How to Cheer Someone Up – 20 Easy Ways to Make Someone Smile

Sadness is an emotion that can feel by everyone. There is nothing wrong if someone feels sad due to some unexpected or sad events. You should try to cheer up a sad person so that he can feel good. How to cheer someone up? This is the thing that matters.

Some people want others to be happy but they cannot do anything for them when they become sad. However, you can do it by reading some aspects in this article. The purpose of writing this article is to provide you with the information that can help you in chilling someone. Continue reading to know more!How to cheer someone up

How To Cheer Someone Up?

1. Listen to themListen to what they want to say. This is the best thing that you can do even when you cannot do any other thing. It allows them to do a catharsis of their problem.
2. Ask relevant questionsYou may ask relevant questions to them.
3. Give them advice, if they ask for itOnce they tell you their problem, you can provide advice if they ask for it.
4. Get face to faceA face to face conversation can serve the best role.
5. Give them giftsGiving them gifts is another idea that works well.
6. Try to make them smileYou can tell them a joke, do something funny, or do another thing that can make them smile.
7. Surprise themGiving them a surprise is another good idea.
8. Take their mind off itYou should do some activities that can help them to distract their mind.
9. Change their environmentYou may ask them to change their environment. You can give them a kind hand. For example, you may go for a hangout.
10. Be optimisticLet them that being optimistic is the best thing they can do to make themselves chill in a depressive situation.
11. Know that sometimes people need to be sadIt is a fact that anyone can feel sad at times in life. Lots of situations occur in life that can make a person sad. So, acceptance of this emotion is necessary.
12. Have a dance partySetting up a dance party can serve as the food option to cheer someone up.
13. Go to shoppingTake them to shopping even they do not need anything. Shopping distracts their focus from tension to something else. They will feel pleasure.
14. Help them get some restIf they are very busy and need some rest, allow them. You may do some tasks that they have to do so that they can rest.
15. Give them a soothing soundtrackNature sounds like waterfall sound or the sound of ocean waves can give a relaxing effect.
16. Go for a movie planAsk them to go on a movie with you. It will be excited for both of you.
17. Meditate with themYou may make it your habit to do meditation with them. It will give you both relaxation.
18. Volunteer togetherYou may work together. Be a volunteer in an organization and reserve seats for both of you.
19. Make a cup of tea for themThe smallest thing you can do is to make a cup of tea for that person.
20. Allow them to to make a fake laughIf a person doesn’t want to laugh, then he should try to make a fake laugh at least. It makes a person feels good.


  1. Listen To Them:

How To Cheer Someone UpThe best gift you can give a person is your time. Sometimes, when a person is depressed or sad, he may just need a person who can listen to him. So, when you want to cheer someone up, you can simply listen to what he says and provide positive gestures. You can provide him an advice or simply give a smile.

  • Don’t interrupt the person in the middle of the story. Don’t be a rude person. This is the time when the other person needs your support.
  • Show your interest in listening to the story. Try to figure out the actual problem. In this way, the person will feel pleasure to know that you care for him. Try to make your communication clear.
  • Usually, people are hesitant to trust others. Confidentiality matters a lot to every person. Let the person know that you feel easy to listen to him. Also, you can advise something if it seems appropriate in the situation.
  1. Change Their Environment:How To Cheer Someone Up

A change is always good to make you feel good. This change can be minor or major. People take signals from the surroundings and apprehend the moods on the basis of the environment. So, if you want to relax a person, take him out.

It changes the pattern of thoughts and provides a new environment to think. Hence, being social is not the answer all the time. Bring yourself near to nature is relaxing.

  1. Go To Shopping:How to cheer someone up

Bring them to the shopping, no matter if they need something or not. It can be a fun to have a number of people around you and viewing different things. And It will distract the focus from the source of tension to other things. It is not required to expend more money, as all you need is to make the other person happy & relaxed.

  1. Be Optimistic:

How to cheer someone upHow to cheer someone up? Ask them to be optimistic is one of the best steps that you can take. Let them know that they should look at the bright side of life and avoid dark side. Focus on the half full instead of half empty is a good approach. It is a mindset, and everyone can achieve it with a good thinking pattern. Search for the opportunities that can help them to make their life better. They should change their lifestyle in a constructive way.

