15 Best Ways Of How To Seduce A Man With Words

How To Seduce A Man With Words

When you are looking to how to seduce a man with words, you don’t necessarily have to use anything. If you are thinking about how to seduce your boyfriend and feeling like you are unsure about what to do, you’re definitely not the single one.

No doubt men buy first with their eyes, their looks are more than women are at least. This means there is a great space to seduce a man without laying hands on him if you know how.

But how?

Truth has been spoken that men do need that beautiful sexual physical attraction with a girl if they are going to get intensely connected. However, there are solid expert methods that can get you on track fast to get into the mind of a man with just your words. Let’s find out the ways to seduce a man.

How To Seduce A Man With Words

15 Best Ways How To Seduce A Man With Words

If you want to be super attractive and sexy but have no idea about that from where to start? No need to worry about that. Read the complete article to find out how to seduce a man with words.
Here are the 15 best tips to seduce a man with words.

  1. You’re Going To Need Confidence.

Seduction and attraction aren’t so much about them as it is about you. You need to own yourself when you walk into a room. Men highly appeal to confident women. If you give off the confidence, it will be much easier to seduce a man.

  1. You Can’t Let Him See He’s Being Seduced.

No one really wants to know they’re being seduced, especially men. Remember, a guy likes to think he’s in charge, even when he’s not. So, though you’re seducing him, you cannot let him think you rule the game. This will take a while for you to determine this so you need to practice for this.

  1. Start With Flirting.

You don’t want to come across as completely aggressive. If you tell him what you are thinking straight up, that’s a risky move because you’re either going to guess right and nail it or you’ll send him running far and fast. Both, man or women, don’t like someone up their face. It generally makes people run the other way. So, approach a guy, don’t attack him. Start with flirting. It’s simple, build sexual tension, and makes him feel comfortable.

  1. Give Him a Compliment.

Now don’t overplay it with the flattery. Compliment him, but if you overdo it, it looks like too much. You don’t need to tell him he is wonderful and awesome. Just give him a gentle compliment about what he is wearing, that he has a good sense of humor funny *if he actually is* or his hair. Keep the compliments simple, don’t get too deep into the first encounter.
You might think guys won’t take interest in hearing about how good looking and handsome they are, but you couldn’t be more wrong according to the experts.
No matter what you are saying, make sure that you are complimenting him with the truth. If he gets that you are just trying to pump him up, then you might get yourself into a little hot water.

  1. Look Interested In What He Has To Say.

Well, don’t act to be excited if you’re not. Don’t waste your time just because he has a good looking personality. I mean, there are other guys who you’ll find to be handsome and attractive. If you’re actually taking interest in what he has to express, he’ll feel cared for.

It’s good that you take a real interest in his life if you are going to try and seduce a man with your words. Make sure that you are concentrating on what he says and don’t be nervous to recall the words he is saying back.

Many people think seduction is totally sexual, but really, most of the seduction is based on your level of interest in someone.

  1. You Have To Be Yourself.

So many people try to be someone else when they seduce. You don’t have to pretend wired if you’re normally loud and giggling. Be you what you are.

If you try to be someone else, trust me they notice and the power position switches to their favor. You’re not yourself which means you hide self-doubt. So, screw that, embrace your mistakes.

  1. Don’t Be Afraid To Try Some Reverse Psychology.

You don’t need to have a PhD. in psychology to figure out how people think. Sometimes, men like being teased. It turns them on. So, instead of complimenting him, do the reversed. He’ll find it challenging that you don’t fall for him when rest of the women do.

  1. Tell Him What You Want From Him.

Okay, don’t start talking about kids and marriage, this won’t seduce him. Maybe it will but only a few men will be entertained by this thought.
You can take this down a strong sexual road or you can keep it simple and flirty. But, why not tell him what you want from him? If you want him to kiss your lips and neck—tell him. No women tell a man who they meet for the first time what they want from him. Ease yourself into this topic after some flirting.

  1. Or, Be Reserved.

There’s not a general formula on how to seduce someone. It really depends on how you are as a person. Some women use their shyness as a way to seduce a man, and it works. So, go with what suits you.
Being shy isn’t always a bad thing. It adds the soft, sexual atmosphere with a touch of mystery that men love. They want to try to find more information about you. Thus, they put the work in rather than you.

  1. Don’t Give Him What He Expects.

He may be waiting for you to tell him how much you like him or how you would love to be with him. Don’t give him any of that, especially if he’s a little egotistical. You can tell when a guy knows he’s hot.
So, the best thing to do is avoid the traps he sets in front of you. He may make a comment about his hair or clothes where he’ll expect you to confirm—don’t.

  1. Start the Conversation, Let Him Carry It.

You don’t have to do all the work, you know. You can basically set the foundation and then let him build it. You can text him first or approach him, but then let him do the rest of the talking. To seduce someone, you shouldn’t chat his ears off. You can just give him a line and then back off.

  1. Don’t Knock Him Down.

There’s a difference between teasing and knocking him down. Remember, you’re not supposed to make him feel like shit by the end of the conversation.

You’re trying to make him feel good around you, not the opposite. So, tease him, flirt with him, even make fun of him, but you have to do it in a way that’s not threatening and degrading.

  1. Ask Questions.

Don’t be shy to ask questions. You want to engage him in conversation and the best way to have a conversation is to ask a question about him.

People love talking about themselves. He’ll love the fact that you want to know more about him. Don’t make it an interview though. Ask him a couple questions here and there, let him ask you questions—you know, an actual conversation

  1. Know What Your End Goal Is.

Are you talking to him just for practice? Do you want to sleep with him? Are you wanting something more with him?

You don’t have to know exactly what you want since things are always subject to change, but knowing the direction where you want this to go, you’ll be able to shape the conversation in that direction. So, if you want to sleep with him, use more body language, touch him, you could even kiss him.

  1. Don’t lie.

You don’t have to tell them all your personal information, but don’t lie to him. It’s simple for you to approach each conversation with an open mind and heart. Now, does this mean you have to give your heart to him? Absolutely not. But by being honest, you actually have a great conversation with him and seduce him by being yourself.

Final Words

When it comes to how to seduce a man with words, there is no simple answer. It’s all about experimentation and calculated trial and error. Figure out what expert tips and strategies work for you and go for it.

Best of luck. You’ll do great!

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