever you make a conversation with her.
Ask her for reasonable hoursYou may ask her which hours will be suitable for her.
Be cooperativeShow your cooperation with her. It will expose your positive attitude towards her.
Give her importanceGive her importance and priority over other affairs.
Let her know if you like that specific timeAfter meeting with her, let her know that you liked meeting with her and spending time with her. After that, you may ask her for the next meeting.
Listen to herListen to her emotions and thoughts carefully. Be a good listener so that she can trust you.
Know her interestsKnowing her interests is another good initiative.

How To Ask Someone Out? Outstanding Tricks

  • Identify If The Person Is Already In A Relationship Or Not

Before moving forward, it is a crucial step. You have to know the current relationship status of the other person. You may ask her directly or simply stare at her social media accounts. However, some of the people don’t want to publicize their relationships, so asking directly is the best option.


  • Be Confident On Yourself But Also Ready For Rejection

How To Ask Someone Out

How to ask someone out? Keep in mind that confidence is the best thing that you can wear anywhere, anytime. It makes your personality charismatic.

So, be confident and make yourself ready for any kind of consequences. When you are going to ask your crush to hang out with you, be ready for the rejection. You may figure out the possibilities of rejection by observing situations.

However, keep in mind that there is nothing wrong if the other person doesn’t want to go out with you. There can be some personal reasons or any other issue.


  • Know Her Likes And Dislikes

How To Ask Someone Out

Knowing her intentions can help you to make a better plan for your date. Also, it will help you to ask.

For example, if she is fond of music, you may ask her to go to a concert with you. In case, she likes to watch movies or any other hobby, you can ask accordingly. In this way, the possibilities of rejection will be reduced.


  • Be Diplomatic If She Says No

how to ask someone out.

It is a crucial step to keep your existing relationship safe with her.

In case, she denies to go out with you, let her know that it is completely fine and you don’t have hard feelings for her. It will make your good impression for her and also the chances of meeting again in the future.

Also, it will show that you are a mature and confident person.


  • Be Honest

How To Ask Someone Out

Being honest is one of the best things you can do. You don’t need to be fake and show your emotions in a genuine way.

In this way, you don’t need to think before behaving in a specific way. If you are sure that you can keep a relationship healthy, then don’t hide your emotions and let the other person know about your feelings towards her.

If you have a desire to know the other person more, if you want to spend more time with her, or whatever your intentions are, be clear about them. You should let her know about your intentions. It is essential, to be honest about your intentions towards her.


  • Listen To Her

How To Ask Someone Out

Be a good listener as it can increase your chances and can prove a solution to how to ask someone out.

You should listen to her carefully, give her attention, and try to give some advice on her issues. It will make your trustworthy in her eyes. She starts trusting you and sharing her feelings and thoughts with you.

So, when she gets attached to you, the chances of ‘yes’ will become high. It may serve as the best trick among all other tricks.


  • Be Specific

How To Ask Someone Out

While asking her to go out, you should be specific in your query. In case, you talk about other things more as compared to the main query, it may distract her. she may not feel interested in even replying you. Keep in mind, girls like importance.

So, you should ask her directly and specifically. She comes to know that she is important for you, and so the chances of getting a positive response to become higher. Distracting from your main query may lose her interest in you.

Don’t give her a chance to say no.


Are You Shy?

How To Ask Someone Out

Your shyness may distract you to achieve your goals. How to ask someone out can be one of your goals. If you are a shy person, it can be the toughest job for you to ask someone a thing even that contain the fear of rejection.

To handle such a situation, first of all, you need to work on your personality. you should build more confidence and have a strong personality. You should adhere to the fact that there is nothing wrong if someone denies your offer as it is her right.

However, in case of any need, you may contact an expert to achieve your goal. Being a professional, I am here to help you in the best possible way.

Do You Need More Information?

Current article contains credible information, as I wrote it after an in-depth research. I come with an understanding of what people want to know and which things can help them. I always try to help you by keeping realistic aspects in the mind.

If you want to live your life happily, it is necessary to maintain a good quality of life. On a daily basis, a number of people contact me and most of them want to know how to ask someone out. It is the foremost thing while starting a relationship. The main aim of writing this article is to provide you with the information that can help you.

Still, after reading this article, if you have questions in your mind, feel free to ask. It may happen that your situation is different or it may be due to individual differences.

Ask Me:

Anything is possible! So, don’t hesitate and just ask what you want to know more. Are you thinking how to approach me? I have made it simple. Just write your question down in the comments section and I will get back to you with an answer.

Realistic Situations:

How To Ask Someone Out

Here, you should adhere to the fact that I have to deal a number of queries on a daily basis, and also I need to maintain my personal life along with it. So, you should show some patience while waiting for your to ask someone out It may take some time.

Furthermore, I want you to know that I always come up with authentic information on the basis of realistic situations. I will not provide you with any kind of fake information just to make you relax.

As I believe that fake information can just provide you timely relaxation, but in the long run, it can destroy you, And I want you to be happy, contented, and a strong person who can face the bitter realities of life.

In addition to it, there is the possibility that one trick is working fine with your friend but the same trick doesn’t work for you. Why does it happen? Because of individual differences and change in situations.


Every other thing will become easy for you when you know how to ask someone out. Whenever you like a person, you want to take her out with you, the easiest way is to ask her directly.

Along with it, you should be ready to accept her answer. It can be a yes or no. Keep in mind that it is her right to accept or deny but there is nothing wrong in it.

The techniques that are mentioned in this article will be helpful for you to manage your life easier.

Positive Vibes:

How To Ask Someone Out

In fact, when two people meet with each other, they exchange positive vibes. If you and your crush exchanges these positive vibes, then it will become easy for you to ask her to go out with you.

These vibes assist to maintain a relationship. Some other things that can help you include your body language, non-verbal cues, eye contact, personality, and selection of words. You should be a genuine person whatever the circumstances are.

Keep in mind that onset of risk always remains in a situation, so all you need is to be hopeful whatever the situation is.


You should not step back when it comes to the quality of life. It is necessary to maintain it. If you think that you require expert services to boost your quality of life, just go for it.

Also, I am always ready to help you. I feel honored whenever I help any of you. But you should also ask only what is required. Please avoid asking what is already discussed. I will save your, mine, and others precious time.

I wish you a good luck with your attempts that you are making to get what you want.

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