Every problem comes with a solution. Hence, some problems need more time, while some other problems need less time to get a solution. Sometimes, we don’t have a desire to look at the bright side, but it always exists there. Know that every person faces different problems in life. Let them know that they need to be courageous and find the best solution to the problem.

  1. Give Them Gifts:

How to cheer someone upWould you be able to recall a situation when somebody gave you a gift without a commitment to do as such? How warm and fluffy did you feel inside when it occurred? Giving a gift to somebody can light up their entire day, helping them comprehend that the signal of the gift could really compare to the gift itself.

It is not necessary to buy a costly gift or even be a physical thing, to have an effect. Take them to your mystery thinking spot, or demonstrate to generally accepted methods to create an origami crane. Little efforts like these are regularly more extremely valuable than something you can purchase in a store.

Offer them something old and thought about. An old treasure or memento is sincerely good since you’ve clutched it for quite a while, and subsequently value it. Old things are additionally visual messages that life proceeds onward, notwithstanding when we can’t envision that it will.

  1. Make A Cup Of Tea:How to cheer someone up

The least thing you can do for another person is to make a cup of tea and present him. It will reveal a signal that you do care for that person. Furthermore, it lets the person know that you would like to spend your time with him. It provokes a sense of being a valued human being and reduces the level of stress.

Are You Shy?

How to cheer someone upBeing shy proves good sometimes, but some situations come in your life when you need to be out of this shell. Being introvert and shy isn’t a bad thing. But if shyness hinders you from doing the things that you want to do in your life, then you should do some acts to get rid of it.

How to cheer someone up? If you want to cheer someone, who is sad or depressed, but you cannot because of your shyness then you should get an expert’s services. Attaining help will allow you to handle the situation like a pro. Don’t worry when you have to make attempts to settle your life as it is the part of life. You are dealing with it so don’t let others ruin it.

Do You Need More Information?

How to cheer someone upThe current article contains lots of information on how to cheer someone up. I have done research and collect article from credible resources to present worthy information with you. I have made an attempt to provide you with the information that can assist you in achieving your goals.

However, it may happen that the above-mentioned information is not enough for you. As you know, every person is different from the other. Also, it differs from one situation to the other. There is the possibility that some tricks work well for one person but they don’t work for another person because of the change in the circumstances.

Hence, you may require suggestions as per the specific issue. You shouldn’t be worried anymore and end your worries. As I am here with you. I am available to help you in the best possible way. whenever you feel stuck in a specific situation and you need a way out, you can ask me your queries. I am always ready to answer your questions. How to get access to me? How to ask your questions? Well, I have made this process simpler for you. The thing you need to do is to leave your question down in the comment. After that, I will read your question and provide you with the best answer that can help you.

Here, I want to let you know 1 thing. You should not be anxious while waiting for your answer. I need you to show some patience as I get hundreds of questions on a daily basis. I require to reply to them all. Also, I have to manage my personal life along with it. So, it may take some time to answer your question. Furthermore, you don’t need to be worried if a trick is not working in your case.

It may happen and it is absolutely normal. You may try different tricks on someone to make him/her cheer up. In this way, you will get to know which trick works for that person. Additionally, keep in mind that I will not provide you with a dishonest answer. I always come up with honest answers. I don’t want you to live in a fantasy. And I want you to accept the bitter reality that life is not a bed of roses.

You have to accept difficult and bad things that happen in life. I would like you to be a strong person, who can face this life. So, acceptance of reality is necessary. Also, I want you to know that sometimes I delete some questions. The purpose is to keep you people safe from any kind of mishap that may happen in the future. I always care for the confidentiality and privacy of my readers.


Bottom Line:

Sometimes, only your existence is enough to make your friend happy. On the other, sometimes all tricks don’t work efficiently. So, if issues exist in cheering up someone, you may solve this problem and become successful in achieving your goal. Don’t step back once you decided to accomplish a specific goal. This goal can be related to how to cheer someone up or it can be related to any aspect of your life.

Your quality of life is your responsibility and you can also help others to maintain their quality of life. So, go ahead, share your thoughts and ask below in the comments if you have any query. Also, you may share your experience in the comments section. It will be a pleasure for me to assist you. Good luck!


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